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Ideas for a small wedding in 2021!


With current rules and restrictions regarding weddings in the United Kingdom, couples have no choice but to still host smaller weddings. This is because current restrictions in England only allow for a maximum number of people based on the venues ability to stay socially distant. 

However, there are many reasons why smaller weddings can be just as fun and romantic as that of a bigger wedding. Smaller weddings are great because your wedding funds aren’t stretched thin, meaning you have the money to invest in personalised and thoughtful touches on the big day. In addition, the day is likely to flow more smoothly with less to plan and prepare for. Similarly, you will also be able to spend more one-to-one time with loved ones. Which now more than ever we know the true value of.

In response to this, we have collated a collection of ideas to help those couples looking for inspiration for their small wedding affair.

Plan Your Guestlist Well


When it comes to small weddings, you need to plan your guest list well. Planning early and efficiently saves you time and worry in the long run. Firstly, consider telling guests that you can’t host plus ones, children, or extended family. In addition, remember every single person you invite to the wedding should be someone that is close to you. Someone you can’t imagine getting married without them there.

Guestlist preparation regarding any size wedding is one of the most stressful parts of the process. However, once this task is out of the way, you are free to get started planning the more exciting parts of the occasion. Like the honeymoon or the dress!

Handwritten Invitations & Menus


It’s all about the little details for any event, especially small weddings. Therefore, by writing your wedding invitations and menus by hand, you are guaranteed to earn a smile from each one of your lovely guests.

Consider for each guest’s invitation or menu, sharing your fondest memory with them or even crack an inside joke. Personalised touches like this for your guests to enjoy will create a memorable heart-warming atmosphere throughout the day.

Give Guests A Personalised Welcome Box

Similarly to the above tip, consider gifting guests with a personalised welcome box. The welcome boxes will ensure guests are prepared throughout the day for all that may occur.

Try filling the boxes with food items tailored to your guests’ dietary needs. Add personalised slippers and robes along with handwritten welcome notes. In addition, add their favourite mini toiletries for them to refresh with throughout the day. The guests will be forever grateful.

Plan Thoughtful Activities

Thoughtful activities for guests to enjoy not only breaks up the busy day but they create the perfect opportunity for families to connect. If you have an uncle that worships mini-golf and a sister that loves face paint, bring it all to your wedding.

For covid-safe small wedding activities, outdoor games like giant Jenga or skittles are a great option. Be sure to check the latest guidance on entertainment and wedding receptions on the relevant regional government websites.

Hire A Live Band

Whether the wedding party is big or small, there is always room for live music! Having live music at a wedding can set the tone and mood like nothing else. Whether it is a harpist for the ceremony, a saxophonist player for the brunch or even a full band for the evening party, live music allows you to set the soundtrack for your day.

As well as being a unique experience for guests to enjoy, it is an experience that will unite them together. Creating a shared memorable experience.

Invest In A Great Photographer


Now I cannot stress the importance of investing in a great photographer enough. It would be pointless to spend so much time planning the perfect small wedding only to end up having nothing to look back and reminisce on.

A good photographer will catch all the emotion and atmosphere from the day. So much so that when you look back on the photos, you will feel like you are right back in that moment again.

If you are struggling to find the perfect photographer, try searching the hashtag #weddingphotographer on Instagram. By doing this you can easily find the photographers location and style of photography in just a few taps. In addition, this should also help you decide on the sort of wedding photography you want for your wedding. You will have such a variety of themes and styles to look over. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Have A Lounge Area

Admit it. We’ve all been there. You’re at an event socialising well but you would kill for five minutes down time in a quiet space somewhere. Therefore, having a space where guests can take a relaxing break to sit and chat, away from the main room will create a real relaxed and chilled atmosphere.

If you’re wondering how to create such a space, consider filling a corner with sofas and armchairs with a table for drinks. In addition, add cushions, throws, candles, and fairy lights to create some real ambiance. Your guests will love this.

Words Of Gratitude Instead Of Speeches


Now we’ve all had to sit through some cringe-worthy wedding speeches in our time. Therefore, consider instead of a traditional wedding speech, offering up words of gratitude instead.

By offering up honest appreciation for each person at the table, it offers an individualized and intimate interaction between you and your guests.

Host The Wedding In The Great Outdoors

If you choose to host your wedding outdoors, be sure to add unique décor that will take your wedding theme to the next level. Instead of traditional chairs invest in wooden benches, hay bales and huge cushions to sit on. Maybe try mixing and matching sofas and armchairs for a bohemian vibe.

With an outdoor wedding there are no rules and restrictions in place meaning you have the freedom to get creative and go wild. Just remember to look after the space and consider your effect on the surrounding areas.

Use the map to find outdoor spaces near your area!

Elopement Wedding

Nearing the end of this article, maybe these tips weren’t what you had in mind for your small wedding. If the answer is ‘yes’, then have you considered an elopement wedding? Just the two of you. No guest lists. No handwritten invitations or menus. No unnecessary stresses or dramas!

Elopement weddings will save you a lot of money. Which means there is more money to spend on a ‘once in a lifetime’ honeymoon. There are tons of fantastic wedding venues up and down the United Kingdom that offer unique and authentic elopement wedding packages. The difficulty is deciding which one to choose.

Here’s two of our favourite elopement wedding venues linked below –

So, there we have it. Our top tips for couples looking to host a small wedding in 2021. For more useful wedding inspiration ideas or unique wedding entertainment head to the Warble Instagram or website today!

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