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Medieval Musicians

Medieval Musicians

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Medieval Musicians Medieval Musicians

Hire a medieval minstrel or band of medieval performers and entertainers for a wedding to add a touch of olde school tradition. Playing rare instruments such as the hurdy gurdy, dulcimer, cittern and lute your guests will love listening to the music of their ancestors and hearing folk lore tales and anecdotes. With many line-up options available, from solo wandering minstrels to a full band of performers and even dancers and jesters, Warble will make your banquet or function perfect!

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Tending Acts Warble Trending Acts
The Castle Minstrels
The Castle Minstrels add the spirit and atmosphere of the medieval age to any space.
The Medieval Minstrel
The Medieval Minstrel provides high-quality music and entertainment on the lute, hurdy-gurdy, cittern, English bagpipes and colascione.
The Medieval Princes
They're here to make you happy - They're here to make you jive - They're here to make you party like its 1555!
Ian the Historical Musician
Ian is a multi-instrumentalist specialising in the music of the Renaissance and medieval periods.
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