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5 reasons why you should book live entertainment for your event

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If it wasn’t obvious enough, it’s worth noting that at Warble we love live entertainment! After all, we take great pride in connecting our lovely customers with our show-stopping acts. It’s just what we do.

Working in events and entertainment, we know the importance of quality entertainment. Furthermore, we know the importance of having that quality entertainment at the heart of your big event. However, some of you may still be unsure of whether it is worth booking live entertainment. In addition, wondering what live entertainment can do to uplift your event.

So, we thought we’d provide a quick summary on why we think you simply need to book some live entertainment!

Create a fantastic atmosphere

Hiring live entertainment such as a caricaturist or a magician can create a fantastic atmosphere for guests to enjoy. The energy in the room will be uplifted from the chatter and laughter that is created from guests sharing their experiences.

In addition to a comedic performance, live entertainment like that of a violist or choir can create a personal intimate atmosphere. The perfect entertainment should be selected based on the nature of the event.

Alex and Dan Wedding couple being drawn by caricaturist

An unforgettable experience

By hiring a live musician for your event, you are guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Your guests will remember a first-class entertainer because of the act being so unique.

Secondly, most events have a key message, the aim for the event will influence the theme or style of such event. So how do you ensure that your audience will remember your event’s message? Book a memorable magician, musician, or caricaturist. Ideally entertainment that will reflect your events theme or style perfectly. 

At Warble, we have tons of fantastic unique entertainment acts available to book right now!

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Break up the schedule

Now we have all been at an event, whether that be a wedding or corporate party that has dragged. This is because it is a tricky part of the event to get right. So, when the conversations are wearing thin and guests are starting to lose the thrill and excitement of being at the event, bring in some live entertainment! Whilst you might want to plug your iPhone into a bluetooth speaker or Soundbar (Soundbar Mag recommends these budget options if you do go down that route), a band can always take a party to the next level.

By hiring entertainment such as a live band or fire performer, you are breaking up the day for your guests. Furthermore, enjoying a live performance will bring energy back to your event not just in the room but in the conversations between guests.

Damazo fire performance at night in front of guests

Image credit: Fiona Walsh Photography 

Audience interaction

Events are a chance for family and friends to come together for a celebration. However, how does that work if guests aren’t all too familiar with one another? Live entertainment can alleviate that problem because seeing a performance right in front of your eyes is a great conversation starter.

Entertainers such as magicians or lookalikes get up close and personal with audiences, bridging the gap between guests who are bonding over the shared experience. In addition, such acts can capture and maintain your guest’s attention, ensuring that they are consistently engaged and pay attention to your event and its purpose.

Guests laughing at a Del Boy impersonators jokes

A great ice breaker

There’s nothing quite like witnessing a violin or saxophone performance to set the mood for the day. Having that live performance suggests to guests the purpose and feeling of the event. In return, guests will start to feel more relaxed and at ease as they now have an awareness of the events purpose.

In addition, professional musicians and acts know how to read a room well. They will be able to tailor their performance based on what your guests will respond to best, whether that’s a louder or quicker performance and so on. Because of this, you will have the confidence that the event will flow well due to the ease the artist’s performance is creating for your guests.

To conclude, according to an article written for the Johns Hopkins medicine website – ‘Research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory’ Therefore, having live music at your event not only benefits the flow and atmosphere, but the performance also benefits guests by reducing anxiety along with many other things.

A guest and a belly dancer dancing together laughing having fun

So, there we have it. There is quite literally nothing like having show-stopping entertainment performed at your event.

However, if you are wondering just how to book entertainment that creates excitement and energy, then you’re in the right place. Warble work with the very best musicians and live entertainment acts up and down the UK. Moreover, our fantastic agents are experienced and confident they will be able to find you some unforgettable live entertainment that is sure to make any event a party. Get in touch today!

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