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Planning a wedding on a budget | Tips & Tricks

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Planning a wedding on a budget can be difficult. We get it, but it doesn’t always have to be. There are tons of awesome money-saving tips and tricks that are sure to save you a penny or two.

According to an article written by the money advice forum Money helper – ‘the latest figures show that the average person is going to end up spending £31,974 on their big day’ as of June 2021. With that in mind, it’s understandable to want to learn all the tips and tricks for planning a cheap wedding on a budget.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Instead of 'what is the budget' try 'what can we afford'

The easiest way to save when planning a wedding on a budget is to know realistically what you can afford. The last thing you will want to be doing as a newly married couple is worrying about debt and paying off a loan.

Instead, when making a budget be sure to cover all your current bills and expenditures in the plan. Remember to not increase your budget but alter the things that you are spending the budget on. Make a list and prioritise it based on the amount you would like to spend for each thing.

Finally, be sure to remember to leave a little leeway. We recommend keeping 10% of your budget on the side just in case of a last-minute emergency. Better to be safe than sorry!

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Try an 'off-peak' day

It’s a well-known fact that booking a ceremony or reception space earlier can save you money. But did you know that booking on an ‘off-peak’ day can also save cash too? That’s right! Booking a wedding on a day between Monday-Thursday can result in a saving of nearly half of the usual hire fee.

So, whether the exact day of the wedding can be made flexible, there is the opportunity to save a few pennies. In addition, another way to save is by hiring a space where you can host both the ceremony and reception all in one place.

It's not what you know, it's who you know

As the saying goes, it’s not what you know it’s who you know. And why may you ask? Well, when planning a wedding on a budget your friends should become your new suppliers.

For example, if you know a guy who has a load of old furniture tucked up in a storage unit somewhere… give him a call. That’s the furniture hire sorted. 

Or you may have a friend who runs a pub. Well, there’s a discounted reception venue! The list of things friends and family can supply is endless, all it takes is some thought and a good imagination.

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Become a second-hand queen

When it comes to a wedding, outfits can be an expensive purchase. Our money-saving tip would be to shop around and buy second hand.

Try your local charity shops, Depop or even Facebook marketplace. Not only will you find an absolute bargain, but you are more than likely to find an awesome authentic piece.

In addition, don’t just rely on charity and vintage shops for the wedding outfits. Second-hand shops are also one of the best places to find awesome table décor as well as unique gifts for the wedding party.

Live entertainment is possible on a budget

Live entertainment for a wedding is essential whatever your budget. Instead of booking a wedding band and potentially breaking the budget. Consider hiring a wedding singer who can perform for just as long as a band but for a fraction of the price.

A wedding singer can perform either 2×45-minute sets or 2×60-minute sets, depending on what suits the event best. 

However, if you were hoping for music all evening, it might be worth speaking to your venue and asking if they have a spare pa system available for you to use. With that you can play a pre-mixed playlist through it and viola! Music all evening.

Your friends are the new photographers

Forget hiring an expensive wedding photographer. That’s sure to break the bank. If you’re wanting to host a cheap wedding, then welcome guests into your ceremony or venue space with their own disposable cameras and send them to work!

Not only will you save some money, but your guests will have captured some of the most authentic and comedic shots that your wedding photographer could only ever dream of shooting.

Bring your own food & drink

Forget an expensive buffet or a free bar when planning a budget wedding. Simply ask guests to bring their own. Not only does this reduce left-over waste but more often than not guests prefer this idea. Why may you ask? There is nothing worse than attending a wedding only to find they are not serving your favourite craft beer or any sausage rolls.

bring your own budget food and drink

Transport? Arrange your own

For another money-saving tip, we recommend cutting out hiring a wedding car completely. In fact, try cutting out hiring any sort of transport for the day. 

However, if the bride or groom need an affordable wedding car we recommend taking a look at what is on offer locally. For example, American technology company Uber gives the option for customers in the UK to book out premium trips in luxury cars for a fraction of the price. 

Failing that and the venue is located nearby, follow a French tradition and try walking to the venue. Je pars!

Become a DIY expert

Being a DIY expert or even just knowing someone who is will save you a ton of money. Wondering how? Well, the beauty of planning your own wedding means that you have the freedom to DIY just about any aspect of the day. You will be surprised that even the most unlikely of objects can be of some use.

Looking for a flower arrangement? Head to your local supermarket the day before the wedding and buy a few bunches to make up your own stunning arrangement. All you need is flowers, foliage, and a bit of string.

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to DIY a part of your wedding, you need to make pinterest your new best friend. Pinterest is THE place for the best DIY tips and tricks.

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