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60+ MUST ASK Questions For Your Wedding Venue (Before Booking)

Questions to ask a wedding venue

Booking your venue is one of the biggest tasks in planning your wedding.

During your visits, you will want to make sure that you’ve covered all questions to ask a wedding venue and circumstance to help you make the right decision.

What questions should I ask a wedding venue?

We’ve split up our handy wedding venue checklist into sections. Below, you will find wedding venue questions on entertainment, food & drink, wedding décor, logistics and much more.

If you’re picking a wedding a venue and aren’t sure what questions you need to ask, we cover absolutely everything in this guide.

When you have your wedding venue consultation – make a note of the highest priority questions from this list and ensure you ask them on the day.

Click a button below to be taken to each set of questions to ask a wedding venue!

These are the most important questions you want to ask when visiting wedding venues!


Important wedding venue questions to ask

1. Is the venue available on my date?

If you haven’t settled on a particular wedding date yet, ask about your venue’s availability around the time you’d like to get married. This might help you choose your ideal wedding date.

2. What is the venue’s capacity?

One of the top questions to ask when touring a wedding venue. You’ll want to know how many guests you’re allowed to bring before you make your guest list.

3. Can I have my ceremony at the venue?

Some wedding venues are licensed to hold wedding ceremonies, whilst others aren’t. If you want to have your entire day in one location you will want to know if the venue has the right licensing.

4. Is the venue due to undergo any changes before the wedding?

Renovations, structural changes and room redesigns. When visiting your wedding venue, ask if any of these are due to happen.

5. What is included in the package?

Get an idea of the various packages that the wedding venue can offer and which suits you best.

6. Who will be my main point of contact?

You will want to know who will be your dedicated wedding coordinator.

7. How many restrooms do you have and where are they?

Ask your wedding venue coordinator if you can see the venues bathrooms as well. Make sure they are in good condition and that there are enough for your guests.

8. Are there any other events happening at the same time as my wedding?

Either at the venue or nearby, you want to know what is happening in the local area. Local festivals, events and concerts can affect things like parking, travel and noise.

9. What is your cancellation policy?

Every wedding reception venue will have a cancellation policy. Ask to see the contract and find out what happens in this scenario.

10. What time can we access the venue on the day?

It is good to know what time you can arrive at the venue and start getting everything ready! Ask what areas of the venue you have access to (and when).

11. What time do we have to leave?

An important question to ask when booking a wedding venue. Do you have to leave on the night? Is there a kick out time the morning after? Knowing your full timings allows you plan your day properly.

12. Is the venue available for exclusive hire?

If you want the wedding reception venue all to yourself then this is a must ask question.

13. Are there any changing areas?

Some venues have certain areas for the bridal party and groomsmen to change and freshen up.

14. Does the venue have liability insurance?

Ask your wedding venue about insurance and what is covered.

15. Is there outdoor space available?

When looking at a wedding venue, remember to take into account all the outdoor space available to you! Take pictures on your phone if you need to.

16. Who is responsible for clearing up after the wedding?

One of the most overlooked questions that you should ask your wedding venue. A lot of venues will allocate staff to cleaning up after you and your guests. Ask your venue coordinator if this includes a fee!

17. What rooms are included?

Ask your wedding venue exactly what rooms are available to you! Know your boundaries and get an idea of the space you’re allowed to use.

18. Is the venue child-friendly?

If you are inviting children to your wedding, or have any yourself, you will want to ensure your chosen wedding venue is child-friendly.


wedding music ideas

19. Does the venue allow live music?

This should be your first question about wedding entertainment. You have to know if the venue allows live music before you begin booking entertainment. Then you go on to research the cost of hiring wedding musicians with confidence!

20. Is there any curfew for music?

Some venues have a cut-off time for music. If you’re one of those people who enjoys partying late into the night, firstly send us an invite, secondly ask if the venue has a curfew!

21. Are there any noise restrictions or sound limiters?

If live wedding music is important to you, this is a must ask question. If the venue does have a sound limiter, don’t panic. There are loads of sound limiter friendly wedding bands that can work with them! Ask what the limit is set at and how it is monitored.

22. Does my wedding entertainment have to use an in house sound system?

Some wedding venues require wedding bands to use a PA that is supplied by the venue itself. Most bands can work with this, but some can’t so find out beforehand!


23. How much space will a wedding band have?

When booking a wedding venue, space is important for both you and your suppliers. Wedding bands need a clear space to set up and do their thing.

24. Is the venue accessible for entertainers?

Your wedding entertainment will arrive with gear, sometimes lots of it! Ask your wedding venue where the band can park and load in easily.

25. Is there a dance floor and how big is it?

A clear and defined dance floor is so important for a great party. Take note of the size of the dance floor and if it’s sufficient for your guest list. It also helps to see the area where you may have your first dance or the last dance song of the night!

26. Do I have to choose from your supplier list?

For your wedding party you need to know if you can hire your own entertainment, or if you have to work from a specific list. You can sometimes find cheap wedding entertainment ideas on supplier lists.

The Derbyshire Harpist

27. Can you recommend any wedding bands?

Your wedding venue coordinator can help you decide on your wedding band. Ask for recommendations of musicians who have performed at the venue before!

28. Are power sockets accessible from the stage and how many?

The life force of any live music. Power! Bands need plug sockets so make sure your venue can provide them.

29. Can I have wedding entertainment outside?

Ask your reception venue if entertainment is allowed outside and if there are any restrictions.

30. Is there a power source outside?

If you are allowed wedding entertainment outside, is there a source of power? Some entertainers can perform unplugged or use battery powered equipment in these situations.

31. Is there a stage for a band?

This differs from venue to venue. A stage is awesome if you can get one and it makes the band that much more of a spectacle!

32. Can we have live music during the ceremony?

If you are considering booking wedding ceremony musicians such as harpists or singers to perform at your ceremony, make sure this is okay with your venue.

33. Are there any song restrictions during the ceremony?

Depending on your venue, they may want to check the songs you have chosen for your ceremony for suitability.

34. Do you allow fireworks or fire performers?

Fire performers for weddings are becoming increasingly popular as a showstopper. Ask your wedding venue if they can accommodate these performers.

35. Is the bar in a separate room to the dance floor?

This can have a huge impact on your dance floor. If you can have the bar in the same room, you are golden!

wedding music ideas

36. Can we provide our own playlist or plug in to your sound system?

Some couples opt to DJ their own weddings with specific playlists. A good question to ask your wedding venue is if they have a sound system you can use for this. Should you DJ your own wedding? Find out in our ultimate wedding DJ guide.

37. What are the dimensions of the room?

We’re talking width and height! Some wedding entertainment like stilt walkers or visual pieces are only able to work in rooms with specific dimensions.

38. Is there a changing room available for the band?

Wedding entertainers need a place to change and freshen up, ready to give the performance your wedding deserves.

39. Can my entertainment use smoke machines?

They look amazing, but you don’t want any fire alarms going off mid performance. Ask what the rules are.

40. Can the band set up discreetly?

Depending on how the rooms are turned around, you may be able to have a super discreet set up for your band and not disturb the day.

41. Do my wedding entertainers need any certificates like PAT & PLI?

When you bring your own suppliers in from outside, wedding venues will often ask to see PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) and PLI (Public Liability Insurance) certificates from the entertainers. Booking your entertainment through a wedding entertainment agency ensures that all your acts will have the right paperwork!

42. Is there a sound system in place for speeches?

Some entertainers will be happy for you to use their sound system, but this can mean paying for an earlier set up. Ask questions about sound systems that already exist at the venue to save yourself some money.


wedding catering

43. Does the venue have catering or can we provide our own?

There are many food and drink based questions to ask a wedding venue. This gives you an idea of how much control you have over your catering.

44. Is there a kitchen available for external caterers?

If you can bring in external wedding caterers, ask to see where they will work and if they have kitchen space available.

45. Does the venue provide alcohol or can we provide our own?

Knowing what you can and can’t bring is an important one for your list of questions! Providing your own alcohol can be a big cost saver.

46. How many guests can sit at each table?

Ask your wedding venue if you can see the tables (and the shape of them). Get an idea of how many they seat in order to plan your wedding reception.

47. Are there any additional corkage fees?

It is always a good idea to consistently ask about extra fees around different parts of your day.

48. What are the bar prices?

Find out how much will drinks cost for guests and if an open bar is an option for you.

49. How many bar staff will there be?

You will want to ask your wedding venue how many staff they will allocate to the bar. Consider your guest count and if you have the option to add any extra staff on the night!

50. Can guests pay with contactless cards?

Money doesn’t jiggle or fold these days. Instead, it beeps. Make payment easy for your guests on the day.


51. What time will the bar close?

The bar will have its own curfew so make sure you know when that is, and plan your drinking accordingly!

52. Can we sample any dishes before the day?

If you are struggling on how to pick your wedding menu, sampling dishes is the way to go.

53. What time do you normally serve the meal?

Serving times for food may influence the rest of your day. Find out the most popular timings and plan around them!

54. Do you have vegetarian and vegan catering options?

Look after your wedding guests and make sure that everyone is catered for properly.

55. Do we have to hire crockery and tablecloths?

So many people forget to ask their wedding venues this question so don’t skip it! Ask if you’re allowed to use these items from the venue itself.

56. Are canapés included?

Wedding guests will need to eat other food during the day apart from the main meal to stop them getting hungry!

57. Is there a cake cutting fee?

This can sometimes be costed per slice and is to accommodate the cutting and serving of the cake to guests.


wedding decor

58. Can we provide our own tables and chairs?

The venue will likely have tables and chairs already, but you might want to provide your own to fit your theme.

59. Can you recommend any wedding stylists?

Ask to see examples of how previous wedding stylists have transformed the venue!

60. Do we have permission to hang décor and lights from walls and ceilings?

Sometimes you might meet wedding décor restrictions, and this is a common one. If you plan to hang anything from up high, then ask this question!

61. Are candles okay to use at the venue?

Some weddings restrict the use of naked flames and this includes candles.

62. Does the venue supply any lighting?

Lighting can make a huge difference to the overall look of the venue, so find out if any is provided and where it will be. Overall, knowing that’s included in the price for your ceremony and reception is crucial.

63. Will the venue décor change depending on the season?

You might be visiting your wedding venue in the summer, in the hope of booking a winter wedding there. A good question to ask your wedding venue is if the décor changes to fit the season.

64. Do you have any décor options in house that we can see?

Your venue may provide different décor options to fit different themes.

wedding lights

65. Can we use our own confetti?

It is not uncommon for wedding venues to enforce the use of certain natural wedding confetti on the day.

66. Do you have any wedding signage options that we can use?

This could be to direct guests to certain areas of the venue or explain timings!

67. When can we start decorating?

If you have a décor plan in mind, knowing when you can get started and what access you have is important.

68. Do you have any photos of previous weddings here for us to see?

When visiting your wedding venue, ask questions about previous weddings. Prompt for photos of how other couples have decorated and get inspiration!

69. Do you have any suggestions for photograph locations?

A great question to ask when touring a wedding venue. You will want to get ideas on photograph locations and styles for your own day.

70. Can we use drone wedding photography and videography?

Drone wedding photography is really popular, but permission is needed from the venue and land owner about the use of a drown. Outdoor wedding venues are great for drones!


wedding weather

71. Is there a contingency plan for rain and bad weather?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a wedding venue in the UK. Don’t let the British weather rain on your parade. Find out what the plans are in the event of rain.

72. Is the venue climate controlled?

Put lots of people in one room and it can quickly heat up! Ask about temperature control inside the wedding venue.

73. Is there a smoking area and is it covered?

Also ask if smoking is permitted on the venue grounds.

74. Does the wedding venue have a generator in case of power outages?

Hopefully you won’t suffer a power outage on your day, but it is worth knowing if the venue has a back-up plan.

75. Are outdoor areas covered with tents or canopies?

Outdoor areas are fantastic in sunny weather, but you will want to ask your venue if you can see how the areas will be covered in case of rain.

76. Are there any heaters outdoors?

As the night draws in, temperatures can drop. Outdoor heating is great for those guests that still want to be outside!


bride hotel

77. Is there overnight accommodation on-site?

This is an important question to ask any wedding venue if you are planning on staying the night.

78. What rooms do we have access to?

When looking at a wedding venue, don’t assume that you have access to every location. Ask for clarity on where your guests are and aren’t allowed.

79. Can guests stay the night before?

Ask your wedding reception venue if accommodation is available the night before, as well as the night of the wedding.

80. Is the venue accessible for disabled guests?

Ask about wedding venue accessibility and if they have anything in place for any disabled guests.

81. What are the rates for rooms and how many do you have?

Overnight accommodation will come at a cost. When booking your wedding venue, ask how much rooms cost and how many you can book.

82. Do you partner with any nearby hotels?

If the venue doesn’t provide overnight accommodation then you will want to know about any nearby hotels that guests can stay in.

83. What time do guests check in and out?

Check in and check out times will allow you to plan guests arrival times and departure times.

84. How do guests pay for accommodation?

Different venues work this out in different ways. Ask your wedding venue coordinator how payment is expected for overnight accommodation.

85. Is there a safe space to keep wedding gifts?

You can also ask the wedding venue about cloakrooms and storerooms here.


wedding venue transport

86. Is there parking on-site?

You need to know if parking is available at the wedding venue, and where it is located.

87. How many spaces are available?

Before you book your venue, ask how many parking spaces are available to you, your guests and your wedding suppliers.

88. Is parking free?

It is worth asking the question to see if parking is included in the overall fee for the venue.

89. Can vehicles be left overnight?

It is useful to know if vehicles are okay to leave overnight, as well how safe the parking area is for this.

90. Can the venue be accessed via public transport?

For guests that don’t want to drive to and from the venue, public transport will be an option. Some venues in fields or small towns/villages are difficult to access using public transport.

91. Do you know of any nearby taxi companies?

If public transport isn’t available then a taxi hire is something that you will want to consider for guests.


wedding venue questions

92. How much does it cost to hire the wedding venue?

This is an obvious one but you need to get a good idea of how much the venue costs and exactly what you get for your money!

93. How much is the deposit for the venue?

The deposit amount can vary from venue to venue. Some venues offer payment plans to help you in securing your date.

94. When is final payment due?

Venues may ask you to settle the final payments before the date of your wedding. Make sure you ask when this is expected.

95. Is there any negotiation on the cost of the venue hire?

Definitely try and get the best price you can. Off peak dates like weekdays quieter seasons could mean that you get a better quote overall!

96. Are we able to pick and choose elements from different packages?

You may want to deviate from the final packages offered by the venue and choose parts from each to create your own bespoke day.

97. What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, card or cheque, ask your wedding venue this question to understand how they expect to be paid.

98. Is there a minimum spend?

Booking a wedding venue with a minimum spend means that you are guaranteed private use of the space, as long as your guests spend a certain amount on food & drink.

99. Are there any extra charges that aren’t included in the package price?

Ask this question to avoid any hidden costs with your wedding venue, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Be sure to let us know if there any other wedding venue questions we’ve missed! Get in touch today for more advice and wedding entertainment ideas.

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