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The Unusual Illusionists

The Unusual Illusionists
Location Staffordshire
Starting from £960.00

Did You Know The Unusual Illusionists have performed for celebrities like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, George Clooney & have even taught James Franco how to do magic himself! 

Did You Know The Unusual Illusionists have performed at the premiere for the blockbuster film 'Now You See Me' which did $351.7 million in the box office.

Heres just some of the reviews this act has received...

"Imagine if Morecambe and Wise performed the Illusions of David Copperfield." HCR Radio

“The Unusual Illusionists have the potential to prove the magic/speciality find of the decade.” The Stage Review

"Craig.P (the founder of Unusual Illusionists) is like Derren Brown on SPEED!" The Stage Newspaper

“In short, The Unusual Illusionists are the most original and ground-breaking new speciality act I have seen in many years.” The Stage Review

"The Unusual Illusionists combine comedy with epic Grand Illusions to create an unforgettable experience!"

See why they have performed on ITV1 and Sky, been described as "Really, Really Funny" by Ken Dodd and are the winners of Brit Idol!

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