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Wedding Bands

Find a band for a wedding guaranteed to fill your dance floor with the UK’s best groups available to hire – Book professional bands for weddings today!

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Evening Reception

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Solo & Duo Acts

Solo and Duo performers are ideal for wedding and corporate gatherings that require background music and perfect for parties and smaller functions.

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Wedding Breakfast
Drinks Reception
Evening Reception

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Saxophonists & Saxophone Players

Hire a saxophone player for a wedding or party. A saxophonist performs to quality backing music or solo. Whether you want a high energy sax player alongside a DJ or smooth and relaxing ambience, we have the perfect Saxophonist for you.

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Drinks Reception
Wedding Breakfast
Evening Reception

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Festival and Folk bands

Warble Entertainment Agency presents the best modern folk bands available to hire in the UK for weddings and functions to create that perfect hipster vibe.

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Wedding Breakfast
Drinks Reception
Evening Reception

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Warble Entertainment’s Real Weddings
Emma & Simon's Derbyshire Wedding with The Indie Killers
July 15, 2019
Emma & Simon wanted a real gig experience on their wedding night, and they certainly got that with The Indie Killers. The couple planned wedding day at the wonderful Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel in Derbyshire. We loved being able to…
The Story
"We asked the guys to perform at our wedding in August and they were amazing! They had everyone dancing all night, played a great combination of old and newer songs, and did a fantastic DJ set until the end of the night. Thank you so much!"
Tom Long
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Evening Reception
PARTY TIME! This is where friends and family really help the bride and groom celebrate in style! A live wedding band or a DJ is a great way to make sure that everyone hits the dance floor and throws some serious shapes… create your own mini concert by having live music! From rock and pop wedding bands to soul and jazz, you'll find everything here to make sure your reception is perfect. Check out our most popular live band choices below >>
From £576
From £420
Drinks Reception
While you’re being whisked away for photographs to celebrate your marriage, the drinks reception is a great time to allow guests to mix and mingle with one another. And, what better way to help break the ice than with some fantastic and amusing wedding entertainment. From mellow acoustic performers to fun walkabout caricaturists, we have plenty of entertainment to help your guests get in the mood for enjoying your special day to the max >>
From £360
From £156
From £144
Wedding Breakfast
With all of that wonderful food being served who would have thought that anything else would be needed? Well, we would of course! With our fantastic wedding entertainment ideas we can really keep the fun and laughter rolling and build the mood for the evening celebration. Whether you want some alternative ideas or something more sedate and ambient, we can help. Take a look and listen to some of our popular suggestions below >>
From £180
From £210
From £150
The ceremony is the perfect time to book some fabulous live wedding music to add a touch of romance to your proceedings. The music is usually performed pre-ceremony whilst guests are waiting, during the processional, the signing of the register and the recessional. Popular choices include string quartets and harpists, whilst some unique touches may be a guitarist or a small choir. Find your perfect wedding music below >>
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Warble Entertainment's Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding Bands & Live Music

Live wedding entertainment doesn’t get much better than wedding bands and live music. Hiring a wedding band and music entertainment is easier than ever. Get this right, and you really can have a show-stopping musical finale to your big day.

Booking a wedding band is a process, but is also one of the most enjoyable and exciting parts of your wedding planning! There is something special about live music, it can generate so much energy and emotion in a room. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to put a lot of thought into what wedding band you choose.

The most popular style of wedding band available is the ‘Rock & Pop Cover Band’ archetype. These bands will have something for everyone, and can really bring a proper lively gig atmosphere! There are so many styles of wedding bands available such as festival style folk bands, soul bands and much more.

The best wedding bands will make sure you’re getting value for your money. Find out what extras the band offer as part of their package! Do they provide a DJ set in between and after sets? Can they learn your first dance song or maybe even provide an acoustic set earlier in the day? Most wedding bands will have these extras as part of their fee or additional packages.

Wedding Reception Entertainment

Entertainment for a wedding reception is perfect for creating memorable moments. There are so many gaps and lulls throughout a wedding which means that guests can easily get bored, tired, hungry, or a combination of all three! The most common wedding ‘lull’ is the drinks reception. These lulls can be alleviated, or better yet, become the highlights of your wedding day by a little forward thinking.

Breaking the ice with the right reception entertainment ideas is really important on your wedding day. Some of us are social chameleons and can talk for England with anyone and everyone! Others may be a little more reserved - especially with the nerve-wracking idea of two sides of the family coming together, having to make small talk. These social interactions are notoriously a little bit awkward. A talking point is sometimes needed, and this is where your wedding reception entertainers come in.

You have the opportunity to think outside the box here. Walkabout entertainers are always a top choice for fun entertainment at a wedding reception. They have the ability to roam the space and work up close with guests. Wedding magicians and caricaturists are both extremely popular for wedding receptions and certainly provide a talking point for guests.

Live music is also really popular during the wedding reception. You can be really open here about what styles you have, but definitely hold back on trying to create a lively party experience just yet. That can come later! Instead, look towards different styles of performers. Maybe solo acoustic singers who can provide some background music for a reception or even percussionists for something a little different.

Wedding DJ’s

Hiring a wedding DJ is one of the most popular wedding entertainment options in the UK. DJ’s for weddings are perfect entertainers for taking song requests from guests, having amazing sound systems and providing the best in DJ lighting rigs and equipment.

DJ’s are one of the most versatile wedding entertainers out there. You can bring amazing music for all of your guests, or find specific wedding tests with Ibiza club style DJ’s, Vintage DJ’s and much, much more.

If your wedding venue as a sound limiter or volume restrictions, a wedding DJ is a great idea. Most DJ’s can work with any volume or decibel limiter. You can have a night of music and dancing without any worries on your wedding day.

A lot of couples struggle to decide whether they should have a band or a DJ entertainer for their evening wedding entertainment. The truth is that both have their strong points. Live music is something special and exciting, whereas wedding DJ’s can be quite cost effective in comparison to a live band and are still amazing at filling a dance floor.

In recent years, however, the choice has widened to more than just having a band or a wedding DJ. There are fresh ideas with both DJ’s and live musicians and entertainers such as saxophonists or percussionists collaborating together. The rise of Sax & DJ duos and trios is great for those that are stuck deciding between a band or a wedding DJ.

Wedding Entertainment for Kids

Don’t forget about the kids! Kids wedding entertainment is crucial if you’re wondering how to keep children occupied on your wedding day.

Wedding entertainment for kids can mean many things. There are so many kids wedding entertainment ideas including kids’ games, activities for kids to get involved in, kids wedding magicians and children’s balloon modellers to keep kids busy.

Keeping kids entertained with activities and games on your wedding day is often overlooked. Keeping wedding entertainers in mind is really important. Chances are there are going to be children at your wedding. Whilst some couples choose to have a child-free day, and you won’t be alone if this refers to you, for the most part, weddings do have some children attending. Even if it is a small cluster of bridesmaids or page boys, you will normally see little people running around probably with a (slightly) harassed looking adult not far behind them!

Unique/Alternative Wedding Entertainment

The beauty of modern wedding entertainment is in its freedom. You really can have anything. This is often where you’ll see unique wedding entertainment being used as a way to break the ice.

Your alternative wedding entertainment options are vast, so see what you can find. From living trees to celebrity lookalikes or fire performers, there is a crazy and wonderful world of unusual wedding entertainers you can hire to help you stand out. Anything goes, so look for something that represents your personality as a couple! You can get quirky, be creative, shock, surprise, amuse and amaze with the right wedding entertainment.

There are many reasons to look for something different for a wedding. Everyone wants to be original and the best way to make a statement on your wedding day is through your entertainment. Searching for unique wedding entertainment can bring up some interesting ideas to take your wedding to the next level.