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The Ideal Entertainment For The Drinks Reception

book a caricaturist

The drinks reception is the first opportunity to get everybody together with the newly married couple. Whilst these days it is more associated with the photographs, it shouldn’t be underestimated that the whole tone of the day can be set from here and entertainment can provide a perfect platform for doing just this.

Also, you have to remember that you’re going to have two sides of the family coming together properly for the first time! This can be quite nerve-wracking and can sometimes a little awkward… Especially if you’re not actually there to introduce guests to each other as you’ll be off with your photographer. Entertainment is the perfect way to break the ice here –  It gives your guests a fantastic talking point and is also loads of fun.

The drinks reception can last anything from an hour to 2 hours, and sometimes even more. People can definitely get restless, especially if there is no focal point and not a lot going on. This is very true for children in particular!

So what kind of ideas can we look at to keep everyone entertained during this time? Here are the type of acts you will want to consider for your drinks reception that will have a really strong impact and get everyone in the right mood!

Live Music

Always a favourite at weddings, and the drinks reception is a wonderful place to have some live music. Remember though that you don’t want anything too intrusive! Your guests will be chatting and getting to know each other, so now is not the time for a full on rock covers band! Saxophonists and acoustic duos or solo acts are great for setting the tone, and provide a really food focal point without encroaching too much.

Walkabout Entertainers

Walkabout entertainers are a lot of fun and are really good at breaking the ice. They can work the room fantastically and will make sure everyone is involved. These type of acts can range from caricaturists to magicians, and can contribute an interesting talking point for guests that will last for the rest of the day, and beyond.

Children’s Entertainment

We mentioned earlier about how entertainment can help with your restless guests, and in particular the children! There is a great selection of wedding entertainment for kids including face painters, balloon modellers, circus workshops, and even acts that dress up as princesses and read stories to children.

Unique Entertainment

If you want your day to stand out a little bit, unique entertainment is a fantastic idea. One way to add some humour and shock value to the drinks reception is to book a lookalike! Many lookalikes are also comedians and impersonators in their own right and provide great photo opportunities! Living Statues and Living Trees are also another great option to add that sense of spectacle and wonder to your day.

Remember to consider your guests and how to occupy them on the day. Having some kind of entertainment during the drinks reception will alleviate so much stress from your day and really allow you to relax during your photos, knowing that your guests are being taken care of.

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