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Will Your Wedding Ceremony Be Boring?

The ceremony is of course one of the most important and beautiful parts of the day. Along with your friends and family, tying the knot is a moment that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Entertainment can elevate this special moment and take it to the next level. Of course your wedding ceremony is a very serious part of the day and it can often come across as very formal, so adding the right touches with entertainment can relax proceedings a little and help your guests enjoy it too. It can also set the desired tone for the rest of the day and really get everyone in the right mood.

When looking at entertainment options here, you are a bit more limited than with other parts of the day as you’ll need to keep it suitable for a wedding ceremony.

One thing to keep in mind is to keep the entertainment here musical as music is so versatile and is such a wonderful mood setter… All without intruding on the importance of the occasion, there couldn’t be a more perfect choice for entertainment at this point.


Choirs can be a wonderful surprise and if you have hymns at your wedding, and they will sound absolutely amazing with a choir performing them. Also consider the option of a classical singer here to really cement that romantic atmosphere.

Remember that by having live music as the entertainment for your wedding ceremony, you are giving yourself the opportunity to walk down the aisle to live music and not something pre-recorded. That in itself is something real and pure that will capture the emotions of the moment perfectly.


For something a little different that your guests may not have heard (or seen) before, have a look at booking a harpist for your ceremony. Harpists are extremely talented and are wonderful to both watch and listen to.

It really is one of the most beautiful instruments on the planet, and it looks amazing in a wedding setting. Your guests will be in awe with this and will remember it for a long time.


Saxophonists are proving to be an extremely popular option recently for the ceremony, and this is down to couples wanting to add that touch of class and style to their wedding.

The smooth tones and wonderful musicianship that comes with the instrument is perfectly suited to the wedding ceremony and again is something that little bit different. It’s all about creating the right vibe and atmosphere, and a Saxophone is a brilliant mood setter.

Acoustic Duo

A great idea (and also a great budget saving option) is to book something like an acoustic duo to perform a lower key set during the ceremony, and then keep them on for your drinks reception – having both parts of the day covered for entertainment.

An acoustic guitarist or duo is much more intimate than a full band at this part of your wedding day, and walking down the aisle to live music can create an amazing feeling.

Set The Tone…

When booking entertainment for your ceremony, you want to ensure it’s there to set the desired tone. For example nothing too loud or intrusive.

It may sound great, but if it detracts too much from the actual moment where you’re getting married then you may have gone too far. Look for more subtle acts that will not be overpowering, but will still provide an amazing atmosphere to help you make your mark.

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