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Stephen The Magician

Stephen The Magician
Location Surrey
Starting from £438.00

A professional Magician should have great reaction shots, Impressive show reels, a good client list and great reviews… but what Stephen offers is much, much more. 

Stephen offers the perfect event, so perfect that people will remember him and most importantly your event forever. You will get the credit for this!

Events are very expensive and VERY IMPORTANT! There are many unknown problems people run into. You need a strong foundation throughout and even top event organizers are blown away at Stephen’s methods. With his incredibly strong magic and unique set of skills he can fine-tune, remap and boost your event into the A list status. Stephen is not an addition to your event, he is an asset that holds unbelievable value. 

You can always hire a Magician… or you can invest in Stephen.

His ever growing client list of companies like Aston Martin, Warner Brothers studios, Disney and A listers doesnt lie.

David Beckham - "Wow! Thats really good mate! "

Jude Law - "I wish I could do that!"

Jason Statham - " That Rubiks cube trick! Brilliant! "

Gary Lineker - "Brilliant! Just Brilliant! "

Will Farrell -  "Dude, you're awesome... weird but awesome."

Chris Pine (Star Trek JJ Abrams) - Whoa!, What the Hell!"

Prince Andrew - "Sensational and very funny!"

Sarah Ferguson - "That was amazing! Please do come back to our table before you leave."

Robert Downey Jr - "Watch out David Blaine!" 

* Close up or stage show, you will not regret having Stephen’s standard of entertainment at your next event *

130 reviews