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Questions to ask before booking a wedding band

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Wedding band: Riot!

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Live entertainment for a wedding event is essential. Even more so when that entertainment is a live wedding band!

The presence of a live band can change the atmosphere of a party almost instantly. Because the band will know exactly what music is most appropriate to play for the time and audience. Meaning there is no stress for anyone in the wedding party to keep the atmosphere up.

Like with any other part of planning a wedding, knowing what to ask and when is key to a stress-free lead up to the big day. At Warble, we aim to make every one of our bookings as stress-free and efficient as possible. Our team is on hand whenever you need us to help in any way we can. It’s just what we do!  

We asked our much-loved Warble customers what they think the questions are that are a must ask before booking a band. So without further ado, let’s get started! 

Can we put together the wedding band's set list? Can we request songs for in between their sets?

Our wedding bands are happy to provide music before, in between and after their live sets. They will play a pre-recorded playlist through their pa system meaning you have music all night from 7 pm-midnight! How awesome is that? Such playlists can be provided by yourself or the band and will be manned by a member of the band throughout the evening. 

The band will call you directly three-weeks before the event to confirm the finer details. At this point, you can request a copy of the setlist and if you wish to swap 1 or 2 songs for others in their repertoire this is absolutely fine.

Some of our bands may even be able to provide an acoustic set during the day. Be sure to speak to one of our entertainment coordinators to find out more!

What time will the band arrive? How long do they take to set-up? What time will they start?

Wedding bands will typically arrive at 5pm, be set up for 6.30pm and ready to perform their live sets from 7 pm – midnight. Set-up time is dependent on the band, however we would say the usual set up time is between 1-2 hours.

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Wedding band: The Generations

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Can the band arrive earlier or stay later? Will they play longer than 3x40s/2x60s?

Of course! The majority of our wedding bands are able to arrive earlier and stay later for an additional fee. We recommend speaking to an entertainment coordinator sooner rather than later for the chance to be able to add this option to a booking.

In regards to extending the bands live sets, we do not recommend asking a wedding band to perform more than 2 x 60 minute sets. However, we do have some bands who tend to be booked for longer live shows. Feel free to give us a call to learn more. 

How do I contact the band in the lead-up to the wedding and on the day?

In the lead-up to the big day, all communication goes through your entertainment coordinator who will relay messages between yourself and the band.

When it comes up the the three-week call, the bands leader will either send you an email or give you a call to discuss the finer details. From this point on communication is through both Warble and the band. 

Finally, incase of an emergency, Warble has a 24-hour emergency helpline which can be found on your booking contract should you require any help on the day.

Zoe Hensby
Wedding, Cheshire
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The Kickstarts are AMAZING!!!! They made our wedding incredible, everyone was on the dance floor having such a good time. Our guests have said it was the best wedding they had been too. The band got in contact with us before the wedding to get to know us and what type of music we were looking for. They sent over their full set list (which is incredible) and we went through and picked our favourite songs. They also played my all time favourite song by Oasis! They are all so talented and created an amazing atmosphere - If you need a band for an event book The Kickstarts!! HUGE thank you to the band for being so amazing and making our wedding incredible!!

Can the wedding band learn our first dance song? Do they take requests?

Our bands are more than happy to learn your first dance song! Just as long as it is within their style and is possible given the instruments in the band.

If the band don’t think they will be able to perform the song and do it justice as a full band, they may be able to perform an acoustic version instead!

We kindly ask that the band are given at least 6 weeks’ notice to learn the song. The earlier the band know the song choice the better. In addition, with enough time the band are happy to learn an additional song to the first dance as long as it is again within their musical style. 

Can the band get involved with raffles, help with announcements, or even lend their mic?

Yes, of course! Our bands are more than happy to lend their mic’s during the evenings antics. We recommend asking the band prior to their performance just so they are aware of such. 

What will the wedding band wear?

We get it. When booking a band, you are not only considering their sound but also their attire and aesthetic. 

Rest assure, bands booked through Warble will generally dress in a style similar to their promotional content on their profile. However, they are happy to dress accordingly to the event style. Now there’s one thing to discuss at the three-week call.

Do we need to provide food and drink for the band? Do they require parking and a changing room?

When booking any band through Warble Entertainment, we kindly ask our customers to provide just a few things for the band.

1. Adequate parking (Ideally for 2-3 cars)
2. A changing room
3. Food & soft drinks (Sandwiches/buffet etc)

However, we understand that this might not be attainable for every booking. We kindly ask that food and drink are provided at a minimum. 

Does the band have PLI and PAT certificates? Can they work with a Sound limiter?

All of our bands have their own up to date PAT and PLI certificates. In addition, the majority of our bands can work with sound limiters above 95 decibels. 

Our band are experienced with working with limiters; however, it will all depend on the venue and the type of limiter they have in place. If a venue does have a limiter, it is best to ask an entertainment coordinator to contact the coordinator at the venue and they can ascertain if it is possible for the band to perform. 

What size performance area does the band require? What power supply do they need? Do they supply their own lighting?

For a standard 3-4 piece wedding band we ask that they have ideally 5m x 4m of space to set up and perform with. However, this can be flexible. Furthermore, the majority of bands on our books do not require a stage as long as there is a hard, flat surface provided.

In addition to a suitable performance space, we kindly ask that bands are provided with three standard plug sockets close to their performance area as a minimum. 

Finally, the majority of our bands will bring along their own stage lightning. However, it is important to keep in mind this is not full disco/dance floor lighting! For a real dynamic lighting set-up, we recommend checking out our fantastic lighting and dance floor suppliers for the ultimate party set up! 

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How many people can the wedding band perform for?

The majority of our wedding band’s PA system is suitable for up to 150-200 guests in a standard size room. However, some of our bands may be able to perform for a much larger audience.

With that being said, if you are planning an event with a guest list of more than 200 people attending, it is worth speaking to an entertainment coordinator who can suggest bands that are able to perform for a much larger audience.

What if the band doesn’t turn up?

It is extremely unlikely that the band will not be able to make your event. However, if there is an illness of a band member on the day, then they will provide a suitable dep performer of the same caliber.

If for some reason the whole band cannot make it due to some kind of accident, then Warble Entertainment is on hand to find a suitable alternative band.

How do we pay the band?

Booking a band has never been easier through Warble Entertainment. Our entertainment coordinators are on hand to explain and guide you through the process ensuring a smooth stress-free booking.

Our wedding bands are secured through a booking deposit paid directly to us within seven days of the booking being confirmed. The final balance is either paid directly to the act via cash on the day or paid by BACS three weeks before the event. 

If you would prefer to pay the band directly by cash on the day, we recommend running this past one of our entertainment coordinators beforehand.

When booking one of our exclusive bands, they require the final balance payment via BACS between 2- 4 weeks prior to the event date.

In this case, customers will receive an email from the band’s management company (DK Music Management) 4 weeks before the event and this will include an invoice with details on how to make the payment. This saves customers the hassle of having to carry around any large sums of cash on the big day.

For more entertainment ideas and help in booking the perfect band for your event, visit Warble Entertainment.

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