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Entertainment Ideas For Small Weddings


At the time of writing this, we are still in a nationwide lockdown and are (im)patiently awaiting the return of weddings and events!

It is anyone’s guess as to when this will be.

From what we know and our experiences navigating the tentative return of smaller events after the last lockdown, it is wise to assume that we will be seeing an initial ‘batch’ of smaller weddings as restrictions are lifted.

As this almost forced trend comes to fruition, we’re here to share some of our favourite entertainment ideas for small weddings!

Wedding Ceremony Entertainment

When thinking about adding those special touches to your wedding ceremony, you can continue as planned here.

Big or small, the entertainment options here don’t differ too much with varying guest numbers.


Still one of the most popular musicians you can hire for your wedding ceremony. Harpists are often seen here, heightening an already emotional and special moment with incredible grace.

Its towering presence combined with subtle and soothing tones makes for a memorable wedding ceremony. 

The East Midlands Harpist

Solo Guitarist

Solo acoustic guitarists and classical guitarists sound amazing at any wedding ceremony. You can easily make song requests and have them transformed by these talented musicians.

Having them perform unplugged and serenading your aisle walk can create an amazing atmosphere and special memories for you and your guests.

Drinks Reception Entertainment

The drinks reception provides a natural lull at any wedding.

When trying to keep guests entertained at a small wedding in particular, it can be a good idea to have something planned to keep things moving.


One of our favourite entertainment ideas for a small wedding is a caricature artist.

At larger weddings, it can sometimes be difficult for a solo caricaturist to draw every single guest in this window. For smaller groups, more of your guests can request a live drawing from your hired artist and take home a souvenir from your big day.

wedding caricaturist


Live music during the daytime at a wedding really sets the tone for the rest of the day.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to live wedding musicians but remember, a smaller number of guests means that background music will work much better than something overbearing. We think a solo piano player is the perfect accompaniment here.

Wedding Breakfast Entertainment

Now is the time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to entertainment ideas.

The earlier parts of the day are great for filling gaps and moving the day along nicely. Your wedding deserves a spark of life and fun regardless of how many guests you have!


A solo wedding magician can provide each guest an amazing spectacle right in front of their very eyes.

Magicians can provide a variety of different options from mind reading to full on stage shows. For smaller guest numbers, either can work depending on what you’re after. The ‘street magic’ style is extremely popular at weddings and allows more freedom all round.

magicians rescue day

Singing Waiters

Just because your wedding is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a special surprise for everyone attending.

Singing waiters are such an amazing wedding idea and can really lead up nicely for the evening entertainment. Hire 2 or 3 singing waiters to disguise themselves as staff at your venue and have them burst out into song out of nowhere!

Evening Reception Entertainment

Can you still have a party with low guest numbers? Of course you can.

All of this is made much easier when you hire professional entertainers and musicians to lead the way and orchestrate the room. With lower guest numbers, it can be more difficult to maintain an energy with your group. Here are our recommendations!

Wedding Band

The key thing here is to hire professional musicians that can adapt their performance and set for your day specifically.

The most experienced and versatile outfits will be able to offer different line-up options to keep the party going, without being overkill for your guest numbers! Check out 3 piece bands or even acoustic wedding bands for the right atmosphere.

The Lionhearts festival wedding band

Sax & DJ

For many couples planning a small wedding, they may opt for a DJ to end the night instead of hiring live musicians to start the party.

Whilst this can be a good idea, why not enhance your DJ set with a live saxophonist for a proper party atmosphere? Even with low guest numbers, adding just one extra musician to your evening reception can make a huge difference.

For more wedding entertainment ideas and help in booking the perfect acts for your event, visit Warble Entertainment.

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