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Emma & Simon’s Derbyshire Wedding with The Indie Killers

July 15 2019
Emma & Simon The Indie Killers

Emma & Simon wanted a real gig experience on their wedding night, and they certainly got that with The Indie Killers.

The couple planned wedding day at the wonderful Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel in Derbyshire.

We loved being able to catch up with Emma & Simon to find out more about their day, hearing about the band and seeing their stunning photos!

What was your best single moment of the whole day?

Wouldn’t know where to start! It’s a terrible answer but there were so many amazing moments we really can’t pick just one.

285-Emma-Simon-Indie Killers

Why did you pick your venue?

I took us a while to find our venue but Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel was perfect for us. It was a spectacular place while still being cosy, personal and a little different to other places we’d seen! It just had a special feeling when we looked around and felt like where we should get married.

The events organiser was incredible. She had organised hundreds of weddings and really seemed laid back with our suggestions. Nothing was any trouble for her and she really relaxed us from the start!

Did you have a specific style or theme for your big day?

Purple was the colour of the day and our theme for our tables was gigs we’ve been to together. I guess you could say fairy lights as well, we had A LOT of fairy lights…

How did you hear about The Indie Killers?

Searching online. We looked at a few different bands but when we saw The Indie Killers song list we knew pretty much straight away they were the band for us.

Having Muse, Guns & Roses etc. on the list definitely grabbed our attention, then after watching some of the bands videos we were completely sold!

What did they bring to your day?

We wanted it to feel like we were at a gig, not just a party, and they certainly delivered on that! We were crowd surfing, there were mosh pits and sing-alongs… the full gig experience!

Their endless energy and some amazing personal touches created an incredible atmosphere to wrap up our day.

We spoke with the talented guys from The Indie Killers to find out more!

We always hear comments about The Indie Killers performances feeling like a proper gig experience. How do you create this?

We are glad to hear this! We have always tried to make it feel less like you are watching a “functions” band.

We love live music and going to see live bands so we are constantly trying to replicate that feeling for our guests. Things like big intros and outros to the songs, special live versions and segways. The kind of things that make bands like Muse, Foo Fighters and Green Day shows so special.

We often end up watching a gig in the van on the way and using that as inspiration! Channeling your inner Dave Grohl at a wedding is only ever going to have a positive outcome! 

You guys have been getting incredible feedback and countless 5 star reviews for years. What’s your secret?


That’s very kind! I think it links back to making it more of a show than just 2 sets at someones wedding. We have just always tried to offer more than anyone else when it comes to the full experience.

We arrive early, leave late, play longer and harder with more energy with no question of looking at the clock and saying “oh well that will cost you this much more to play for another 5 mins!”. The priority is people having a great time.

One key thing is that we never rest. We are constantly tweaking trying to find that extra few percent, whether that’s the set list or even the equipment we are using. People often comment on how much awesome equipment we have, this ties back to making it feel like a real gig.

Another point is that we tend to have an amazing rapport with our clients (hate that word!). In the lead up to the event I often feel like we’ve made new friends before we have even met.

Indie Killers rock band

What was it like to perform for Simon & Emma’s wedding?

HELLO DONINGTON! HA. Ah it was an absolute pleasure! They were really in to their slightly heavier music which was just so much fun.
We actually learnt Linkin Park during the speeches and pulled it out second set – it was a moment! They were just the nicest people and their guests were a dream to play for. When it’s like that we feel like the luckiest people in the world doing what we do for a living. 

Did you have a first dance song and what was it?

Our first dance was a song called ‘Run with the Rhythm’ by Marmozets. It turned out we shared a love of this band with The Indie Killers drummer, Andy. Think he was as excited to hear the song as we were!

Where did you draw inspiration or find suppliers for your wedding?

A lot of time searching online and scrolling through Pinterest was where we found most of our inspiration and suppliers.

What did you think of the service provided by Warble?

Warble were great. Always quick to answer any questions we had and everything went very smoothly.

Best piece of advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Get the big, important things sorted early. It saves a lot of stress and that way there’s time for the smaller details and personal touches that make the day extra special.

Looking back is there anything you would change?

Simple answer… not a thing!

Who were your favourite suppliers from the day?

Venue – Donington Park Farmhouse

Hair & Make Up – Nicola Hodgkinson

Rings – Goldstraw

Dress – Townhouse Bridal

Suits – The Suit Rail

Shoes – Joe Browns couture

Band – The Indie Killers

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer – Gareth Newstead Photography

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