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Alan The Caricaturist

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Location Oxfordshire
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Alan is an exciting caricature artist based in Oxfordshire. He is amongst the fastest caricaturists in the UK, drawing a quality caricature in just 4 minutes.

  • Highlights
  • One of the UK's fastest caricaturists, creating a quality drawing in just 4 minutes
  • Draws Mix and Mingle around tables or from an easel at a fixed point in the room
  • Book Alan for a video caricature session to bring the laughs wherever you are!

Alan was polite, easy-going with guests and a fantastic caricaturist.

Susan Turner, Northamptonshire

Guests loved his work and people were still talking about him days later.

Lee Paskell, Buckinghamshire


Alan specializes in drawing stylish caricatures at events - weddings, corporate functions, conferences, trade fairs and parties. Not only is it fun to watch, the drawings make great gifts for the guests to take home - something personal that they’re likely to frame.

Alan’s been drawing faces since school, so he has an instinct for likeness. He enjoys meeting people and loves entertaining them with the magic of live caricatures. He captures their personalities and quirks on the page with uncanny accuracy and consistency.

Apart from drawing on paper, he also draws on his iPad at events. He brings a fresh approach to this cool medium, which allows him to draw these in colour as fast as his paper portraits.Alan can also draw caricatures from photos before an event or as a gift. They are customizable, from a black & white head & shoulders to a fully-coloured themed scene.

And what’s more, the experience still works over a video link like Skype or Zoom. Book Alan for a video caricature session to bring the laughs wherever you are.

Performance Schedule

You can hire Alan from 2 - 7 hours of drawing.

Alan offers the following:

“Classic” Paper Caricatures
Alan draws 12 to 15 faces (7 couples) per hour in black and white, often with splashes of colour. He prefers drawing seated at an easel for a better viewing experience, but is just as comfortable to ‘mix ‘n mingle’ with the crowd. He has a penchant for presentation and punctuality. He can help with a personalized message printed on the paper beforehand, or with other presentation ideas.

Digital Caricature “Wizardry”
Alan is just as comfortable drawing live on a tablet as on paper. He draws between 8 and 12 faces per hour on his iPad. He brings all his own equipment, including a large display monitor and a printer. The drawings can be printed or shared on the spot, along with a message or logo. A great idea for a conference or exhibition to draw visitors to your stand. Or even at weddings, where you can get two prints - one for the guests and one for the guestbook. 

Drawn from the studio
Send photos of people and Alan can draw caricatures of them, either digitally or by hand, at any specified size. They make for great gifts. At weddings, they can be used for signing boards, table planners, place settings, Save the Dates or invitations. 

Video link caricatures
Alan can also draw digital caricatures on his iPad over a video link like Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meets. He can share them then and there or upload to a website for guests to download later. A great idea for virtual events. Book Alan for a session.

Previous Clients

  • Coke
  • Microsoft
  • PWC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers)
  • Siemens
  • British Armed Forces
  • Suzuki
  • Unilever
  • EY (Ernst and Young)
  • KPMG
  • Huawei
  • Dell
  • Anglo American
  • Hannover Re: Insurance
  • Starbucks
  • Bidvest
  • Liebherr
  • Starbucks
  • Roche

15 Reviews

Bride Favourite Top Act
Top reviews

Simon Franklin

Event: Wedding
Location: Staffordshire

Absolutely brilliant, guests loved Alan’s artwork and watching the process of him drawing. It provided the perfect entertainment and a unique momento to take from the day! Alan was brilliant at interacting with guests and feedback from guests was so good! Alan went above and beyond what we expected and we can’t thank him enough.

Sian Paine

Event: Wedding
Location: Surrey

Alan was amazing at our wedding drinks reception. Everyone loved him and he was super quick at drawing too! Would highly recommend him to anyone.


Event: Birthday Party
Location: Buckinghamshire

Alan was amazing. His enthusiasm is second only to his talent. Many guests were super thrilled and are still raving about Alan. Thank you for adding a special twist to the event!

Susan Turner

Event: Birthday Party
Location: Northamptonshire

Alan was polite, easy-going with guests and a fantastic caricaturist, I was most impressed, as were my guests, brilliant drawings thoroughly enjoyed and made the day. Fabulous and would recommend to anyone.

Terry Pankhurst

Event: Birthday Party
Location: Hertfordshire

Fantastic, helped the evening go really well. Everyone loved it and the pictures really did look like us. Would definitely recommend him. Excellent work.

Lee Paskell

Event: Wedding
Location: Buckinghamshire

Had an absolutely amazing time with Alan, he was brilliant. Our guests loved his work and people were still talking about him days later.

Kathryn Milward

Event: Corporate
Location: Warwickshire

What an amazing act Alan was! Everybody was thrilled to bits with his drawings, we would thoroughly recommend him, he made the night very memorable.

Natalie H

Event: Wedding
Location: Wiltshire

Alan was absolutely fantastic, he was always on the drawing. Our guests loved his drawings just as much as we did. Highly recommend Alan.

Lucy Andrew

Event: Wedding
Location: Warwickshire

Best part of the night by far!!! STAR OF THE EVENING! Everyone loved it as entertainment and the drawings were brilliant, such a nice person who went above and beyond for us and made the evening of our wedding memorable. Could not recommend him enough... 5 stars plus more if possible!

Kathleen Eldred

Event: Wedding
Location: Nottinghamshire

Alan the caricaturist was extremely popular at our daughter's wedding and interacted with guests, moved about as required i.e. when we had photos taken outside. Guests were keen to show me their characterised portraits and he made sure he fulfilled the Bride and Groom request to draw them too, even though they were busy with photos and guests. Thank you Alan.

Elizabeth Curr

Event: Wedding
Location: Bedfordshire

Alan far exceeded our expectations, we booked him for our wedding and he was extremely popular with our guests, his caricatures are brilliant, I would not hesitate to book Alan again, highly recommend him.

Natasha Bliss

Event: Wedding
Location: Bristol

I just wanted to say thank you for helping us book Alan for our wedding on 22nd May, he was brilliant. The drawings are great, our guests really enjoyed it and I have now had a couple of people I know who are postponed brides, who have asked for the details - I have sent them to his profile on the website. I am so glad I booked him and our guests are still talking about him! :)

Wendy Richards

Event: Private Party
Location: Shropshire

We chose Alan after our planned caricaturist had to cancel because of lockdown, and he was brilliant. He captured the fun of the night and our guests had a lovely memento of the day - Recommended.

Amelia Pugh

Event: Wedding
Location: Rest of the world

Brilliant... Lots of fun and we were so happy that our guests had something to take away. So glad we booked Alan for our day.

Lizelle Lintveld

Event: Wedding
Location: Rest of the world

Where do I even start to say thank you and how grateful we are that you shared your day with us yesterday. The drawings were such a hit, people cannot stop talking about it, guests changed their whatsapp profile pics to the drawings, you kept the people so entertained! It was such a privilege and pleasure having you as part of our wedding.


    We give you a bespoke price based on the exact location of your event. The pricing below is based on a central location for your area so you have an idea of what your price will be. The exact price will be given in the booking process after you’ve provided the location details.

    • Cambridgeshire £504
    • Norfolk £636
    • Norwich £636
    • Suffolk £564
    East Midlands
    • Derbyshire £492
    • Leicestershire £444
    • Lincolnshire £504
    • Northamptonshire £288
    • Nottinghamshire £492
    • Rutland £456
    Foreign Locations
    • Europe £960
    • Rest of the world £1200
    North East
    • Durham £660
    • East Yorkshire £600
    • Leeds £600
    • North Yorkshire £660
    • Northumberland £660
    • South Yorkshire £696
    • Tyne and Wear £660
    • West Yorkshire £600
    • Yorkshire £600
    North West
    • Cheshire £660
    • Cumbria £720
    • Lancashire £660
    • Liverpool £660
    • Manchester £660
    • Merseyside £660
    • Aberdeen £660
    • Edinburgh £660
    • Glasgow £660
    South East
    • Bedfordshire £288
    • Berkshire £288
    • Buckinghamshire £276
    • East Sussex £492
    • Essex £492
    • Hampshire £396
    • Hertfordshire £324
    • Isle of Wight £576
    • Kent £492
    • London £372
    • Middlesex £360
    • Oxfordshire £252
    • Surrey £396
    • Sussex £492
    • West Sussex £468
    South West
    • Bath £456
    • Bristol £456
    • Cornwall £624
    • Devon £576
    • Dorset £492
    • Somerset £492
    • Wiltshire £420
    • Anglesey £562
    • Brecon £600
    • Caernarvonshire £660
    • Cardiff £528
    • Cardigan £696
    • Carmarthen £624
    • Denbigh £660
    • Flint £576
    • Glamorgan £547
    • Monmouth £564
    • Pembroke £576
    • Wrexham £552
    West Midlands
    • Birmingham £288
    • Gloucestershire £420
    • Herefordshire £456
    • Shropshire £456
    • Staffordshire £456
    • Warwickshire £276
    • Worcestershire £444

    Ready to book
    Alan The Caricaturist?

    Alan The Caricaturist
    Or call 01270 501 164


    How long is the setup?
    30 minutes.

    How fast are you?
    On paper, I draw each face in about 4 minutes, which means 14 faces per hour (7 couples). On the iPad, I draw a face in 5 to 8 minutes, ie. 7 to 12 faces per hour.

    What size are the drawings?
    On paper - A4 for singles, A3 for couples and groups up to six people, A2 for larger groups
    Digital prints – A5 or A6 for singles, A5 or A4 for couples and groups

    What about lighting?
    It’s best to have me in a lit area, but I do bring my own backup lighting, (battery operated - no power needed).

    Travel or material costs?
    These are included in the quote.

    Seated or mix n mingle?
    I prefer drawing seated at my compact easel for speed and viewing purposes but I am comfortable to mix & mingle too.

    I usually use the venue’s seating but can supply my own if needed.

    When should I book?
    It’s best to book me early, as I get bookings up to 2 years in advance. But I do often get 2 bookings in one day, so it’s worth enquiring, even for last minute bookings.

    What about trade fairs?
    Caricatures are a great way to attract people to your stand. Offer them to a targeted audience or as an experience for everyone.

    Can I get a message printed onto the paper?
    I have organized many messages that get printed on all the paper beforehand. There is a small extra cost for organising this.

    Can I get a copy of all the drawings?
    This is definitely possible. I can take a quick high-resolution photo of them with their drawings (or just the drawings) and send to you, at no extra cost.

    Do guests take their drawings home?
    Yes, for sure. Unless otherwise organized. And I supply a plastic sleeve to protect the drawings.

    Do guests try to tip me?
    Sometimes they try to, but I let them know that everything is paid for. And I always bring a sign that says “Free caricatures”.

    What if people try to come for more than one drawing?
    This often happens, especially with kids. I judge the situation, but for bigger audiences, I usually have a sign that says “One caricature per person” so that all those wanting a drawing get one.

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