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10 Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Band Before You Book

Most people will have never booked a band in their life.

When hiring a live wedding band for the very first time, it’s natural to have a lot of questions!

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of the most essential questions to ask your wedding band, musician or DJ before you hire them for your big day.

1. What Happens When You Aren’t Playing?

Be sure to check this one! The last thing you want is deathly silence as the band finish to take their first break.

Most bands will provide some form of recorded music through the PA, but it’s always wise to ask just in case.

2. How Long Will You Play For?

This can vary with different bands and different styles of music. Some bands may only perform for 2 x 45 minutes, whereas other cover bands will perform for 2 x 60 or 3 x 40 minutes.

Finding this out will help you to plan the running order of your evening and ensure you know exactly how long the performances will be.

3. Can You Perform Our First Dance Song?

Hearing your first dance song performed live by your band can be a really special moment.

If you have a particular song in mind, ask your band if they are happy to learn and perform your song on your big day.

4. Do You Have Any Reviews?

Always check to see if firstly the band has any reviews from previous weddings, as well as reading them thoroughly to see what they are like!

Reviews and testimonials are important as it’s unlikely that you will be able to see a function band live before you book. Most of the top wedding bands only play private events. Reviews can help inform your decision.

5. Do You Have Public Liability Insurance & PAT Certificates?

Just about every wedding venue will need Public Liability Insurance and PAT certificates for electrical equipment that the band are using so you will definitely need to make sure the band has these.

Booking through a professional entertainment agency such as Warble Entertainment makes this easier, as bands are vetted for this before being put forward for events!

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6. Is There Anything I Need To Check With The Venue?

Ask the band if there’s any pressing information they might need about the venue before they agree to perform live music at your wedding party.

For the most part, wedding bands and musicians will want to know if there are any noise restrictions or limitations that may affect the band’s set up and performance. Some bands are able to work with restrictions, but it is important to know beforehand!

7. What Happens If Someone Is Ill On The Day?

Musicians are only human. It could easily be the case that one of them falls ill and can’t make the wedding.

Many bands will have deputy (or ‘dep’) musicians who can cover but it is always worth asking the question and what other contingency plans they have.

8. How Much Say Do We Have In The Set List?

This one really depends on what band or group you have hired. For most bands, they will want to have as much control as possible in what songs they play.

Their set lists are refined over 100s of shows and they will know what works best! However, they will of course compromise and listen to your suggestions, likes and dislikes to ensure you get the vibe and atmosphere you desire.

9. Can You Provide Music During The Daytime?

Live music isn’t just for the evening party. Many couples will also be looking for musicians to perform during their ceremony or drinks reception earlier in the day.

Your wedding band might be versatile enough to offer acoustic sets or live musicians during the daytime as well. This is a great money saver and awesome idea to get more out of your band!

10. Do We Need To Hire Any Equipment?

Check exactly what your band will bring with them on the day. Of course, bands will provide their own instruments, but what about speakers and PA systems?

Thankfully, most professional bands will provide all of their own sound equipment to keep the dance floor rocking all night!

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