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Warble is proud to have been a part of 100,000 special weddings to date! We are experts in providing you the best entertainment for your ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception party.

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Great entertainment can make any part of your wedding day truly memorable. You’re in safe hands with some of the best entertainment that the UK has to offer.
Ceremony Music
Walk down the aisle to a stunning live musician or singer. Romantic vibes and talented performers are sure to pull heartstrings and set the mood for tying the knot.
Drinks Reception
It’s time to relax and enjoy some background music, drinks, and time with your friends and family. Allow your wedding entertainment to help the day flow nicely and break the ice.
Wedding Reception
Unique and walkabout entertainers can mix and mingle with your guests as the night begins. Keep spirits high with magicians, caricaturists, live musicians, and much more.
Evening Party!
Let’s get this party started. Let your hair down, get your dancing shoes on and sing along at the top of your lungs to the best live wedding bands and DJs for hire in the UK.

Timing Your Day

After providing entertainment for thousands and thousands of weddings since 2007, it’s safe to say we have a pretty good idea on timings for your big day. Here are some recommended wedding music and entertainment timings for your big day from our experts, plus a few wedding entertainment ideas thrown in for good measure.
1. The Ceremony Prelude
Pre-ceremony music is played right from the start of the day. Ease your guests in as they arrive and take their seats. Non-intrusive and relaxed music works best here as you begin your special day.


mins approx


2. Wedding Entrance
This is it. The big moment. As you walk down the aisle, a live musician performing your ideal wedding entrance song can make this special moment even more memorable.


3. Signing Of The Register
When you and your witnesses are signing the register, fill the silence and keep your guests entertained with some relaxing and romantic songs.


Mins approx

2 - 3

4. Drinks Reception
The drinks reception can be anything from 1-2 hours and is the perfect time for entertainers and acoustic singers to fill. Sometimes ceremony musicians can relocate to help entertain guests during this part of the day.

2 x 45

5. Wedding Reception
Whilst food is being served, entertain your guests with a host of unique entertainment or mix and mingle. Wedding magicians, caricaturists, singing waiters and lookalikes are popular wedding entertainment ideas here.
6. First Dance
Your special song, played live by one of Warble’s live wedding bands, DJs, or live musicians. Need help picking a first dance song? Check out our blog or ask us for some inspiration.


7. First Live Music Set
Get your party started with your live band or entertainment. This happens immediately after your first dance just as everyone is primed and ready to take to the dance floor and throw some shapes!


mins approx.
8. Second Live Music Set
Time to take things up a notch. After a short break Your wedding band will blow minds and give your guests a night to remember with a set full of dance floor fillers.


Mins approx.
9. DJ Set
If you’ve chosen a standalone DJ to look after your evening wedding entertainment, get ready for them to end the night with a bang. Most Warble bands offer a DJ option in-between and after sets to keep the night going long after their live performances!

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Tips for your todo list

To help you with your wedding planning and alleviate any stress, are some tips from our wedding entertainment pros to make sure you’ve covered all bases when booking a live band or wedding entertainers.
Before booking
  • Where Do You Need Entertainment?
    Before searching through the plethora of spectacular wedding entertainment available to you, it’s best to outline the exact parts of the day you are trying to elevate with music or entertainers. This will help you decide what types of acts to consider.
  • Find Your Dream Wedding Entertainment
    Now the fun bit. Sit down together or by yourself and start putting a list together of your favourite Warble acts. To help you, we’ve provided videos, pictures, biographies and reviews from 1000’s of happy couples.
  • Check Availability
    Before you fall head over heels with your ideal wedding band, saxophone player or wedding harpist, you need to see if they are available on your wedding date. If they are available, it’s best to act quickly in case they get booked up by someone else.
  • Speak To An Expert
    If you still need help planning your wedding entertainment or deciding if a particular act or band is right for your big day, you can speak to one of our wedding entertainment professionals here at Warble Entertainment.
What To Ask Your Act
  • How Long Will You Perform For?
    To help you plan your day effectively, it’s a good idea to be aware of the performance times. Bands and singers will have specific sets depending on the time of day and can advise you on how best to slot them in.
  • Do You Take Requests?
    Whether it’s your first dance song, your wedding entrance song or even just a special request for your wedding entertainer to follow, find out ahead of time if your act can accommodate this.
  • Are You (And Your Equipment) Insured?
    Wedding venues will often ask for proof of insurance from your wedding entertainers to keep everything in check. Booking wedding entertainment through Warble Entertainment makes this easier as every act is vetted and require PAT & PLI as part of their placement on our roster.
  • Is There Anything I Need To Check With The Venue?
    For the most parts, bands and singers will want to be aware of any potential restrictions, curfews or anything else at your wedding venue that they may have consider when delivering their performance on your big day.
Prior to the wedding day
  • Finalize Arrival Times
    After booking your wedding entertainment, you can finalize the exact arrival times and set times for your performers. Bands will often advise you on how much time they need to set up and when they plan to arrive and have everything ready for the big party.
  • Parking And Venue Access
    Make sure that your wedding entertainers know how to access the venue easily and are able to load in any equipment they may need for their performances.
  • Choose Special Song Requests
    If you are planning on having your wedding entertainment or live band perform your first dance song or any other request live on the night, be sure to give them enough time to properly learn and rehearse it if necessary.
  • Relax And Look Forward To The Big Day
    You’re both looking beautiful, you’ve prepared everything you need to prepare so it’s time to chill out and look forward to your special day! Warble are here every step of the way to help out if you have any questions.


After helping hundreds of couples finding the right wedding entertainment for their wedding ceremony, breakfast, drinks and evening reception, we’ve had lots of different questions about how to make your wedding entertainment memorable and unique.

What entertainment can you have at a wedding?

When you’re looking for wedding entertainment ideas, the like of options is endless. You can hire live bands, comedians, fire performers, magicians, lookalike entertainers, dancers, classical musicians, and even singing waiters to entertain you and your guests during your wedding day.

How do you entertain wedding guests?

There are many ways to entertain your wedding guests throughout your wedding day. Whether it’s your wedding breakfast, wedding reception for drinks and cocktails, or evening reception, you can entertain your wedding guests with hundreds of different wedding entertainers: live musicians, DJ’s, magicians, dancers, caricaturists, street entertainers and everything in between.

What are the types of wedding entertainment?

There are many different types of wedding entertainment available for all kinds of wedding day activities and events. From your wedding breakfast and ceremony to your evening reception for drinks, cocktails, and wedding party, you can hire a wedding band, wedding DJ, magician, fire performer, acoustic singer, classical musician, opera singer, or pretty much any other type of wedding entertainer to keep your wedding guests entertained during your big day.

What can you do instead of dancing at a wedding?

There are many things to do at a wedding besides dancing. You can hire a magician to perform close-up magic tricks for the kids at your wedding or you could even hire a circus act or street entertainer to dazzle and amaze your wedding guests.

With hundreds of wedding entertainers available for hire, our Warble wedding entertainment coordinators can help you find a wedding entertainment alternative to dancing you and your guests will love.

How do you involve guests at your wedding?

While there are lots of fun, interesting wedding games you can play to get your guests involved at your wedding reception, you can also hire a wedding entertainer who won’t just entertain your wedding guests but mingle and interact with them as well.

Whether you get a face painting artist to paint your guests faces and hands, a mind reader to shock them with their mentalist tricks, or a dancer to teach them some new dance moves, there are many different wedding entertainment ideas you can use to get your guests involved at your wedding breakfast, drinks or evening reception.

How can I make my wedding memorable?

Although the day you marry your true love is going to be a day you’ll never forget, making your wedding memorable for your wedding guests can be easier said than done.

Thankfully, our Warble wedding entertainment coordinators have more than ___ years of experience helping brides and grooms find the right wedding entertainment ideas and wedding entertainers to make their special day unforgettable for everyone who attends.

How can I make my wedding unique?

There are lots of ways to make your wedding unique. Whether you choose to have a themed wedding or decide to hire a unique wedding entertainer like a magician, mind reader, juggler, or singing waiter to entertain your guests, you’re only limited by your imagination and budget when you want to make your wedding day unique for you and your wedding guests.

How can I surprise my wedding guests?

Whether you choose to play a special song, invite a relative nobody has seen in years, or hire a lookalike entertainer to show up at your wedding to shock them, there are lots of different ways you can surprise your guests on your wedding day.

As far as wedding entertainment is concerned, you can surprise your wedding guests with singing waiters to serve their meals, magicians to amaze them with their close-up magic skills or even a caricaturist to make them laugh at their hilarious self-portraits.

How can I make my wedding guests have fun?

No matter how hard you try, there will probably be some wedding guests you just can’t force to have fun at your wedding but if you want to take your best shot at it, there are hundreds of fun, creative wedding entertainers you can hire to make them put a smile on their face.

Whether it’s a caricaturist who draws funny self-portraits, a magician who dazzles and amazes with their magic, or a street performer who shocks and astounds them with their daring feats, our Warble wedding coordinators can give you tons of wedding entertainment ideas to make your wedding fun and exciting for your wedding guests.

How much does wedding entertainment cost?

Wedding entertainment can cost as little as £200 or as much as £2000. Whether you want to hire a wedding entertainer for a few hours or your entire wedding day, the price you pay to have them entertain your wedding guests will depend on their rates, the length of time you want them to perform at your wedding, and any other conditions or requirements either of you might have.

If you already know the answers to those questions, one of our Warble wedding entertainment coordinators would be happy to discuss the wedding entertainment ideas you have for your wedding and the costs associated with them.

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