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10 Tips For Planning An Outdoor Wedding in 2021

January 12 2021

Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular. How easy is planning one though?

Before you begin your journey and putting the pieces together, you should be aware that planning a successful wedding outside can be one serious task!

There are lots of angles and things to consider that you wouldn’t normally have to worry about with indoor celebrations.

If you are embarking on planning the perfect outdoor wedding, here are our 10 best tips for making sure your day goes smoothly!

1. Have Weather Contingency Plans

Let’s face it. Rain is a real possibility, no matter what season or day your wedding takes place.

If you are a UK bride, you will know that no matter whether it’s February or July, there is a real chance of downpours!

When planning a wedding outside, this is probably the number 1 thing to think about. Renting tents or ensuring there is cover so you can protect your guests come rain or shine should be the first thing on your list.

wedding weather

2. Use Natural Surroundings In Your Décor

Part of the fun in hosting your wedding outside are the opportunities that come with decorating your venue and the spaces available to you.

Less is more here. If you’re lucky enough to have stumbled across a beautiful and natural space for your big day, let the venue and location speak volumes for you.

It can be tempting to go in and make a lot of changes or add to the already stunning surroundings, but keeping things simple is the best approach.

3. Power, Power, Power

Electricity is essential. Do not forget to plan your power source and ensure there are enough generators for all of your needs.

If you’re considering wedding band hire, they will absolutely need a power source to perform and use all of their equipment.

You will also want to be looking at lighting for your outdoor wedding space. This will of course also need a power source. You will have other suppliers on your day also asking about power and if it is easily accessible for them!

4. Hire Entertainment That Can Perform Outdoors

Some live wedding entertainers and musicians are more suited to outdoor conditions than others.

For the daytime, a solo musician or even acoustic singer is absolutely perfect background music for those chilled out, summer afternoons.

You should also look at other wedding entertainment ideas to keep guests having fun throughout the day. Things like magicians, caricaturists and other unique outdoor ideas such as stilt walkers can be really cool and different!

5. Portable Bathroom Rental

You definitely don’t want to overlook this one!

Think about the number of guests you have and ensure you have portable bathrooms to cater for all of them.

It doesn’t have to be a music festival style portaloo, you can hire high-end luxury portable bathrooms if you want to allocate your budget to this part of your day.

6. Pest Control

Just like our above tip, a lot of planning a successful outdoor wedding is about keeping your guests happy and comfortable.

There is nothing worse than enjoying your time outside with family, friends, good music and good food…but being eaten alive the whole time by various airborne pests!

Whether you light strategic candles to keep the pests at bay, or even hire an exterminator before the day, it can make a huge difference to the comfort of your guests.

7. Sound System For Speeches

Maybe one of the most overlooked elements of an outdoor wedding.

We don’t know whether you’ve tried to project your voice to 30, 50, 70 or 100+ people outside on a windy day, but it’s not easy.

The wind and outdoor elements can literally ‘take your breath away’, which makes things like speeches quite tricky. If you’ve hired a band or DJ, you might be in luck for a sound system to help this party of the day go smoother.

8. Refreshing Drinks

On a warm day in particular, providing ample refreshments for everyone attending your wedding will be more than welcome!

Get creative with your drink ideas and don’t discount the importance of soft drinks or even just a cold water source on your day.

As the temperature picks up, you don’t want your wedding guests getting thirsty, cranky and worn out!

9. Warm Guests Up

Just because you plan your wedding during the warmer, summer months, it doesn’t mean that temperatures won’t drop as the sun sets.

Keep people cool during the day and have ways available to warm up at night.

If you want people to stick around until late at night and the early hours of the morning, keep them warm with blankets and outdoor heaters!

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10. Lots Of Seating

Many people will be spending the majority of the day on their feet, yourself included.

Not only should you have loads of seating options dotted around your outdoor venue space, you should also have a variety of comfortable seats for people!

Yes, hay bales and long rustic benches are cool for the aesthetic, but are they comfortable as the only place to sit?

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