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20 Sound Limiter Friendly Wedding & Party Bands for Hire

sound limiter wedding bands

So your wedding venue has noise restrictions and you want a live band on the night. Uh oh. There’s only one thing to do now… PANIC!

No, you’ll be fine honestly. There is absolutely no need to worry and rest assured you can still have an awesome party with live music – even with a sound limiter present at your venue. In years past, it used to be the case that the words ‘sound limiter’ would strike fear and panic into the hearts of both couples and wedding musicians. As noise limiters at wedding venues become more common, musicians are finding ways to work with them instead of against them. Smart, right?

Our list of 20 amazing live wedding bands is just the tip of the iceberg of acts available that can perform with a sound limiter at your venue. Before we show you what’s around, let’s get some facts out of the way. Take notes!

Decibel measurement. Gauge with green needle pointing 30 dB, concept of noise reduction

What Is A Sound Limiter?

Simply put, a sound limiter is a device that measures the level of noise in a room in decibels (dB).

How Does A Sound Limiter Work?

If the volume in the room reaches a certain level, the sound limiter is then ‘tripped’ and it can temporarily cut off the power supply to the stage. As you can imagine, this is less than ideal on your wedding night!

Why Do Wedding Venues Have Sound Limiters?

Limiters are installed in venues for a variety of reasons such as noise pollution, complaints from nearby residents and council restrictions. The levels change depending on the venue so always ask your wedding venue about any noise limitations before planning your entertainment.

Here are 20 wedding bands that can still provide an awesome party and a live music experience on your wedding day, even with a sound limiter in place!

The One Step

Location – Nottinghamshire

The One Step are one of the most popular wedding and party bands in the UK, and rightly so. Their experience in performing hundreds of events over the years matched with their unique and lively set list make them one of the best bands around!

The Icons

Location – Manchester

This 4 piece Manchester wedding band are pure quality. The Icons have proved themselves as one of the most versatile wedding bands and are equipped to work alongside sound limiters. The band can also perform songs from almost every era in their setlist as well as boasting a variety of different line up options.

The Beez

Location – Hampshire

The Beez are a band that go above and beyond to ensure that your wedding party is a success. Their song list is packed with irresistible party classics that are guaranteed to fill a dance floor. They also give you the option to build your perfect setlist with them so your favourite tunes are played on the night!

The Nutmegs

Location – Manchester

Get retro with quirky covers band, The Nutmegs. A perfect blend of male and female vocals and performing tracks in the style of folk, doo-wop, rock ‘n’ roll and soul, this Manchester based trio is an amazing choice if you want a band that your guests will remember. The group maintain a lively sound with a great balance for working alongside noise limiters.

Midnight Groove

Location – London

You wouldn’t normally expect a larger band line up to be able to perform with a sound limiter in place. Midnight Groove are ahead of the curve though and can offer an incredible party set with sleek sounds and mash ups. They will take you and your guests through the eras of music in a show-stopping way!

The Party Art

Location – Glamorgan

This slick 3 piece from South Wales ooze energy and charisma in every performance. The Party Art are as engaging as they come and make the most of every opportunity to interact with their audience. For an incredibly polished live sound even with a noise limiter, you can’t go wrong with The Party Art.

Three To Stroll

Location – London

No need for a stage, a PA system or lighting with Three To Stroll. This band’s completely unplugged performance means that they are free to roam throughout your venue without the worry of sound limiters or any other restrictions! Wind them up and let them loose to wow your guests.

The Skies

Location – Manchester

You are always in good hands with The Skies. This Manchester based 4 piece party band are made up of some of the most experienced musicians around, and it shows in their live performances. Their set list is tried and tested with only the biggest and best classics for an all out show.

The Linchpins

Location – Hertfordshire

For a real ‘gig’ atmosphere on your wedding night, The Linchpins are one of the best around. Make your wedding party feel like your own private concert with this dynamic 3 piece! They certainly pull no punches and have years of experience performing with sound limiters behind them to get everyone up and dancing.

The Rockets

Location – Surrey

The Rockets have a vast setlist and perform the best music from the last five decades, including Coldplay, Bruno Mars, The Beatles, The Killers, Ed Sheeran, Oasis and many more. They can also offer a stripped down acoustic set for more easy listening or earlier parts of the day to manage sound limiters.

Radio Kings

Location – Cardiff

Based in Cardiff, Radio Kings are a fresh and exciting trio bringing the sounds of Daft Punk, Take That, Maroon 5 and Pharrell to your wedding party. The band deliver a full sound with a small line up, certain to fill the dancefloor with their sparkling versions of hits which cater for all musical tastes.


Location – London

Complete with the latest wireless rig technology, Soulidify can bring the party straight on to your dance floor and interact with your guests during their performance. You can still have an interactive party atmosphere with a sound limiter! This is live wedding entertainment at it’s peak and is sure to get the night started.

Dixie Countdown

Location – London

A perfect and unique band for venues that don’t allow any amplified music. Dixie Countdown are a completely acoustic, roaming Dixieland Jazz Band. The band performs music from the 1920s and 1930s with a line up of clarinet, upright bass and washboard. They will wander and perform wherever you’d like!

These City Lights

Location – Nottinghamshire

These City Lights are a trio with endless talent. Their tight vocal harmonies, experienced musicianship and varied repertoire mean that every performance will fill the dance floor. Their song choices and tapestry of cleverly knit together mash ups are nothing short of genius and full of surprises!

The Tune Junkies

Location – Staffordshire

One of the most experienced bands on the circuit, The Tune Junkies are equipped to bring the party wherever they go. The band do everything to take care of your wedding entertainment so you can relax and enjoy the party! Whatever you need, The Tune Junkies stop at nothing to provide a first class, rocking night.

Mama Knows Best

Location – Surrey

Mama Knows Best are a fresh and modern wedding band with the latest hits and nostalgic guilty pleasures in their repertoire. This 5 piece from Surrey inject talent, energy and creativity in to their performances to constantly blow guests away! The guys have an amazing wedding entertainment package that means your whole night is looked after.

El Dinero

Location – Nottinghamshire

El Dinero are incredibly versatile, making it possible for them to provide all the entertainment for all parts of your day, as well as venues with sound limiters. The group can offer duo acoustic and DJ sets that blend together seamlessly, creating a party atmosphere that is incomparable! From The Beatles to Daft Punk, this all male four piece wedding band bring an energy to their performance like no other.

Jam Side Down

Location – Hertfordshire

Jam Side Down are a 3-piece rock & pop party band from Hertfordshire with an impressive repertoire spanning a whopping 7 decades. They don’t use any backing tracks, yet are still able to perform at wedding venues with sound limiters. With tracks from the likes of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, James Brown and Guns ‘n’ Roses, your dance floor is sure to be filled!


Location – Surrey

Academy are a truly authentic rock band, playing the biggest hits from bands such as The Killers and Kings of Leon, as well as some classic British rock from the likes of The Rolling Stones and The Who. Get a true indie rock experience with a line-up that includes three amazingly strong vocalists and a selection of the some of the best musicians around.

academy indie band


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