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Barrie The Caricaturist

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Location Tyne and Wear
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Barrie is one of the top caricaturists in the United Kingdom and overall winner of the prestigious Caricon International Caricature Convention in 2017. Based in Newcastle, Barrie performs across the North East.

  • Highlights
  • Barrie is a 'Mix & Mingle’ artist so will move round your venue draw one or two people then move on to the next group
  • Drawing a fantastic likeness every 4 minutes, Barry is able to draw up to 14 guests per hour
  • Online / Zoom Caricature sessions available - great fun with friends without leaving your home!


Caricatures are a fantastic entertainment or icebreaker at a party or evening reception. They are the perfect way to entertain and delight your wedding guests either during the afternoon drinks reception while the Bride & Groom are getting photos taken or later in the evening.

Barrie is one of the top caricaturists in the United Kingdom and overall winner of the prestigious Caricon International Caricature Convention 2017. Barrie is able to produce one quality caricature every 3-4 minutes that many customers have commented are good enough to be framed. These are hilarious for spectators, great wedding favours and an unique memento of your special day. Barrie is a 'Mix & Mingle’ artist which means that unlike many other caricaturists are no queues to wait in! Barrie will move round your venue draw one or two people, get a laugh then move on to the next group.

Barrie attends on average 150 events and weddings each year so can be relied upon to provide an outstanding service.

Performance Schedule

Barrie a wide range of options to suit any occasion wether mixing and mingling with your guests at a drinks reception or drawing on a tablet projected on a large screen to draw a crowd.  Barrie focuses strongly on his entertainment value not just relying on his artistic skill to keep your guests enthralled and amused.  

Option One:  Mix & Mingle Traditional 

Quick fire caricatures drawn at pace in under 3 minutes a piece, this is hilarious entertainment for more than just the person being drawn.  Barrie moves around the venue entertaining the guests, perfect for a wedding drinks reception or as alternative table entertainment at a corporate function or charity meal with the added bonus that your guests get a memento of your special day.

Option Two:  Digital Caricatures

Drawn in colour on a tablet these portraits take a little longer but they are worth the wait!  This is the perfect option if you want a spectacle at a live event or to draw a crowd at a trade show, works best in combination with a large tv screen stationary.  These  Can be drawn to a theme of your choosing and printed out and projected on to a larger screen... just ask :)

Option Three:  Giant Group Portrait Of Guests

If you want to really impress your guests ask Barrie about his giant group portraits drawn live at an event these can be themed to suit your day and contain some or all of your guests!

Option Four:  Outside of the Box

Not seeing exactly what you want?  Don’t worry if it involves drawing live then Barrie is your man, from portraits in medical glue, coffee and pancakes to giant portraits on walls Barrie is happy to advise how he can best fit in to your day!

Previous Clients

  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Nutanix
  • Newcastle University
  • TNT
  • Fenwick
  • Deloitte
  • Sainsbury
  • Avery Dennison
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • ASDA
  • Iceland
  • DFDS
  • RVI Children’s Ward

And many more...

3 Reviews

Top reviews

Mathew Thompson

Event: Wedding
Location: Durham

Barrie was fantastic with our guests! Highly recommended.

Nikki Thurston

Event: Private Party
Location: Durham

Very straightforward process, reliable and super quick response time! Barrie was a fantastic addition to our Christmas party! He went down a storm with the guests! Thank you Alessandro for your help and thank you Barrie for your great artwork.

Natalie Lawson

Event: Wedding
Location: Cumbria

Thank you so much on behalf myself and my husband, your drawings are amazing and all our guests can't stop raving about them. So many of our guests commented on how much you being there made our wedding stand out. Thank you again, we had the most perfect day!


    We give you a bespoke price based on the exact location of your event. The pricing below is based on a central location for your area so you have an idea of what your price will be. The exact price will be given in the booking process after you’ve provided the location details.

    • Cambridgeshire £742
    • Norfolk £742
    • Norwich £742
    • Suffolk £742
    East Midlands
    • Derbyshire £618
    • Leicestershire £618
    • Lincolnshire £618
    • Northamptonshire £618
    • Nottinghamshire £618
    • Rutland £618
    Foreign Locations
    • Europe £859
    • Rest of the world £866
    North East
    • Durham £549
    • East Yorkshire £649
    • Leeds £610
    • North Yorkshire £599
    • Northumberland £549
    • South Yorkshire £649
    • Tyne and Wear £549
    • West Yorkshire £649
    • Yorkshire £649
    North West
    • Cheshire £649
    • Cumbria £649
    • Lancashire £649
    • Liverpool £649
    • Manchester £649
    • Merseyside £649
    • Aberdeen £742
    • Ayrshire £742
    • Dumfriesshire £618
    • Dundee £618
    • East Lothian £618
    • Edinburgh £611
    • Fife £618
    • Glasgow £618
    • Inverness £618
    • Lanarkshire £618
    • Midlothian £618
    • Perth £618
    • Stirlingshire £618
    • Sutherland £618
    • West Lothian £618
    South East
    • Bedfordshire £742
    • Berkshire £742
    • Buckinghamshire £742
    • East Sussex £742
    • Essex £742
    • Hampshire £742
    • Hertfordshire £742
    • Isle of Wight £742
    • Kent £742
    • London £742
    • Middlesex £742
    • Oxfordshire £742
    • Surrey £742
    • Sussex £742
    • West Sussex £742
    South West
    • Bath £742
    • Bristol £742
    • Cornwall £742
    • Devon £742
    • Dorset £742
    • Somerset £742
    • Wiltshire £742
    • Anglesey £742
    • Brecon £742
    • Caernarvonshire £742
    • Cardiff £742
    • Cardigan £742
    • Carmarthen £742
    • Denbigh £742
    • Flint £742
    • Glamorgan £742
    • Monmouth £742
    • Pembroke £742
    • Wrexham £618
    West Midlands
    • Birmingham £742
    • Cotswolds £742
    • Gloucestershire £742
    • Herefordshire £742
    • Shropshire £742
    • Staffordshire £742
    • Warwickshire £742
    • Worcestershire £742

    Ready to book
    Barrie The Caricaturist?

    Barrie The Caricaturist
    Or call 01270 501 164


    Um... what is a Caricaturist?
    Don’t worry I get asked this all the time! Basically I draw cartoon faces really fast. The intent is to draw picture that captures some aspect of the person being drawn in a way that will amuse them and others around them. 

    When should we book?
    On average I attend 160 events and wedding a year and take bookings up to 2 years ahead. I would recommend you book as soon as you are able especially if your event is in the summer and on a weekend! Having said that I do often attend 2 bookings a day so its always worth asking if I am available for last minute booking!

    Do you need space to set up?
    I only require a small area on a table or bar somewhere in the room I am working, so I can leave the plastic wallets I provide for the guests to store their caricatures in. I am a table artist so will mix and mingle with your guests to provide entertainment for everyone.  This has the added bonus of avoiding queues, which are the last thing you want at your event.

    Will you draw groups?
    I will always draw a wedding couple as a couple but everyone else individually unless otherwise arranged.

    Will you stay longer on the day if we pay you?
    If you think you would like me to stay longer please arrange this beforehand as I may not be able stay longer without prior agreement.

    How many people will you draw?
    I draw about 14 people every hour. So if you have 6 tables of people I am likely to get round the room twice.

    My drinks reception is only and hour and a half, do you do a lower rate?
    I do a 2 hour set for a drinks reception. If yours is shorter I will draw you and your partner from a photo.

    Who will you draw?
    Generally, I just pick out people who I think will enjoy the experience and who have a group around them who will enjoy making fun of the caricature. If you have some people who you want to be drawn please let me know before hand. I would recommend that you limit this to 4 or 5 people to leave me some flexibility to entertain the rest of your guests. This can be done at any time before your date.

    How long should we book you for?
    My caricatures are extremely popular at events so I would recommend you take the longest booking your timetable allows. Drinks receptions would be easily covered in a two-hour slot and I would recommend at least 3 in the evening.

    Will you need a break?
    If you book me for longer than 3 hours I will take a break of 20 mins every 2 hours. I will usually be able to work this in to your time table and take my break during speeches, first dances etc.

    Should I provide food/refreshments?
    I do not ask for either but an arrangement with the venue to provide coffee is always appreciated!

    Do people ever get offended?
    It’s very rare that someone takes offence at my caricatures but occasionally they do, this is usually accompanied with gales of laughter from the onlookers so I don’t feel to bad about it!

    Do you charge the guests for their caricatures?

    Do guests pay a tip?
    No. I will also make it clear if a tip is offered that the bride and groom have paid for everything so one is not necessary.

    Is there anything else I should know?
    I want to provide you and your guests with the best possible entertainment service I can. If you have a special request or just want to have a chat about the day before hand, please just let me know and I will do everything I can to make your day perfect.

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