Living Statues

Living Statues

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Location Middlesex
Starting from £499
18 Reviews

These unique living Statues are unbelievably realistic and a fantastic form of entertainment at any type of event.

  • Highlights
  • Statues that can completely deceieve your guests into thinking that they are not real before suddenly coming to life! 
  • A huge array of different themed costumes to cover almost any event
  • Customised costumes to suit any theme

Was a hit with the children who were amazed and the adults loved it too.

Anne Smith, Powys

Awesome as always. Very professional. Would highly recommend them.

Sarah Hammond, Buckinghamshire


Being the largest and most established professional living statues in the UK today they can provide over 150 different themed costumes to cover almost any event. In addition they can make bespoke statues for more specific themes.

Their costumes are second to none, not to be confused with street buskers, these living statues are incredibly realistic and true to life, guests are completely taken in even standing just feet away!

Interaction with guests is a must. They can make people jump, pose for photo opportunities, frame doorways and entrances and hand out company literatue at exhibitions. The possibilties are endless!

They can be positioned inside or outside and usually only need a very small space to perform in, so compact venues are no problem. Each statue comes with a matching plinth and self contained up-lighting to enhance the impact and realism.

Performance Schedule

  • 2 x 45 mins
  • 3 x 30 mins
  • 1 x 90 mins                                                   

For exhibitions, conferences and family fun days etc, they can perform different set options spread out to cover longer periods, please enquire for details.


  • They can provide up to 4 living statues per event or just an individual performer, these can be 2 x male and 2 x female or individual male or female characters
  • The statues can be matching costumes and colours, or historically themed, ie - King Arthur and Guinevere, or Queen Victoria and Albert for example

18 Reviews

Top reviews

Victoria Gibbard

Event: Wedding
Location: Kent

Fantastic act. Arrived in plenty of time, polite, friendly and highly recommended.

Lyn Reeve

Event: Festival
Location: West Sussex

They were absolutely fantastic. Really were worth the money and people loved them.

Gemma Grice - Hansford Bell Financial Planner

Event: Public Event
Location: Devon

Wow! So impressed by the performance given. The interaction and professionalism were brilliant. Really gave a finishing touch to our Dickensian event. Thank you!

Laura Jones

Event: Public Event
Location: Isle of Wight

An excellent service from start to finish. Great communication which made the whole process run smoothly, and the performance was incredible!

Anne Smith

Event: Festival
Location: Powys

This act was brilliant. Was a hit with the children who were amazed and the adults loved it too. Very professional and was a great addition to our Festival. Would definitely recommend and will look to rebook in the future.

Sarah Hammond - RAF Halton

Event: Military Event
Location: Buckinghamshire

Awesome as always. Very professional. Would highly recommend them.

Amit Hayer - Leisure Services

Event: Public Event
Location: Kent

Amazing service, everyone really enjoyed the living statues and very polite and professional.

Kathleen Walker

Event: Birthday Party
Location: Oxfordshire

Our Living Statue, David, was excellent. He was on time and he consulted me as to how to proceed. He delivered as planned and I can recommend him without any non-positive remarks.

Kathleen Walker

Event: Birthday Party
Location: Gloucestershire

David arrived on time with all his luggage and we discussed the best way to proceed. At all times he was easy to talk to and professional. In position David was incredibly believable, he surprised many of my guests and I was worried (not really) about my 22 year old granddaughter as she was so frightened by David coming “alive”. I had some photographs taken with David which I could forward if they are needed! All in all I was very pleased with the choice of Victorian gentleman statue and the way that David performed. He enhanced my party and certainly entertained my guests. Thank you David.

Ron Rogers

Event: Birthday Party
Location: Monmouth

Brilliant, thanks Dave for going the extra mile.

Tracy Kenny

Event: Corporate
Location: Buckinghamshire

Very punctual, professional and accommodating. Our delivery of 'fake' statues actually never turned up so I was so pleased to see the Living Statue version turn up. Very accommodating and agreed to do 1 full hour to fit into our schedule rather than 2 x 45 minutes. Was very entertaining for our guests. Thank you.

Shirley Jolly

Event: University / School
Location: Cambridgeshire

Easy to book, communication good and the artists were excellent.

Claire Grasby - Party Delights

Event: Corporate
Location: Manchester

Fantastic performers - looked great and really drew attention. Would highly recommend.

Fiorella Massey

Event: Birthday Party
Location: London

The idea to have them at the entry point meant that literally every guest had a fun frisson on arrival. They both really got into what I had requested and were absolutely perfect. Many comments on what a fun addition to the evening they were. They were much photographed! Many thanks, perfect.

Cheryl Greenwood

Event: Wedding
Location: North Yorkshire

The living statues for our wedding was fantastic. The guests were very surprised and impressed, he was very professional and arrived early and stuck to the time frame perfect, and was very accommodating.

Lyn Russell

Event: Corporate
Location: Surrey

Great service.

James Hill

Event: Birthday Party
Location: Gloucestershire

Super people to deal with. Grasped the brief first time and very quickly. Great unsolicited feedback from guests. Would be more than happy to use again and to recommend.

Victoria Shepherd

Event: Private Party
Location: Norfolk

The living statues were excellent! We were all very impressed with how they looked - they fitted the theme perfectly! We had many positive remarks from the guests and they added so much atmosphere to the party! Thank you so much, I will certainly recommend Warble to anyone else looking for party entertainment.


    We give you a bespoke price based on the exact location of your event. The pricing below is based on a central location for your area so you have an idea of what your price will be. The exact price will be given in the booking process after you’ve provided the location details.

    • Cambridgeshire £682
    • Norfolk £682
    • Norwich £682
    • Suffolk £682
    South East
    • Bedfordshire £558
    • Berkshire £558
    • Buckinghamshire £558
    • East Sussex £620
    • Essex £620
    • Hampshire £558
    • Hertfordshire £558
    • Kent £558
    • London £558
    • Middlesex £499
    • Oxfordshire £558
    • Surrey £583
    • Sussex £620
    • West Sussex £620
    South West
    • Bath £744
    • Bristol £744
    • Wiltshire £744
    West Midlands
    • Birmingham £682
    • Gloucestershire £682
    • Herefordshire £682
    • Shropshire £682
    • Staffordshire £682
    • Warwickshire £682
    • Worcestershire £682

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    Living Statues?

    Living Statues
    Or call 01270 501 164


    Do they move at all?                                      
    Yes, they can interact with guests with sudden movement to startle! They can also perform robotics and pose for photo opportunties.

    Is there any mess with the body make up?
    No, there is no spraying of paint involved, any bodypaint is carefully applied by hand and every changing area provided is left spotlessly clean.

    Can they stand outside?                                
    Yes we can, but best to enquire as some costumes are not suitable for cold weather.                                                                                                                                          

    Do you perform at Covent Garden?       
    No, Living Statues are not street buskers. They are professional living statue artists and use only the very best an most realistic costumes available.

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