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How Do You Book A Band You Haven’t Seen Live Before?

We are always asked questions about booking bands for weddings and how it works without being able to seem them live beforehand!

Weddings are private events and seeing a band before you book them for your big day is difficult in ‘normal’ circumstances. Now more than ever, couples are having to get used to booking their musicians online without being able to see them play before.

Here are our best tips for booking a band without seeing them live!

Video First

How a band markets themselves actually says a lot about them. If they have taken the time to have a professional showreel put together along with high quality audio, then the band have invested in their product… themselves!

We know that when couples are looking for bands, they will often gravitate towards watching a video before anything else.

When watching a band’s promotional video, look out for how the band interact with each other, how energetic they are and the general look they are portraying.

Does this match what you had in mind for your wedding band?

And, if they are prepared to do this to a high level then it means they are serious about what they do and want to portray the right image. It is fair to assume that if somebody has invested in themselves then they are more than likely to be invested in by others!

Read Reviews

The next thing to look out for is what previous customers say about a band.

Chances are if they have lots and lots of great feedback then it means they have lots of experience!

Some of our bands are so experienced and have even clocked up hundreds of 5-star reviews with happy couples up and down the UK.

Our top tip here is to of course look for bands with a high number of 5-star reviews, but do you research and also look deeper.

What do the reviews actually say and can you draw any conclusions about how the band will act on your big day from previous customers?

You might find out that a band is particularly friendly, punctual, fun or any number of things from reviews alone!

Industry Approved?

So, what happens if you absolutely love a band… but they don’t have hundreds of reviews?

Booking a band online isn’t as difficult as you think. You just need the right signals to know that the band are actually good enough before you have them on your big day.

One really important signal is if they are approved by the ‘industry’. By this we mean websites and business such as ourselves, Warble Entertainment.

To really understand the quality of a band, we must stress that not every musician has a place on our roster.

In fact, 99% of artists who request a place on our roster are turned away by a diligent artist sign up team! This means that the 1% who are accepted are a fantastic addition to any event and have our full confidence and backing.

The Setlist

Another very important thing when you are looking to hire a band online for an event is to check the songs that they perform.

Although a band may be dubbed a ‘cover band’ or a ‘wedding band’ there are still varying types.

Four Right Chords Wedding Band

For example, some bands concentrate on mainly modern and more contemporary material, whereas others perform a mix from the 1950/60s right through to present day.

This isn’t to say that one band is better than the other, it just means one may be more suited to a specific event!

If you aren’t able to experience these songs in a live setting, look at what the band has in its repertoire to help you decide if they are the right kind of style for you.

Speak To An Expert

As much as bands will try to answer every possible question or address any potential concerns with their video, promotional material, setlists and FAQs, we understand that couples sometimes have a few more questions before pulling the trigger on their chosen wedding band.

At Warble Entertainment, our experienced entertainment experts are on hand to answer any questions about your musicians!

We speak to and deal with our top acts on a daily basis and will be able to answer any pressing questions you have about your musicians.

Maybe you’d like to know what else is included in the price, how the whole thing works or just want a professional opinion.

It is always worth having as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision on your wedding band!

For more wedding entertainment ideas and help in booking the perfect live wedding bands for your event, visit Warble Entertainment.

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