Son Real Orchestra

Son Real Orchestra
Location London
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Location London
Starting from POA
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Son Real is one of Londons leading Latin American Dance Bands. Created in the summer of 2006 with collective talents from England and Colombia the bands electric repertoire is passionate, dynamic and eminently danceable. From the characteristically hot blooded tempos of Cuban Salsa and Brazilian Lambada, the traditional folk rhythms of Colombia and Merengue from Puerto Rico and The Dominican Republic. Son Real’s charm can undoubtedly be found in its enthralling rhythms which capture every listener leaving them yearning for more.


Son Real Orchestra

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“¡Esto es Son Real!”  - This is Son Real – THE REAL DEAL!

Son real is one of London’s most innovative and contemporary Latin bands around today. Created in January 2006, Son Real aims to create a fresh sound representative of the UK’s love affair with the “Latin spirit”.

Musically, Son Real orchestra is collaboration between British and Colombian musicians. Their style is modern yet remains true to traditional tropical roots: Salsa in all of its variations, traditional folk rhythms like cumbia and plena, the infectious sounds of merengue and urban Latin beats like reggeatton.

Son Real’s 7-14 piece bands are comprised of a Latin Rhythms section: piano, bass and traditional Latin percussion and the all important brass section. Vocally it is fronted by three female vocalists, engaging audiences with their own unique vocal styling and harmonies, as well as vibrant and dynamic stage performances. Their presence on the scene offers a much needed female perspective in Latin music today.

Son Real has had the pleasure of performing at Europe’s biggest Latin American festival held over the summer in London ‘Carnaval del Pueblo’, ‘West End Live’ and the British Grand Prix. Son Real also performs at the many ‘Salsa nights’ held around the UK such as ‘Strictly Salsa UK’. The band has performed at various corporate functions for companies such as Tesco, B.T. and Iberia and diplomatic receptions (Mexican Embassy). Son Real has also had the pleasure of being invited to represent Colombia in the annual ‘World Cultures Festival’ held in Fuenjirola (Spain).

Son Real’s charm can undoubtedly be found in its enthralling rhythms which capture every listener leaving them yearning for more.

7 piece- piano, bass, Latin percussion, brass section, three female vocalists

  • Besame Mucho  
  • La Capullito De Aleli 
  • Puerto Vallarta  
  • Quizas Quizas  
  • Cumbia -Mix - Poppurri 
  • Donde Estas  
  • Las Calenas  
  • El Negro Jose  
  • La Gota Fria  
  • Piel Morena  
  • Colombia Tierra Querida 
  • Yo Me Llamo Cumbia 
  • El Barranquillero  
  • Tic-Tac    
  • Killing Me Softly  
  • I Need To Know  
  • I Will Survive  
  • Lets Get Loud  
  • Yesterday  
  • Cuando Cuando  
  • Last Dance  
  • Like A Woman  
  • Mi Tierr
  • Garrapicho 
  • Guantanamera
  • Volare   
  • Bambole
  • Lambada  
  • Hay Mama  
  • Fruta Fresca  
  • Cuba Quiero Bailar La Salsa
  • Cuando Cuando  
  • Tequila  
  • Brazil   
  • Oye Como Va 
  • Macarena  
  • Mambo No 5  
  • Nadie Se Muere  
  • Cayetano  
  • El Tgueron  
  • Me Miras Y Te Miro 
  • Tu Sonrisa 
  • Morena Ven
  • Esa Morena 
  • La Quiero Morir  
  • Suavemente  
  • La Burrita De Eliseo 
  • Oye   
  • Maria 123  
  • La Copa De La Vida 
  • La Bomba  
  • La Vida Loca  
  • Carnaval  
  • Cali Pachanguero  
  • Detalles  
  • Una Aventura  
  • Cali Aji  
  • Bamboleo  
  • Mala Mujer  
  • Hasta Que Te Conoci 
  • Caballo Viejo  
  • El Forastero  
  • Lloraras  
  • Etnia  
  • El Preso   
  • Lola  
  • La Fiestabde Blas 
  • La Bamba  
  • La Canoa Rancha 
  • Corazon Espinado 
  • Canto A La Montana 
  • No Me Dejes De Querer 
  • El Carretero  
  • La Murga De Panama 
  • Mar De Amores  
  • La Noche  
  • Palmira Senorial  
  • El Sanjuanero  
  • La Velas Encendidas 
  • Tu Carnito  
  • Si Una Vez  
  • Siento  
  • Bajo La Lluvia  
  • Sergio El Bailador 
  • La Del Mono Colorado 
  • Que Buena Son 
  • La Suavecita  
  • Le Pipiripau
  • La Bala  
  • La Pollera Colora  
  • Peil Morena  
  • La Bolita
  • El Cable
  • El Baile Del Perrito 
  • El Venado  
  • La Ventanita  
  • Yo  No Fui
  • No Rompas Mas Mi Pobre Corazo
  • El Tiburon 
  • La Chona
  • No Bailes De Caballito
  • La Mula Bronca
  • La Banda Borracha
  • La Hierba Se Movia
  • La Culebra
  • Caminos De Michoacan
  • El Mamabo No 8  
  • Juana La Cubana
  • Camaron Pelao
  • La Yakesita
  • La Cadenita  
  • Finca De Adobe
  • Camelia La Texana 
  • Camaron Pelao
  • Que No Quede Huella 
  • Como Te Voy A Olvidar 
  • Mi Amor Por Ti  
  • Los Caminos De La Vida 
  • El Pavido Navido  
  • Lupe  
  • La Plaga  
  • El Mudo  
  • Perfume De Gardenias 
  • Mi Razon  
  • Maria Bonita  
  • Si Nos Dejane
, Private Party, Cornwall

Thank you for the salsa band in Cornwall. They were fantastic and we had such a wonderful day and evening.

Son Real has toured France, Italy, Spain, and Tunisia and the band has performed for personalities such as Prince Charles, for musicians such as, Elton John, Eric Clapton, and for stars of film and television including Joan Collins and Roger Moore. The act has also become a spicy ingredient at hotels, clubs and many pop stars’ parties. Son Real is a very well known band in the United Kingdom spreading the Latin fever from small to big audiences. They have been invited to appear at El Carnaval del Pueblo Festival, The Barbican Centre, The South Bank and The Edinburgh festival plus several TV shows.

Son Real is available in many guises and are able to augment to a 14 piece if required, and to give the WOW factor to any event!

Please Note: The fees indicated below are approximate and based on a central location for each county. They are intended to provide a rough guide only and exact quotes can only be given once the date and exact location of your event have been provided.

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