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Prom Entertainment & Theme Ideas
May 14 2019
Prom is one of the biggest and most talked about events in the school year, so how do you make sure that it will meet everyone’s expectations and how can you create the best night ever?It all begins with...
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Wedding Entertainment From Around The World
September 17 2018
In 2018, your wedding day is hailed not only as the most important and memorable day in your life, but the most fun too. With their wedding looming, many brides and grooms are choosing to opt for a wedding...
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6 Celebrity Wedding Themes For You To Steal
August 21 2018
If there's one trend that we've noticed in weddings over the last few years, it's the decline in traditional celebrations. No longer do people go for the same old boring ideas, why would you when there are so many...
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Top 8 Halloween Acts For Your Petrifying Parties To Ensure You Have a Terrifying Time
October 16 2017
Here at Warble, Halloween is our absolute FAVOURITE time of year. So with it coming up in just a few weeks time we thought we would show you our top 8 awesome acts for your bloodcurdling bash. Whether you...
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Throwing the Perfect Summer Rock n Roll Wedding
June 21 2017
So, you want to plan the perfect rock and roll themed wedding this summer that will do justice to your energetic, ebullient and eccentric personality? You want something uniquely you? You and your significant other have decided that you want...
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Romantic Entertainment Ideas for Your Valentine’s Event
January 18 2017
Whether you’ve finally plucked up the courage to ask your crush out on a date, cupid has already cast his bow or you are looking to bring a romantic vibe to your restaurant, if you are planning to do...
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Thanksgiving Day Celebration Ideas
November 21 2016
If there's one thing that we can learn from our American Cousins, it's knowing how to properly celebrate a holiday. Situated smack in the middle of Halloween and Christmas, they've audaciously snuck in an extra holiday that we in the...
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10 Entertainment Ideas for Halloween 2016
September 29 2016
Of all the seasonal holidays, Halloween has to be one of the most fun and a great excuse to throw a party! There’s something about the dark and dramatic theatrical nature of Halloween that is so delightful and endearing...
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Choosing a Mariachi Band for your Event
May 5 2016
When picking a Mariachi band for an event it is important to consider what kind of event it is; whether it’s a traditional Cinqo De Mayo celebration, a quirky wedding event or anything in between we want to ensure...
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Irish song and dance to Saint Patrick’s tune
March 1 2016
The luck of the Irish, a splash of green, the Shamrock, Guinness flowing quick and easy, great music and fabulous entertainment all add up to an irresistible Saint Patrick’s Day. It encompasses everything that is Irish. Some of the clichés...
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