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Wedding Pianists in Bath

Wedding Pianists Bath

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Wedding Pianists Wedding Pianists in Bath

At Warble Entertainment Agency we have a wide-range of pianists available to hire in Bath for weddings and corporate functions. They are self-contained with their own keyboards if your venue does not have a piano available, and have vast repertoires that include classical music, pop songs, jazz tunes and much more!

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Hire Bath Pianists for Your Wedding Ceremony, Drinks Reception or Wedding Breakfast

Elevate the charm of your Bath event or wedding with the captivating tunes of our exceptional wedding pianists. As a premier agency dedicated to crafting unforgettable musical experiences, we offer a curated selection of the finest piano players available in the area.

Our talented pianists bring a diverse range of styles to your occasion, from the infectious energy of boogie woogie to the timeless allure of jazz standards, with the added enchantment of female vocals.

With an extensive repertoire that spans blues to party favorites, our piano players create the perfect atmosphere for private parties, corporate events, and more. Trust our skilled musicians to perform melodies that resonate with your event date, ensuring that every moment is filled with musical delight for you and your guests.

The prices below reflect a guide to how much each piano player will cost in Bath - for prices in additional areas please visit the individual act profiles or alter the search criteria below.

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All Wedding Pianists in Bath

Michael The Pianist
Price in Bath
Michael performs solo piano in a range of styles suitable for events from weddings to dinners and corporate functions.
Sam B
Price in Bath
Sam B is based in London and has over 10 years of experience as a professional piano vocalist.
Dorel the Pianist
Price in Bath
Dorel is a professional five star hotel pianist who has performed for eminent guests around the world
Josie Sings
Price in Bath
Josie Sings is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from London, performing at weddings and events throughout the UK.
Lewis The Pianist
Price in Bath
Lewis is a classical pianist with years of experience performing at weddings, corporate and private parties, radio shows and festivals.
Andre - Jazz Piano
Price in Bath
Based in Manchester, Andre is a Jazz pianist specialising in authentic performances of the great American songbook with a very extensive repertoire.
Harry The Pianist
Price in Bath
Harry is a multi-genre piano and keyboard player from Cheltenham with 10 years of touring, teaching and session-playing experience.
Nick The Pianist
Price in Bath
Nick has performed at a wide range of events, including festivals, weddings, high-profile corporate events, outdoor malls and more.
Mark The Pianist
Price in Bath
A naturally gifted pianist with a wide-ranging repertoire of classical and popular songs, beautifully arranged for piano.
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