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Entertainment Ideas For Your Wedding Breakfast

The wedding breakfast is such an important aspect of your wedding, it sets the tone of the day and should reflect your personality and theme. Entertainment is a wonderful way to augment your ideas and personality, wow your guests and have them really enjoy your special day with you. It’s a key moment to share with your family, friends (and of course your partner), so getting it right is crucial!

Now you may think that you wouldn’t really need entertainment at this point of the day, but it can really add something special to proceedings. It is worth bearing in mind that there are going to be lots of guests sitting at tables who may have never met before, so why not alleviate that awkwardness between your guests and provide them with a talking point?


Magic To Break The Ice

There are lots of options for entertainment depending on your personality as a couple, your style and the general theme of your wedding. Walkabout entertainment such as a close-up table magician will help guests to bond and interact with each other. It also provides a sense of spectacle and sometimes a much needed talking point for those tables that are still getting to know each other!

Remember that magicians are the most versatile of entertainers and can work the room without being too intrusive, or can put on a spectacular show if that’s what you’re after! Magic is perfect for keeping your guests warmed up and engaged. This means that you can begin to really enjoy your day after the stress of the ceremony, all whilst your guests are being looked after! Perfect!



Another very popular option for wedding breakfasts these days is surprise entertainment. You can really change the tone of the meal from formal, to fun and friendly in an instant. There are many types of surprise entertainment such as Undercover Singers who will disguise themselves as real waiters at your wedding, cause some kind of commotion with one of the staff dropping a large tray of cutlery and then spontaneously bursting into song! Of course you can have a surprise guest turn up such as the fantastic Del Boy impersonator who will have people in tears of laughter and can transform the mood instantly.

These kind of acts are absolutely fantastic and are known for encouraging audience participation – they won’t rest until the whole room is smiling and laughing! It will be tempting to let the cat out of the bag early and tell everyone what you’ve got planned, but keep it a secret for maximum effect and exercise some restraint!


Set The Tone

Of course there is always option of adding music to this part of the day. You don’t have to save all your musical entertainment for the evening reception! However, if you do have music during the wedding breakfast, be sure to keep it non-intrusive as people will still be wanting to get to know each other and enjoy their meal.

Options such as string quartets and harpists can add that touch of romance and can create a beautiful sound for you and your guests. If you want add a bit more style then go for something like a pianist or a saxophonist. They will really set the tone for an amazing evening ahead!

Settle Your Speech Nerves

If you’re one of the lucky (or unlucky!) ones to have to make a speech at the wedding breakfast, then entertainment can really help alleviate the stress and take the pressure off you! As mentioned earlier, there can be an air of tension before, and during the speeches.  It is worth looking for acts that work within your speech or have some connection to your speech topics. For example if the groom is an American Football fan, why not have a troupe of cheerleaders come in!

There are plenty of ways to detract the attention from yourself and give you a chance for a breather. Entertainment can also take your speech to new levels and give you a much easier time when writing one. And if you really want to make an impact and have people remember your speech, then book something fun and different that will have people talking about your speech for the rest of the night, and maybe years to come!


Bleaker St also come as a full party for the evening band called The Icons

Stretch Your Budget

If you want to stretch your budget a little further but still want entertainment for your wedding breakfast, consider carrying over entertainment from your drinks reception. If you’ve booked a string quartet for example earlier on in the day, you can pay a little extra and have them stay on and perform for all three sections!

This can of course work the other way round for any band you have booked for your evening. Most bands offer multiple performance options including acoustic duo’s, solo pianists and DJ sets. They are multi-talented musicians and boast a large repertoire, meaning they can mix up the sets for you and provide the perfect music to suit the time of day.

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