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10 Best Musicians For A Marriage Proposal

December 2 2020
Romantic marriage proposal on the beach

If you’re looking for the perfect way to create a ‘wow’ moment during your proposal, including a live musician is an amazing idea.

One of the most intimate and special moments of your life can be heightened with the subtle notes of a live singer or musician!

After publishing our mega guide of over 100 proposal ideas, we wanted to dig deeper and provide some ideas on proposals with the addition of live music.

Here are the 10 best musicians you can hire for a marriage proposal.

1. Guitarist

Hire a classical solo guitarist to serenade you and your significant other.

Solo guitarists usually have a huge repertoire and can even learn a special song for your proposal upon request! Choose a guitarist who can perform intimate well-crafted arrangements of favourite romantic and up-tempo songs for an intimate proposal.


2. Singer

Have a set of lyrics or a perfect song that describes your relationship?

Having a live singer performing a certain part of a song for a proposal is certain to spark tears! Vocal performances are often the most raw and true. Add a sense of authenticity with either a solo acoustic singer or classical vocalist.

Jade Sings

3. Violinist

For a more traditional and romantic proposal, look towards classical stringed musicians such as violin players.

Violinists are actually very versatile as musicians. If you want a more modern twist on this, electric violinists are incredibly popular for events and can be a little bit different for a proposal!

Northern Violin

4. Ukulele Group

It’s hard not to smile at the sight or sound of a ukulele.

Bring some joy with a ukulele group who can flash mob your proposal as a surprise! Such a fun and cool idea and the instrument is light-hearted for any couples who don’t take life too seriously.

5. Harpist

The sound of a harp is simply dreamy. Its towering look is absolutely fascinating and is sure to leave a lasting impression for a marriage proposal.

Not many instruments scream ‘love’, like a harp does. Hire a professional harpist for a sophisticated and grand option for your planned proposal idea.

The East Midlands Harpist

6. Pianist

A live musician for a marriage proposal really is the icing on the cake for an unforgettable moment.

We love the idea of having a professional pianist accompany this. The piano is versatile, elegant and really classy as an instrument and most pianists will be able to learn a special song of your choice.

7. Saxophonist

Hiring a saxophonist for your marriage proposal will add instant romance and swagger!

The smoothest and maybe coolest musician you can hire for a marriage proposal is a professional saxophone player. Saxophonists are great for any location as they can play unplugged, anywhere and don’t take up much space at all.

8. Mariachi Band

Hire an amazing surprise Mariachi Band to serenade your partner!

The element of surprise here can be taken to another level with a Mariachi Band prepared to crash your proposal. Plan a romantic outing or a simple walk with your significant other and hire your Mariachi Band to burst into song as a surprise.

9. Bagpiper

Maybe not for everyone but if you are proposing in Scotland, a bagpiper is an absolutely fantastic musician for a marriage proposal.

If you pair this incredible instrument with the stunning backdrop of Scotland and the highlands, this is the perfect musician to add to your proposal!

10. Steel Drums

Conjure up images of beaches, Hawaiian shirts and cocktails with a steel drummer for your proposal.

Do you and your partner love to take trips abroad and beach holidays? Bring a flavour of sun to your marriage proposal with a unique steel drum group or solo musician.

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