The Christmas Present - Virtual Entertainment

Location Cambridgeshire
Starting from £1,440.00
1 reviews
Location Cambridgeshire
Starting from £1,440.00
Read 1 reviews

A virtual shadow show tailored for your guests.

An inspiring and uplifting show about hope and of us all being together once again. Designed specifically for virtual Christmas parties and events, this is the perfect entertainment for your guests! With your personalised message and logo integrated into the show, it will appear as if this show is specifically for you and your audience!

Watch The Christmas Present - Virtual Entertainment

Watch The Christmas Present - Virtual Entertainment

The Christmas Present - Virtual Entertainment

Number of Reviews and Counting... 1!

In a challenging year where so many people have been isolated into our own bubbles, this is a show with the focus on all of us re-uniting and being together again. Watch as the main character finds a strange Christmas present under the Christmas tree. He opens it and finds a snowglobe with a figure inside. At the same time a snowglobe with a figure appears on the large screen behind him. As he shakes his snowglobe, it begins to snow on the large screen and the dancer comes alive. He suddenly finds himself inside this new world and embarks on a magical Christmas journey reuniting with his friends, colleagues and family. Watch as the dancers create images of a reindeer, horse with sledge, snowman, fir tree and even a turkey!

The main character awakes to find himself back in the real world. All of a sudden his friends and family join him in celebration. As they dance, tumble and reunite with each other, your unique and personalised message to your guests scrolls across the screen. The show finishes with your logo as the final image.The show is ultimately about hope for 2021 and of us being together once again.

Personalised E-Card Option

A stunning Christmas eCard performed by the UK’s only shadow show team!

Personalised with your company colours, font, message to your audience and complete with your logo! We’ll create the perfect ecard for your audience.

Just send us your brand font, colours, personal message and high res logo. We’ll send you the personalised card as an MP4 file and then it’s up to you to send to your clients and staff. You can embed the video into a Christmas newsletter or upload the file to vimeo and send out your Christmas email with link to your branded e-card.

The e-card length is 50 seconds including your personalised message and logo.

, Charity, South Yorkshire

Absolutely mesmerising. Highly recommended.

  • Audi
  • British Consulate Hong Kong
  • Hamleys 
  • Rolls Royce
  • Next
  • Western Energy
  • UEFA
  • Adidas
  • BBC TV

... and many, many more.

How do I display the performance?
The file can be played at a virtual event or sent to clients/staff as a virtual gift for up to 500 staff. Please get in touch for additional number of recipients or participants at the virtual event and for featuring at more than 1 event. Please note this fee is per virtual event or per send out campaign for their clients/employees. Also note this video file can’t be shown on social media/youtube platforms on behalf of the company purchasing it. It’s for internal/virtual event use only or to be sent to company’s staff/clients as a gift. It’s not for use as promotional material on Youtube, social media or external channels.

Show length - 5.5 minutes

Please Note: The fees indicated below are approximate and based on a central location for each county. They are intended to provide a rough guide only and exact quotes can only be given once the date and exact location of your event have been provided.


Aberdeen £1,440.00 Inverness £1,440.00 Perth £1,440.00 Sutherland £1,440.00 Ayrshire £1,440.00 Fife £1,440.00 Stirlingshire £1,440.00 West Lothian £1,440.00 Dumfries-shire £1,440.00 East Lothian £1,440.00 Lanarkshire £1,440.00 Midlothian £1,440.00 Glasgow £1,440.00 Edinburgh £1,440.00 Dundee £1,440.00

Foreign Locations

Europe £1,440.00 Rest of the world £1,440.00

North East

Durham £1,440.00 Northumberland £1,440.00 North Yorkshire £1,440.00 South Yorkshire £1,440.00 Tyne and Wear £1,440.00 West Yorkshire £1,440.00 Yorkshire £1,440.00 East Yorkshire £1,440.00 Leeds £1,440.00

North West

Cheshire £1,440.00 Cumbria £1,440.00 Manchester £1,440.00 Lancashire £1,440.00 Merseyside £1,440.00 Liverpool £1,440.00

East Midlands

Derbyshire £1,440.00 Leicestershire £1,440.00 Lincolnshire £1,440.00 Northamptonshire £1,440.00 Nottinghamshire £1,440.00 Rutland £1,440.00


Cambridgeshire £1,440.00 Norfolk £1,440.00 Suffolk £1,440.00 Norwich £1,440.00


Anglesey £1,440.00 Caernarvonshire £1,440.00 Denbigh £1,440.00 Flint £1,440.00 Cardigan £1,440.00 Brecon £1,440.00 Carmarthen £1,440.00 Glamorgan £1,440.00 Monmouth £1,440.00 Pembroke £1,440.00 Wrexham £1,440.00 Cardiff £1,440.00

West Midlands

Gloucestershire £1,440.00 Herefordshire £1,440.00 Shropshire £1,440.00 Staffordshire £1,440.00 Warwickshire £1,440.00 Worcestershire £1,440.00 Birmingham £1,440.00

South East

Bedfordshire £1,440.00 Berkshire £1,440.00 Buckinghamshire £1,440.00 East Sussex £1,440.00 Essex £1,440.00 Hampshire £1,440.00 Hertfordshire £1,440.00 Isle of Wight £1,440.00 Kent £1,440.00 Oxfordshire £1,440.00 Surrey £1,440.00 Sussex £1,440.00 West Sussex £1,440.00 London £1,440.00 Middlesex £1,440.00

South West

Cornwall £1,440.00 Devon £1,440.00 Dorset £1,440.00 Somerset £1,440.00 Wiltshire £1,440.00 Bath £1,440.00 Bristol £1,440.00
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