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20 Bands To Rock Your Festival Wedding!
June 27 2017
If there's one thing we love here in the UK, it's festival season. Fit with amazing music, contagious atmosphere, speculative weather and festival survival kits to ensure you see it through to the end, there is something special about...
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Entertainment The Great British Summer Can’t Spoil!
June 14 2017
Sure, summer in Britain gets a bad reputation. It is common for us to not always get the weather we had hoped for, and it isn't it just typical of mother nature to have a bad day and decide...
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6 Ways To Create Your Casual Wedding
June 13 2017
So what is a casual or informal wedding and how can you achieve that laid-back feeling on your big day? It's the new carefree craze among couples, waving goodbye to the formality and pageantry of the traditional wedding, and hello...
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10 Alternative First Dance Songs
June 12 2017
It’s the big day, the bride arrived on time, the groom wasn’t too hungover and the best man hasn’t made a fool out of himself... Yet!  The ceremony was perfect, everyone is having an amazing time and even the...
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Important Wedding Entertainment Advice!
June 9 2017
So you want to book some entertainment for your wedding, but you don't know where to start? Well you're in the right place! Warble Entertainment has over 10 years experience in the entertainment industry, booking acts for over 6000 weddings...
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The Ideal Entertainment For The Drinks Reception
June 9 2017
The drinks reception is the first opportunity to get everybody together with the newly married couple. Whilst these days it is more associated with the photographs, it shouldn't be underestimated that the whole tone of the day can be...
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Classical Notes At Your Wedding
June 8 2017
Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the entertainment packages. Whether it’s rock & roll, pop, jazz or soul, there is something for everyone. If a subtler approach to the day’s music is required then classical...
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Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas To WOW Your Guests
May 3 2017
Slowly fading are the days of the 'conventional' wedding as more and more couples are bringing their own personalities, quirks and influences into their wedding day. Here at Warble we absolutely love the fact that weddings are becoming more...
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10 Rock ‘n’ Roll Bands For Your 50’s Themed Wedding
March 28 2017
Step back in time on your wedding day and re-live the 50's, where the jukebox roared and feet didn't touch the floor. 50's Rock 'n' Roll is the golden era of music with big quiffs, larger personalities, awesome costumes and...
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Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas
March 27 2017
Let's be real. No one wants to throw a tepid snooze-fest of a wedding and have their guests bored to tears. The last thing you want is to be thinking “I wish I did that at my wedding!” the...
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