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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Band For Your Event

5 Reasons to Hire a Band

As you have probably gathered by now, at Warble we love bands! Not just rock and pop bands, but every kind you can imagine! Jive, Jazz, Soul… everything! So, we thought we’d provide a quick heads up on why we think you simply have to hire a band for your wedding or event.

  1. A live band is stunning visually! Everyone is interested in the look of a drum kit or guitar, and, you will find that your guests will be waiting with anticipation for the first chord to be played after they have seen a band set-up. Wait and see… your guests eyes will almost hypnotically be drawn to the stage or performance area before the band even starts….
  2. A live band adds atmosphere to a wedding. Not only will a live band be interactive with your guests and coordinate dance-offs and sing-alongs but with the right tunes they will also keep your dance floor heaving all night long as well!
  3. A live band will often provide a great DJ option too. If you are trying to decide between a live band and a DJ it’s always worth checking to see if any of the bands you like will also provide a DJ option. These days most bands will offer this service via an iPod or a laptop using DJ software for free, or, for a minimal additional cost.
  4. A live band provides a professional feel to any event. There’s something about a great live band and the extra excitement they bring that will elevate your event from special to AMAZING!
  5. A live band will bring energy to songs. Whilst a DJ will ‘play’ a song, a band will live it through the emotion they can bring to it. And, similar to being at a concert a live band will bring a human connection and add an energy that can’t be replicated by a recorded song.

There genuinely is nothing like a live band at an event to create excitement and energy, and luckily, Warble work with the very best musicians and bands available in the UK today. If you would like some help in choosing the right band to hire for your function then please feel free to contact us via the Warble website.

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