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Mariachi Bands

Mariachi Bands

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Mariachi Bands Mariachi Bands

Mariachi Bands are great fun and perform everything from upbeat tunes to romantic serenades and even modern pop songs… in a Mariachi style obviously! Available as either a walkabout act or stage performers, when you hire these musicians for a wedding, corporate function or any other kind of party you will experience a fantastic taste of Mexico.

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Mariachi Band

What is a Mariachi Band and what do they do?

The music originated in Guadalajara, in the State of Jalisco, Mexico and the performers were originally street musicians, or buskers, as we would call them in the UK. The line-ups consisted of violins, trumpets, guitars, a vihuela (a high-pitched, five-string guitar), a guitarrón (a large acoustic bass) and vocals. The performers would dress in charro outfits with wide-brimmed hats, which remains the traditional dress today.

Today, in the UK, they are hired to perform at anything from weddings and anniversaries to corporate event entertainment and restaurant events. Many Warble customers have also utilised a Mariachi’s ability to create a romantic setting for a proposal of marriage. In addition to being able to perform beautiful serenade music, these musicians also perform upbeat tunes and many have even started to play modern pop songs in a Mariachi style… ala, the entertainers from the Doritos adverts. The groups tend to start as a 3-piece but additional musicians can be booked for a full, authentic Mexican sound.

How does a Mariachi Band work at an Event?

They will usually arrive at your event about an hour prior to their performance so that they can set-up any equipment and change into their outfits. One of the best things about these bands is that they are very adaptable and may provide either a stationery stage performance or move around as a strolling act. The strolling option is great fun as the musicians can mix with your guests or move from table to table to ensure everybody receives a musical taste of Mexico. We have even seen Mariachi bands for hire feature as shock and surprise performers for marriage proposals! The possibilities are endless with this type of live wedding band entertainment.

This versatility also means that they can be used at many different points during any one event. For example, a stage performance is great evening entertainment, whereas, performing whilst moving between guests is ideal for drinks receptions or meals.

The act will normally perform 2 sets of 45 minutes, but, this can be split into smaller sections or an additional set may be added. Speak to your Warble coordinator for further information on tailoring a performance schedule specifically to your function.

How much room will a they need?

If a stage performance has been booked then as a rule the minimum requirement for a 3-piece band would be 3m x 3m. This will normally increase by an additional metre for each additional musician that has been hired. For example, a 4-piece party band would require 4m x 3m.

However, if you have chosen to hire the Mariachi performers as walkabout / acoustic singer musicians then you will just need to ensure that there is adequate space for them to maneuver in comfortably so that they are not jeapoardising the safety of themselves, their instruments or your guests.

What happens when the group isn’t performing?

If you have booked a stage performance then the band will more than likely be providing a PA so all your guests can comfortably hear them. Where this is the case the band will normally be happy to play a CD of music between their sets.

Do I need to provide anything for the performers?

As a rule, they are fully self-contained (provide their own PA, costumes and equipment) to perform for events with up to 100-150 guests. If your event is larger than this then additional sound reinforcement may be required – speak to your Warble event coordinator should this be the case.

There are certain things that you will be expected to provide to ensure that everything on the day of the event runs smoothly.

They will require parking at the venue for enough vehicles as their act requires. Also, if the band is using a PA system then a power supply close to the performance area will be required. Finally, they will need somewhere that they can comfortably change into their traditional Mexican costumes and a supply of soft drinks for the duration of their stay. In some cases if the group are at the venue for a long time then food refreshment may also be required. Your Warble coordinator will be able to advise further on this.

What Next…?

Take a look at the Mariachi Bands available to hire below and once you have narrowed your choices down fill in our enquiry form for a free quote. Find out the cost of a Mariachi Band or, alternatively, call us on 0845 643 9384 and we’ll be happy to take some details and go through all of the booking options with you.

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