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Why Are Mumford & Sons Style Wedding Bands So Popular?

November 28 2018
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For any Mumford & Sons fan, the past few weeks have been huge. The seminal British folk/pop band have just released their 4th studio album ‘Delta’ and are at the beginning of a colossal 60-date world tour starting on UK shores.

Since their formation in 2007, Mumford & Sons have had more influence on wedding trends and music choices than any other band has in the past decade. What makes their sound and style so sought after by brides and grooms when choosing a live wedding band, and how has it remained popular for so long?

Festival Wedding Bands

Cutting their teeth on festival circuits around the world (most notably their critically acclaimed headline performance at the 2013 Glastonbury Festival), Mumford & Sons are clearly festival favourites for live music goers. Some of our most popular wedding bands are the ones that can provide that modern, folksy and bohemian touch, and they remain among the top bands to this day.

The rise of festival wedding bands along with tipi and barn style weddings can be put partly down to the band’s success. Not to mention general live music trends in the UK, this rustic folk and indie style was always set up to make waves in the wedding industry and festival wedding themes.

Informal Wedding Music

The folk & indie pop sound lends itself well to weddings, however the band’s music has also been a catalyst for the rise in carefree and informal wedding styles across the country. As couples move further and further away from the traditional wedding formats and look to break the mould with ‘gatherings’ over all out parties, this homely style of music is the perfect fit.

The nature of having a Mumford & Sons style folk band at your wedding is all about creating that homespun and boho vibe. Natural and earthy colours, rustic settings, and down to earth music with driving and dance-able rhythms for an informal setting.

The ‘Mumford’ Look

One of the biggest draws for anyone looking to book a Mumford & Sons style wedding band is the look. We always like to recommend booking a wedding band that fits with your style, your venue, your theme and general ethos. For many, this style of festival folk band is the icing on the cake when it comes to the visual aspect of live wedding bands.

Banjos. Towering double basses. Checked shirts and hats. All of these things and more complete a style that brides and grooms look for because of Mumford & Sons influence. Many folk and festival style bands can offer massive value by reinventing themselves for their second set, offering an up-tempo party vibe as well as their initial folksy flavours!

Acoustic Wedding Bands

Acoustic style wedding bands have been on the rise in the past decade for a number of reasons. Mumford & Sons incorporate acoustic elements into their set up so can work in a number of different outfits.

Sound limiters have become increasingly more commonplace in wedding venues across the UK. For many, booking a semi-acoustic limiter friendly band is one of many ways to still have a live wedding experience. Naturally they will be drawn to a barn storming Mumford & Sons style act to fill the dance floor.

With the recent release of their 2018 album, we expect Mumford & Sons to be a mainstay in popular music culture and weddings alike.

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