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5 Reasons To Consider a Humanist Wedding Ceremony

Humanist wedding ceremony reasons

Today, we’re joined by one of Nothern Ireland’s leading humanist wedding celebrants, Janni Knox of Happy Days NI to chat about why a humanist wedding ceremony could be the perfect choice for you.

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1. More Choice

Thinking you have only two choices for getting married? Think again.

A religious wedding does not suit everyone, especially if you aren’t particularly religious, and sometimes a civil ceremony doesn’t feel quite right either.

If that’s the case for you, then you might like to choose a humanist ceremony instead. That means that the ceremony is all about you and what’s important to you. Say cheerio to cookie-cutter weddings and choose a ceremony that suits your personality and style and celebrates your big day the way you want to celebrate it!

2. Celebrate Love

A modern celebration that celebrates love.

I don’t know about you, but I have sat through my fair share of religious weddings, and sometimes (including my own wedding) it felt like the names of the couple had just been inserted at the beginning, middle and end of the ceremony without much thought or attention.  Try something that is entirely bespoke. 

Humanism is a non-religious outlook, that celebrates love and life. If you choose a humanist wedding ceremony you can be sure that there’s never been a ceremony like yours before, and there never will be again. Each one is totally unique. You choose the time, the length, the venue, the music, and the readings. Fancy some mini rituals? Great that’s no problem or leave them out if you prefer. It’s up to you.

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3. Longevity of Your Relationship

Statistically, those who get married in a humanist ceremony are more likely to stay together.

I’ve pondered about this and I think it is because people who choose a humanist wedding ceremony put a lot of thought into it. Your humanist wedding celebrant will guide you through the process and help to create a wedding ceremony that you will love.

Designing a wedding ceremony from scratch means that there’s lots of pause for thought, and by the time you get married, you’ll both know why you are getting married and what’s important to you, you’ll have had the tricky conversations well in advance, so now you have the fun part and celebrating love!

4. A Legal Wedding Ceremony Tailored to You

The legal part of getting married doesn’t have to be boring. If you live in the United Kingdom there are now several places where you can have a humanist wedding that is legally recognised.

Nip over the border to Scotland or get married in Ireland (North or South) and hey presto you can have fully legal marriage. If you would rather get married in England or Wales, then you can definitely have an amazing Humanist Wedding Ceremony that celebrates all the love part of your wedding day. (In England and Wales you can book a registrar to take care of legal part for you, and then choose your perfect humanist celebrant to take care of your ‘real’ celebration).

Hopefully, England and Wales will follow Scotland and Northern Ireland wedding venues make humanist weddings fully legal soon. Write to your MP and make it happen!

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5. The Simplicity of a Non-Religious Ceremony

If you and your partner have religious views you find a humanist ceremony works for you too.

Sometimes if you and your partner have different religious backgrounds then rather than trying to choose which religious ceremony to get married, a non-religious wedding means that neither of you have to compromise. Instead create a ceremony that is uniquely about you, where everyone feels welcome. You can always have a religious blessing another time. Sometimes partners who have been divorced find that a religious ceremony is not an option for them. A humanist ceremony is something really special and makes sure that you can enjoy your big day with style!

Humanism is inclusive and welcomes everyone. Sometimes a non-religious ceremony might be exactly what you are looking for.

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Thanks to Janni Knox of Happy Days NI for enlightening us on Humanist wedding ceremonies!

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