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Warble Entertainment Agency has designed a series of FAQs in order to help answer any questions you may have when booking live entertainment. Furthermore, Warble Entertainment’s recommended suppliers have provided useful hints to ensure every aspect of your event is perfection!

Why should I use an entertainment agency?

An entertainment agency should relieve the worry and stress that can be associated with hiring entertainment. They will have pre-vetted all of their bands, musicians and entertainers to ensure that they are the best quality, reliable and professional in their approach. This means you won’t have to worry about how good they are, or that they will even turn up!

An agency will also take care of any legal requirements associated with the booking or hiring of a band or entertainer. And, they will ensure that both parties have a clear contract in place that outlines what is required from them.

Why should I book with Warble Entertainment Agency over any other?

We realise that booking entertainment is not something you do everyday so we provide a very straightforward and simple process for finding and hiring an act. We take care of all the legalities, ensure all entertainers have health and safety issues taken care of and provide a 24-hour emergency helpline in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Plus, as an established company we won’t just disappear off the face of the planet as many entertainment agencies do!

99% of entertainers who apply to join the Warble roster are rejected. This means that the 1% you see on the website have passed our stringent vetting procedure and will represent themselves and the Warble name to the standards we expect. We maintain quality control by requesting feedback from customers after every event so that we can continually monitor the act. Should a band or entertainer fall below the required level of excellence then they will be removed from the roster and lose a valuable source of income.

Each booking at Warble Entertainment Agency is subject to a plain English contract and our standard terms and conditions to ensure that the agreement with your act is secure.

Reputation is paramount to us and we know that if we do a poor job today then we won’t be in business tomorrow. Warble is a professional agency run by a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team, and we are always just a phone call away.

How do I know your bands or entertainers are any good?

We have a strict vetting procedure at Warble and refuse 99% of all band and entertainer applications. For successful applicants we check that they have quality equipment, insurance and electrical safety certificates, video and audio, experience, and, previous customer feedback. Further to these initial investigations we also ensure that the act has safeguards in place to cover eventualities such as sickness.

Only the most ardent and committed bands and entertainers will see the vetting process through.

Can I see the act I want to hire before I book?

Most of the bands and entertainers we work with are exclusively booked for private events, such as weddings and corporate functions. However, we occasionally arrange showcase events, which are open to the public. Check with your event coordinator to see if there is anything in the diary.

Failing this, we recommend taking a thorough look over their profile to see if there are any video clips of them performing and read their previous customer testimonials. This will give you an indication of how well they have been received previously.

What happens if my act is ill?

With the best will in the world, we all get ill sometimes and have to take time out from our duties. Where this happens to a member of a band this will not always be a problem as we make sure that all of our bands have fully-trained deputy (‘dep’) performers. This means that if one of the line-up should fall ill then the dep can stand-in and there is no disruption to your event.

Where an illness will cause a significant issue to a performance you will be happy to know that Warble Entertainment Agency provide a 24 hour emergency helpline, and we will work tirelessly to provide you with a suitable replacement.

We work with bands and entertainers all over the country and have thousands of acts available to us from connections that we have made over the years.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Once you have confirmed a booking the act will have been turning away alternative potential work and may now face the very realistic prospect of not being able to refill the date. Due to this a cancellation charge may be applicable.

For further details please check the Warble Entertainment Agency terms and conditions.

What if the act I have booked cancels?

It is extremely rare that an act will need to cancel an event. However, if this does occur for reasons falling outside of ‘Force Majeure’ then the artist will be in breach of the contract. This means that legally you would be able to sue them for damages. If the act has cancelled and the reasons fall within ‘Force Majeure’ then their liability is negated.

In both instances, you will have the support of Warble Entertainment Agency who will be on hand to help source an alternative band or entertainer.

What is the ‘Artist Rider’?

The rider is a list of things that should be provided or arranged by you to ensure that the band or entertainer will be able to perform at their absolute best. As standard we ask for adequate parking, soft drinks for the duration of their stay, food refreshments (where the act will be at your event for longer than 3 hours) and a changing area. There may be occasions where more items will need to be included on the rider due to the nature of the act’s performance. This will always be outlined prior to your booking being confirmed.

My venue has a noise limiter… Can I still have a band?

This will depend on the level that the noise limiter is set to cut-off at. We have found that anything under 95Db is going to be difficult for a standard party band to work with. However, with a little careful thought and planning it isn’t all bad news. The main culprits for setting off noise limiters are the drums and brass instruments.

Whilst an acoustic drum kit’s volume level is pre-determined, by using Hot-Rod drumsticks and ‘padding’ areas of the kit the sound can be ‘deadened’. Some drummers will even opt to use an electronic drum-kit, which means that the volume can be adjusted.

Brass instruments are a little trickier to circumvent and so it may be that you have to consider booking a band that does not have any. But, if you have your heart set on it then a band with keyboards may be a solution as brass sounds can be easily reproduced.

Always advise your coordinator at the time of enquiry if your venue has a noise limiter and they will be happy to advise on the most suitable course of action and the options available.

Will the bands and entertainers provide all their own equipment?

Yes, in 99.9% of cases every Warble act will be fully self-contained and provide everything they need in order to perform at your event.

In the case of bands and musicians, if an event is particularly large they may need to hire in additional sound reinforcement or a larger PA. Where an AV company is involved and providing the front of house sound and lighting the acts will still provide their backline equipment as a rule.

However, when an event is taking place in a foreign location it may be the case that the backline equipment will also need to be provided (for example, amps, drum kit etc.). In instances such as these a technical rider will be provided by the act so that all requirements may be catered for.

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