Singing Waiters

Hire singing waiters and waitresses to surprise your guests. Perfect wedding entertainment and ideal for corporate functions, our shock singers will make your event a talking point! Surprise waiters with guitars or singing firemen and policemen... even a surprise cleaning crew!! Warble Entertainment Agency provide singers that burst into classical song, musical tunes and even pop hits to events throughout the UK.

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What Are Singing Waiters?

Singing waiters for weddings are simply one of the most exciting and unique wedding entertainment ideas that you can hire for your big day.

The surprise element of these performers creates a ‘flash mob’ moment of shock and amazement! The best singing waiters will disguise themselves as undercover waiting staff, venue staff and even your own guests.

Secret singers are experts at planning the ultimate surprise at your wedding. Everything is prearranged and the singing waiters will blend in seamlessly at your wedding until the opportune moment to burst out into song and surprise your guests!

Not only do surprise singing waiters have to be great performers and vocalists, they also have to be great actors in order to sell themselves as real venue staff. This is a fantastic idea for the wedding breakfast and is normally seen at the end of the meal. No one is expecting a surprise performance here and guests can really be caught off guard with some well planned execution.