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Booked a Band? Here’s 5 Things You Should Know

Dancing Bride

You’ve found the love of your life, you’re getting married, you want your night to be a party to remember, so you hired a band for the wedding… what next?

Your aim is to make sure you and your wedding party have an absolute whale of a time – to end the night having that much fun you haven’t noticed you’re only wearing one shoe and your Nan has found herself a table to dance on. If you’ve booked the right band, there’s a high chance that these things could happen… here’s a few party tricks that will help make this mission a success.

Dancing Guest

Timing is Key – Start the band as late as you can. Ideally the first set would start at around 8.30pm/9pm to make sure everyone is limbered up and ready to start throwing some incredible looking shapes. This kind of timing also gives the evening guests time to arrive, catch up with the newly weds and get a few drinks down them… There’s nothing wrong with a bit of dutch courage to prepare you for the dance floor.

Wedding Dancing

Dancing in the Dark – Think about your Auntie Sue… She loves a good boogie but like a lot of us, she’s a little shy and may need a nudge to make sure she’s feeling confident enough to get up and dance. Now imagine if you put a spotlight on her, poor Sue would be back to her chair and tapping her feet under the table. The point to the ‘Sue story’ is that bright lights can be a bit scary, so to create the perfect party atmosphere, dim down the lights and hey presto! Your dance floor will be full of shape throwers.

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Trust Your Band – Your band is playing ‘Mr Brightside’, everyone is singing their socks off and the dance floor is chocca… next up is your favourite Ed Sheeran song, the band plays it and everyone leaves. Now we all love a bit of Ed but it might just not be the right time. Being particular about what the band plays means they won’t want to upset you by going against your wishes but they also want you to have the best possible time. Your band have played at tonnes of weddings, to hundreds of cousins, friends, auntie’s, uncle’s and grandma’s… To everyone you can possibly think of. Putting together a set list that keeps such an eclectic bunch of people is an art form and this will be one of the main reasons why you will have such an awesome party. You will always be able to choose the odd song or two but being as flexible as possible with what they play will mean they can read that Grandad Joe has been praying for ‘Baby One More Time’ and that wish of his just might come true.

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Less is More – You’re wondering how you can get the most of your band but you’re not sure how? Most bands will offer 2 x 60 or 3 x 40 minute sets during the evening, so what do you go with? Sometimes this can be completely down to what you have planned for the night but we would usually recommend 2 sets works much better. Having 3 sets of music can mean a lot of stopping and starting, the last thing you want to do is stop the music when your wedding party has just formed a dancing conga. If you’re still stuck, let the band worry about it, they will do what’s right 🙂

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Look After Your Band – We’ve all heard the horror stories of bands requesting 3 course meals and bottles of champagne for all 12 of them… now in most cases, these stories aren’t true, so don’t worry. Luckily there isn’t too many divas out there but it’s always good to have a hot meal/buffet food and drink set out for the band. They all understand how much weddings can add up but something to keep them going will mean they keep their juices flowing and energy levels up.

Roberta Matis - Wedding Photographer

The best thing about booking a band… Being able to leave your night in their capable hands whilst you have the time of your life. So go on, give it a go.

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