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7 Reasons To Have A Weekday Wedding

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Weekday weddings rock.

There, we said it.

Most couples choose to host their wedding on a Saturday or Sunday, which absolutely makes sense. But you should seriously consider the added benefits of throwing your wedding party on a weekday instead.

Weekday weddings are a little different and unique in their own way. If you’re on the fence about whether to go weekend or weekday for your wedding date, we’re going to outline some awesome reasons as to why a weekday wedding could be the perfect choice for you.

1. A Shot At Better Photos

During weekdays, you can get some stunning shots on your wedding day that you might otherwise have not been able to get due to the hustle and bustle of a weekend.

Some scenic locations can be in use by the public or other guests during busy periods, but weekday weddings allow your photographer to be a little more creative and artistic with their choice of photography options and locations.

If you want that perfect spot all to yourself, booking off-peak or on a weekday is a great shout. It also allows you to ease your nerves and relax and enjoy posing for your photographs when no one else is around.

Ever wonder how couples got those amazing photographs in usually busy areas or popular tourist spots? Weekday wedding baby!

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2. You Can Save Money

This is one of the best and most common reasons to have a weekday wedding. From venues to suppliers, food, and more, you can save money all around on your wedding planning with preferential off-peak rates.

For venues in particular, it is almost always the case that the fee for hire is lower for off-peak and midweek weddings in comparison to a busy Saturday at the height of summer.

Other suppliers looking to fill the calendar may also offer weekday wedding discounted rates. Whether this is your wedding band, your photographer, your wedding decor vendor or florist, it’s always worth asking if a weekday booking would work out any cheaper.

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3. Access To Preferred Venues & Vendors

Found that perfect wedding venue? That ideal saxophonist for your daytime entertainment?

The pain of sorting through suppliers and venues, only to realise they aren’t available until the actual future when we will probably have hovercars and jetpacks is one that we know all too well.

The best and most in-demand bands for hire in the UK can be booked up years in advance, leaving couples disappointed and having to settle for less when hiring their wedding entertainment.

The same goes for venues and other wedding suppliers. A major advantage of getting married on a weekday is the choice you have available for locations, venues, suppliers and more.

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4. You Could Get Even More Time With Loved Ones

Getting married on a Thursday will let you enjoy your entire weekend of activities and quality time with family and friends.

After a weekend wedding, most guests leave on the Monday (or even the Sunday) and don’t have enough time to enjoy the company of friends, family and loved ones during the buzz and excitement of the actual wedding day..

This is one the reasons why we think a Thursday wedding is super underrated. If guests want to celebrate, recover and catch up with people who have attended the wedding, they could spend the whole weekend with you and the people whom you don’t have around very often.

In our series of real wedding blogs, almost every single bride mentions how the wedding day absolutely flies by and is over before you know it.

Plan a Thursday wedding day and allocate some time over the weekend for guests to celebrate over a longer period.

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5. Your Guests Can Save On Flights & Accommodation

As much as it’s nice to save money on your own wedding planning, you have to think about how costly attending a wedding can be for your guests too.

It’s often an afterthought but your guests may appreciate a midweek celebration more as it can sometimes work out cheaper for them in terms of travel and accommodation.

This puts gets in a great frame of mind when attending the affair and can actually cause more people to be able to attend if they can afford to do so!

Going back to availability, guests can also find accommodation much easier and will have more choice of where to stay with a less busy weekday date.

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6. The Planning Experience Can Be Less Stressful

A lot of the reasons why couples find planning a wedding stressful are alleviated with a weekday wedding.

Supplier availability, price, availability of guests, not having to wait years to get married… it can actually be a much smoother and more straightforward experience planning a wedding during a day of the week instead of a weekend wedding.

That feeling of messaging all of your suppliers and having them all come back with great availability and prices is something only a few couples will be able to experience!

All of this will actually lead you to be more relaxed on your wedding day, meaning that you can enjoy the experience of your big day as intended instead of being filled with worry!

On a weekday, wedding guests may also be grateful for an excuse to have a day off work! They can relax and stay in amazing spirits until the wedding arrives.

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7. Weekday Weddings Are Less Likely To Clash With Another Wedding

Have you ever been invited to two different weddings on the same Saturday?

It’s a tricky situation to navigate, isn’t it? First of all, you have to choose which one you’d rather attend for a multitude of reasons.

Secondly, you have to let one of the couples down. Not fun, or easy.

If you want to avoid this anxiety for your guests, a weekday wedding can be a great idea. The chances of your guests having to choose between your wedding and someone else’s is pretty much minimal and the chances of you being able to have all your loved ones partying with you is much larger.

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