Acrobat Juggling Duo

Acrobat Juggling Duo

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Location London
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Acrobatic Juggling Duo is a young acrobatic double act who are highly skilled at performance juggling.

  • Highlights
  • Club passing and acrobalance act
  • Ball juggling and tumbling act
  • Slapstick acrobatic act to keep guests engaged


Starting free-running together at the age of 9, Acrobat Juggling Duo have been training and performing together for many years. At the age of 18, they ran off with the circus and created a unique act combining free-running and circus skills and the rest is now history.

They pride themselves in the fact that they can go to any environment and create a dynamic performance using the obstacles around them. You can have them running through your guest and corsing some havoc, or give them a stage and let them entertain your guests from afar. Or for something with a bit more energy, let the boys come and free-run around your venue. Let them jump off walls, tumble along the fall and even flip over your guests.

For stage shows, they have 4 different acts:

• Club passing and acrobalance act
• Ball juggling and tumbling act
• Slapstick acrobatic act
• Hoop diving with a hula hoop act

All of these acts are 3-5 minutes in length and they can adapt the music for any theme your event may have.

Performance Schedule

  • Stage act: 3-5 minutes
  • Walkabout: 30-minute sets with up to 4 sets per event
  • Walkabout entertainment can be a mix of free-running, juggling clubs/knives/glow balls, acrobalance, stilts, jumping stilts or unicycling

  • 2 multi-skilled performers

1 Reviews

Top reviews

Elis Hawkins

Event: Corporate
Location: London

Great fun and a well choreographed show. Had our guests in awe and amazement. Thanks!


    We give you a bespoke price based on the exact location of your event. The pricing below is based on a central location for your area so you have an idea of what your price will be. The exact price will be given in the booking process after you’ve provided the location details.

    • Cambridgeshire £1,116
    • Norfolk £1,178
    • Norwich £1,178
    • Suffolk £1,116
    South East
    • Bedfordshire £1,116
    • Berkshire £992
    • Buckinghamshire £992
    • East Sussex £992
    • Essex £992
    • Hampshire £992
    • Hertfordshire £992
    • Kent £992
    • London £899
    • Middlesex £942
    • Oxfordshire £1,029
    • Surrey £992
    • Sussex £992
    • West Sussex £1,042
    South West
    • Bath £1,364
    • Bristol £1,364
    • Somerset £1,364
    • Wiltshire £1,240
    West Midlands
    • Birmingham £1,240
    • Gloucestershire £1,240
    • Herefordshire £1,240
    • Shropshire £1,240
    • Staffordshire £1,240
    • Warwickshire £1,240
    • Worcestershire £1,240

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    What do I need to provide for the Acrobat Juggling Duo?
    The act is a self contained act, needs minimal sets up, no plug sockets need and no rigging points. Only need about 45 mins to dress up and warm up back stage.

    How long do you perform for?
    Our Walkabout sets are usually 30 mins in length but we can create bespoke performance times for your event.

    Are you fully insured?
    Yes, as part of equity we are fully insured up to £2,000,000.

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