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Wedding Magicians

Wedding Magicians

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Wedding Magicians Wedding Magicians

Magicians for weddings and events are available to hire in a couple of different formats. Firstly, a wedding magician may be booked to perform walkabout close-up magic with objects such as cards, phones and coins. This is perfect for wedding entertainment as it helps to break the ice between guests and helps them to mingle. However, many are also available to provide a magic stage show (or cabaret show), which is ideal for corporate gatherings, or, as after dinner party entertainment. Whatever your preference you will find the perfect magician for hire to suit your wedding or party below… Abracadabra!

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Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Magician Hire


Close-up Magic (or, table magic) is performed to small groups by a magician who works with everyday objects such as phones, watches and coins, and, is able to move easily and smoothly from one group or area to another. The magic is performed in plain sight without the aid of any lighting, mirrors or large props.

The good thing about close-up magic is that it is self-contained and can be performed at a moment’s notice and similarly stopped just as quickly. A close-up performer can typically entertain approximately 30 – 50 people per hour, depending on the crowd and based on big tables that seat 10 people. So, make sure you book your act for the appropriate amount of time so that they can get around all the tables or guests and mix and mingle! Close up magic is perfect for weddings and drink receptions, as well as wedding breakfasts for the ultimate impact.

A close up magician can also perform amazing sleights of hand to entertain your guests at the blink of an eye. It really is spectacular to witness professional magicians who are specialising in close up magic blow onlookers away at a wedding day.

Cabaret Magic is great as after-dinner entertainment at corporate functions or any large gathering and is more interactive than stage magic. A show can last from 20 to 40 minutes and is suitable for audiences of up to 150 people.

Stage Magic often features large-scale illusions and involves less audience participation than cabaret does; the spectators simply watch in amazement as objects appear from nowhere, disappear and / or behave in mysterious ways. Magic shows stage magicians and are suitable for audiences of 150+ and is typically performed within an auditorium.

Mind Reading magicians for hire are highly recommended for anyone that is considering something special for their wedding entertainment. Wedding magicians are definitely able to create incredible moments and mind readers have the ability to perform certain tricks that will be talked about for years to come! Search through our award winning magicians now to find something special.

Magician for Events

At Warble we have magicians available for hire all over the UK, this ensures that you can book local magicians and keep the costs down for your wedding or event. Search our entertainers below to find out more >>

As the UK's leading wedding entertainment agency and bands for hire experts, we also have wedding musicianswedding bands for hirecover bandsparty bands and function bands for your events.

The choice is genuinely endless and if you can’t find something on the roster below to suit your wedding, event or theme, just contact one of our experienced coordinators today.

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All Wedding Magicians

Tending Acts Warble Trending Acts
Pete The Magician
Pete is a popular choice when hiring a magician. He has character, charisma and a good presence that audiences love.
Stephen The Magician
A professional magician should have great reaction shots, impressive show reels, fabulous reviews… But what Stephen offers is much, much more!
Ronnie The Magician
Ronnie the Magician is one of the UK's most cutting-edge magicians to book for your event.
Mat Black
Mat Black is a professional magician who specialises in modern close-up magic.
Alex The Magician
With Alex you can expect a unique style of street magic that packs a punch - modern magic with style and flair, perfect for all events!
Christopher The Magician
Christopher’s unforgettable performances and his charming presentation style add a mark of distinction to any event
Neill The Magician
Neill has been a professional close-up magician for over twenty years and is well known in the magic community.
Josh The Magician
Josh entertains by performing a huge variety of visual magic, from cards, coins, notes, bottles, borrowed objects and even pickpocketing.
Matthew The Magician
A magician you can truly rely on, with experience from over 500 corporate events. Your guests will be blown away!
Neb The Magician & Mind Reader
Neb is an established, professional magician, who has stunned audiences at countless corporate events, weddings, private parties and festivals.
Norvil and Josephine
This world-renowned double act blends comedy magic with acrobatics – all presented with spectacular style!
The Mind Reader
The Mind Reader is a full-time professional entertainer based in the UK. One of a few in the world who performs what is called 'Mentalism'!
J&J Live - Online Magic Show
You can now experience the jaw-dropping 'J&J Live' magic show without leaving your home or office!
Gareth The Magician
Gareth's personable approach makes him one of the most sought-after magicians in the UK.
Jamie The Magician
Jamie The Magician was awarded the prestigious title of 'Wedding Entertainer of the Year 2017' for the East Midlands area.
Master Magician Chris
Chris performs the most unbelievable close-up magic in his own unique style, making an entertaining experience you'll never forget!
Paul D Magician
With over 20 years of professional experience in every kind of venue imaginable, you can be sure Paul D will bring something special to your celebration.
Ed The Magician
Ed is a smart, modern magician who will bring his unique, lively and very popular magic to your next event.
Dan T The Magician
Dan is a close up magician with over 15 years experience in sleight of hand, with a warm and friendly persona that makes him popular wherever he goes.
Jedi Mind Reader
With authentic Jedi outfit, this robed Master of the Mind will mingle amongst your guests and astonish them with the power of his mentalism skills.
Lewis the Magician
An expert ice-breaker, conversationalist and award-winning entertainer, who uses magic to enlighten and captivate his audiences.
Will The Magician & Mind Reader
Will is one of the most versatile, exciting contemporary UK magicians and mind readers available for your event.
Rich The Magician
A successful and experienced close-up magician, Rich entertains guests with a whole variety of tricks.
Paul The Magician & Hypnotist
Paul is an innovative and respected close-up magician and hypnotist performing throughout the UK.
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