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Top Tips for an Unforgettable Christmas Party
July 23 2018
Every year it creeps around so fast. The return of I’m A Celebrity, John Lewis tearjerker adverts, your neighbour’s insufferable and eager front lawn tinsel tirade at least 4 months too early… all impending signs that the upcoming Christmas...
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10 Awesome Party Bands for Your Corporate Event
August 31 2017
A corporate party can often be the highlight of the year for any business. The entertainment choices you make for your corporate event will have a massive impact on how successful your evening will be. It's all about getting the...
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Picking the Right Band for Your Corporate Event
May 15 2011
The Mission Your boss turns to you and says 'We need to find a fantastic band to provide the music for our upcoming corporate event... and, I want you to organise this please.' Yikes...! Big responsibility... where do you start? There...
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