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Daz The Magician

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Location Kent
Starting from £434
4 Reviews

Daz The Magician will keep your guests entertained and make your event stand out from the crowd

  • Highlights
  • Daz has a wealth of experience performing close up magic all across the UK
  • A great ice breaker and talking point between guests
  • Daz's magic includes a number of props to keep your guests mesmerised


Daz is a Kent, London, UK based Close-up Magician and became interested in magic when he was 8 years old, ever since then Daz has been bitten by the bug and loves to entertain guests wherever he can. Daz has been performing all over the UK astounding the public from various high established venues and celebrities to private parties and weddings.

Daz has over 25 years experience performing Close-up magic.

What Clients Say:

"I needed an icebreaker for pre-drinks at large staff Christmas Party, hiring Daz was the best thing I could have done - his magic is so good that even people standing right next to him couldn't see how it was done. Daz worked the room confidently, 'performed' for lots of people and I just picked up the compliments afterwards - perfect!" Susan O'Neal - Operations Manager

"Daz really entertained our guests during our wedding they were amazed with the close up magic, it was lovely to hear the rumbles of cheers, claps and wow's of amazement as Daz visited each table, made it very memorable and we have framed our signed card from the trick" Julia and Paul Scott - Private Wedding

Performance Schedule

  • 2 hours of close-up magic as standard
Previous Clients

  • The London Palladium
  • Wembley Conference Centre
  • Wimbledon Theatre
  • Her Majesty's Theatre
  • KPMG
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Cooling Castle

And various private client parties!

4 Reviews

Top reviews

Sophia Stutchbury

Event: Wedding
Location: Kent

Hi there, Apologies for the delay. Honeymoon was in full swing! :) Daz was very good and everyone said he was great. I unfortunately didn't get to see any tricks but I guess that's part of being the bride! Daz was also very professional and polite and had great communications. The crowd really loved him. Thanks again!

Sophia Stutchbury

Event: Wedding
Location: Kent

Apologies for the delay. Honeymoon was in full swing! Daz was very good and everyone said he was great. I unfortunately didn't get to see any tricks but I guess that's part of being the bride! Daz was also very professional and polite and had great communications. The crowd really loved him. Thanks again.

Nigel Bottomley

Event: Wedding
Location: Kent

I saw Daren perform some amazing magic at Tim and Sophia’s wedding on 20th June. The whole table was blown away by his incredible magic which was simply the best I’ve ever seen. A true professional and so entertaining with his witty dialogue. Hope to see him again!

Karen Jenkins

Event: Wedding
Location: Kent

Hilarious, talented and a really nice guy!! Daz's act was great and a really nice touch to a perfect day (how do you do it?). Daz kept all of the kids and adults entertained at my daughters wedding, it was a nice surprise for everyone and we have had so much good feedback on how good he was, thanks very much Daz!


    We give you a bespoke price based on the exact location of your event. The pricing below is based on a central location for your area so you have an idea of what your price will be. The exact price will be given in the booking process after you’ve provided the location details.

    • Cambridgeshire £589
    • Norfolk £589
    • Norwich £589
    • Suffolk £589
    East Midlands
    • Derbyshire £589
    • Leicestershire £589
    • Lincolnshire £589
    • Northamptonshire £589
    • Nottinghamshire £589
    • Rutland £589
    North East
    • Durham £651
    • East Yorkshire £651
    • Leeds £651
    • North Yorkshire £651
    • Northumberland £651
    • South Yorkshire £651
    • Tyne and Wear £651
    • West Yorkshire £651
    • Yorkshire £651
    North West
    • Cheshire £651
    • Cumbria £651
    • Lancashire £651
    • Liverpool £651
    • Manchester £651
    • Merseyside £651
    • Aberdeen £651
    • Ayrshire £651
    • Dumfriesshire £651
    • East Lothian £651
    • Edinburgh £651
    • Fife £651
    • Glasgow £651
    • Inverness £651
    • Lanarkshire £651
    • Midlothian £651
    • Perth £651
    • Stirlingshire £651
    • Sutherland £651
    • West Lothian £651
    South East
    • Bedfordshire £465
    • Berkshire £465
    • Buckinghamshire £465
    • East Sussex £465
    • Essex £465
    • Hampshire £465
    • Hertfordshire £465
    • Isle of Wight £527
    • Kent £434
    • London £465
    • Middlesex £465
    • Oxfordshire £465
    • Surrey £465
    • Sussex £465
    • West Sussex £465
    South West
    • Bath £589
    • Bristol £589
    • Cornwall £589
    • Devon £589
    • Dorset £589
    • Somerset £589
    • Wiltshire £589
    • Anglesey £651
    • Brecon £651
    • Caernarvonshire £651
    • Cardiff £651
    • Cardigan £651
    • Carmarthen £651
    • Denbigh £651
    • Flint £651
    • Glamorgan £651
    • Monmouth £651
    • Pembroke £651
    • Powys £651
    • Wrexham £651
    West Midlands
    • Birmingham £589
    • Cotswolds £589
    • Gloucestershire £589
    • Herefordshire £589
    • Shropshire £589
    • Staffordshire £589
    • Warwickshire £589
    • Worcestershire £589

    Ready to book
    Daz The Magician?

    Daz The Magician
    Or call 01270 501 164


    Can I book you with confidence? Yes you certainly can. I have a vast range of performing experience with over 22 years of experience I can guarantee a great time had by all your guests! Please read some of the testimonials left by other satisfied clients.

    How long would I need to book you for? Generally 2 hours is plenty of time at any time of event/party/celebration, although if you do need me longer this can be discussed, not a problem.

    Why should I choose you as a Close up Magician? I am a very friendly guy, and loves everyone to get involved in the magic, I ensure everyone is left bewildered and are left with their jaws open!

    Do I need any special lighting requirements while working? No, everything I perform is carried in my jacket, no special stage or lighting is required.

    How does this work at a wedding function? This can work in various different way, can be used while the wedding party are having photographs taken, so to entertain your guests while these photos are being captured, can be using during courses of the meal or during the evening just before the DJ/Band starts, or can fit in pretty much anywhere. Having a close up magician is a very versatile form of entertainment and can fit in to suit your needs and requirements.

    Will this work at a garden party/BBQ? Most certainly will, can be used to entertain your guests strolling/mingling from group to group to keep everyone entertained.

    Will this work at any event/party? Yep sure does, this can fit in pretty much anywhere as the magic is performed by me and carried in my jacket.

    What sort of magic can you expect? Well, I perform magic with playing cards, coins, items of jewellry, money (notes), sponge balls, rope and the list goes on.

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