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Why Use An Entertainment Booking Agency?
March 29 2017
Hiring the best music and entertainment for your event can be tricky. Everyone loves a bit of DIY, as fixing, doing and arranging things yourself is very satisfying – when you get it right! Sometimes you need some help,...
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Sound Limiters And How To Work With Them
February 28 2017
One of the biggest worries that we've heard from brides and grooms booking a band for their wedding recently is that their venue has a sound limiter and they're unsure how this will effect the band they want to...
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Planning Your Entertainment – Communication Is Key
February 27 2017
Communication is king, and where wedding music and entertainment are concerned it’s essential that everyone involved in the planning of your big day is kept in the information loop. That includes us. Warble Entertainment is a talented bunch of...
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The Leap of Faith – When Your Chosen Act Is Already Booked
February 16 2017
Taking time to assess your wedding entertainment options is always sensible, but take too long and you might miss out on that dream booking. It happens all too often with in-demand, high calibre acts. Thankfully, Warble Entertainment’s experienced advisors...
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Why Does A Wedding Band Cost So Much?
December 14 2016
Booking a wedding band and musicians for functions and parties can stretch the overall entertainment budget to its limits. It might cost a pretty penny, but perhaps more so than any other aspect of your big day you really...
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Mesmerising Magicians at Warble Entertainment
November 2 2016
Magicians are some of the most exciting and engaging acts available today, and here at Warble we are proud to say that we work with only the best of them. We may not know how all the tricks are done,...
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Why The Hell Would You Hire A Live Band For Your Wedding?
October 6 2016
Wedding bands have become incredibly popular over the last few years. There is something special about being able to create your own personal concert for friends and family to celebrate the occasion by hiring a wedding band. The surge in...
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Bands for Hire from Warble Entertainment
October 3 2016
Hiring a band for that special function is tricky, with so many things to consider. Warble Entertainment offers thousands of bands to hire covering every musical genre you can imagine… Whether you need to book a musician or an act...
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How To Get Your Wedding Party Started!
September 15 2016
The evening reception can be so important as this is when everybody comes together to really celebrate your wedding. This is the moment where you can bring in your wider group of friends who maybe haven't been part of...
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Caricaturists Rock!
June 21 2016
Warble books a lot of musical acts. Bands, solo artists, harpists and well... lots of musically talented people. But another act that is becoming ever so increasingly popular is another type of artist, the caricaturist. This blog is to...
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