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Damazo Inferno

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Location Somerset
Starting from £500
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World class Fire, Pyro, LED & Circus performer, offering high-end 'Fire Show' entertainment for Weddings and Events

  • Highlights
  • Based in the South West of England, this fully insured, multi-prop, solo performance artist has over 10 years of performing experience
  • Fire shows feature up to 14 different fire & pyrotechnical props/skills
  • Ambient performances are also available to extend the experience


World-class Fire & Pyro performer offering high-end unique Fire Show entertainment for Weddings and Events.

Based in the South West of England, this fully insured, multi-prop, solo fire & pyro performance artist has over 10 years of professional performing experience with his signature displays featuring up to 14 different Fire & Pyrotechnical props/skills. Unlike anything else available in the UK. 

Damazo Inferno's solo 'Fire Shows' features up to 14 different fire & pyrotechnical props/skills. With 3 extensively choreographed 'Fire Shows', lasting either 12, 20 or 30min, Damazo's performance style incorporates showmanship, comedy, movement and dance, with each show designed to match the venue space, audience size and budget. Damazo Inferno's solo 'Fire Shows' are remarkably unique with such a wide variety of dangerous acts, all perfectly choreographed to music to leave any audience of any size amazed. 

Freestyle performances, also known as 'Walkabout' or 'Meet & Greet' - are available and can be spread throughout an entire event in 20min close-up displays. It's amazing and eye-catching for to any event creating an enticing and exciting atmosphere for guests potentially arriving or even entertaining mingle-down moments providing personal interactive displays. With Damazo Inferno's wide variety of Fire, LED & Circus props/skills, these performances are always fresh and enticing with each hour purchased featuring 40min Fire & 20min LED/Circus. 

Performance Schedule

Fire Performance
  • Fire Eating 
  • Fire Breathing 
  • Fire Juggling Clubs 
  • Fire Poi 
  • Fire Contact Staff 
  • Fire Double Staffs 
  • Fire Triple Juggling Staffs
  • Fire Dragon Staff 
  • Fire Rope Dart 
  • Fire Contact Sword 
  • Fire Bubbles 
  • Fire Enhancing Powders 
  • Lycopodium 
  • Firework Poi (BOOM Poi)
  • Firework Staff (BOOM Stick)
Circus / LED
  • Juggling Clubs (LED) 
  • Juggling Balls (LED) 
  • Poi (LED) 
  • Staff (LED) 
  • Contact 'Crystal Ball' Juggling
Previous Clients

  • Tom Savano Cocktails 
  • Cirque Electonic 
  • Royal Navy 
  • Glastonbury Abbey 
  • Boardmasters Festival
  • ASK Italian - Wells
  • Darwin Escapes - Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa
  • Petruth Paddocks - Campsite
  • Nosiliy Festival
  • Nozstock Festival 
  • No Mans Land Festival
  • Illusive Festival
  • Pyratrix Circus - Alice in Wasteland production 

7 Reviews

Top reviews


Event: University / School
Location: London

Damazo performed at our school and the feed back that I had from the staff was 'Brilliant', they thoroughly enjoyed it. His juggling skills were amazing in what was almost pitch black and it finished with a firework spectacular.


Event: Birthday Party
Location: Devon

Absolutely worth every penny. Easy, friendly and accommodating. The ambience show was a winner with children and adults, Damazo knew how to engage the audience and produce a great show. It set the tone and energy for a very memorable party and birthday. Can’t wait to find a reason to have another party!


Event: Wedding
Location: Somerset

We hired Damazo as an evening performance for our wedding, as we wanted something a bit different from the usual fireworks or sparklers. Before our wedding, he was ever the professional, quickly answering any questions we had and reassuring us that we were in safe hands. When it came to the night, Damazo exceeded all our expectations! If you think just a little bit of fire juggling or fire eating, then think again; there is so much more this showman can do! Our guests had never seen anything like it before. They have not stopped talking about how much they enjoyed the show and how spectacular it was. And a great one for kids too! Damazo was engaging with the audience, entertaining with commentary, and also an amazing performer, truly showing off his skills. Creative music choices combined with his routine really brought the show alive. Our guests could not take their eyes away. His show was called “Fire Show Spectacular”, but a more appropriate title would be “Fire Show Spectacular, Amazing, Incredible, Unbelievable, WOW!


Event: Wedding
Location: Staffordshire

What can't we say apart from wow! Your performance at our wedding was incredible. You are a complete professional and from the moment we first found you and spoke with you we know we had to have you at our wedding. I am not one for being the same as everyone else and always said I wanted fire performing at my wedding. The best decision we made was to book you and you certainly did not disappoint. Communication with you has been so fabulous throughout, especially in the days leading up to the wedding when rain was looking like a strong possibility. Our guests absolutely loved you, as did we. The finale was insane. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you for weddings or in fact any event or party. You were the cherry on top of our amazing wedding day and something we will never forget. Your passion for what you do was clearly evident and you gave a sleek and exciting performance.

Delun Gibby - Pembrokeshire Coast

Event: Public Event
Location: Pembroke

Damazo was an absolute professional and provided a fantastic service and the most spectacular Fire Show! Thank you for making our Samhain celebration extra special!

Naina V

Event: Wedding
Location: Shropshire

I booked this very last minute. All I can say is that the show was more than spectacular. The performance was classy and alluring. None of my guests had ever seen such a performance and everyone was amazed. I honestly loved it for my wedding and would definitely use Damazo again. The staff at Warble Entertainment were very helpful and friendly.

Erica Ellands

Event: Private Party
Location: Somerset

Brilliant performer with some of the most unbelievable skill I've seen. So many gasps and cheers - it was fantastic.


    We give you a bespoke price based on the exact location of your event. The pricing below is based on a central location for your area so you have an idea of what your price will be. The exact price will be given in the booking process after you’ve provided the location details.

    • Cambridgeshire £780
    • Norfolk £780
    • Norwich £780
    • Suffolk £780
    East Midlands
    • Derbyshire £687
    • Leicestershire £687
    • Lincolnshire £718
    • Northamptonshire £687
    • Nottinghamshire £687
    • Rutland £687
    North East
    • Durham £879
    • East Yorkshire £755
    • Leeds £730
    • North Yorkshire £755
    • Northumberland £904
    • South Yorkshire £724
    • Tyne and Wear £910
    • West Yorkshire £749
    • Yorkshire £761
    North West
    • Cheshire £681
    • Cumbria £795
    • Lancashire £693
    • Liverpool £693
    • Manchester £693
    • Merseyside £693
    South East
    • Bedfordshire £631
    • Berkshire £582
    • Buckinghamshire £631
    • East Sussex £611
    • Essex £599
    • Hampshire £582
    • Hertfordshire £631
    • Isle of Wight £631
    • Kent £631
    • London £631
    • Middlesex £631
    • Oxfordshire £582
    • Surrey £631
    • Sussex £631
    • West Sussex £518
    South West
    • Bath £501
    • Bristol £500
    • Cornwall £563
    • Devon £538
    • Dorset £526
    • Somerset £500
    • Wiltshire £507
    • Anglesey £774
    • Brecon £569
    • Caernarvonshire £624
    • Cardiff £544
    • Cardigan £569
    • Carmarthen £569
    • Denbigh £774
    • Flint £774
    • Glamorgan £569
    • Monmouth £544
    • Pembroke £644
    • Wrexham £774
    West Midlands
    • Birmingham £644
    • Gloucestershire £582
    • Herefordshire £582
    • Shropshire £644
    • Staffordshire £644
    • Warwickshire £582
    • Worcestershire £582

    Ready to book
    Damazo Inferno?

    Damazo Inferno
    Or call 01270 501 164


    Is it Safe?
    Yes!! It's totally safe. For all of Damazo Infernos performances, a site specific risk assessment is provided with all the necessary fire safety equipment for the show. Damazo Inferno also holds first aid qualifiations and a certificate in 'Fire Safety within Flowarts' - a specially designed fire safety course for working fire performers. 

    Are you Insured?
    Yes! I have performers public liability insurance of £5,000,00

    How much space do you require?
    Fire Performance - 3m x 7m
    Fire Show Spectacular - 10m x 7m
    The Ultimate Fire Show Spectacular - 12m x 20m
    Ambient Performances - 2m x 2m

    What if it rains?
    A little rain is no problem. All of Damazo Infernos performances can go ahead in slight rain. If its a down pour with no signs of stopping, Damazo is also available for indoor Fire / LED / Circus displays as a great substitue. Together, a contingency plan is for the worst-case scenario.

    Can you perform indoors?
    Yes! I have a variety of Fire, Circus & LED performances available indoors depending on venue space and policy. Please contact directly for available services. 

    Can your performances match our event's theme?
    Yes, of course! Please contact Damazo Inferno directly with your event theme and you can discuss agreeable costumes etc. 

    Which performance display should I get?
    For a Wedding, Birthday or Celebration event - Damazo Inferno's Fire Shows is a must! They've been specifically designed to be your event's 'Main Feature Entertainment'. This has a beginning, middle and grand finale end, that'll leave your guest's buzzing.

    For Business grand openings, corporate events and charity events - Damazo Inferno's Ambient Displays is perfect. A great way to immediately excite guests by building anticipation and keeps the energy high throughout the entire event.

    How much time do you require before and after the performance?
    Fire Shows - 120min
    Ambient Displays - 60min 

    Do you require anything at the venue for the performance? 
    Free car parking close to the performance area, fresh drinking water and a place to store gear / change in private before the display. Any additional refreshments are welcome if the event exceeds 4hrs. If the venue has an available 'PA system' stationed close to the performance area, this is ideal but not necessary. 

    Are your performances COVID safe?
    Yes! All of Damazo Inferno's displays have been adapted to follow strict social distancing measures / government guideless and will be clearly outlined and in place prior to performance. Unfortunately 'Fire Breathing' is unavailable during 'Ambient Performances' only - due to the risk of spread of infection.

    What are the different performance types available?

    Fire Performance - 12 Minutes
    Damazo Inferno's budget high octaine performance for small weddings and events. It hits hard and keeps the energy high leading up to a grand firework finale. Featuring: Fire Eating, Fire Contact Staff, Fire Poi, Fire Double Staff, Fire Dragon Staff, Fire Enhancing Powders & Firework 'BOOM' Poi 

    Fire Show Spectacular - 20 Minutes
    Damazo Inferno's signature show. It's been explicitly and extensively choreographed from start to finish with peaks and troughs leading up to an amazing fire work fuelled finale. Ideal for medium sized Weddings and Events. Featuring: Fire Eating, Fire Breathing, Fire Juggling Clubs, Fire Contact Staff, Fire Poi, Fire Double Staff, Fire Triple Juggling Staff, Fire Dragon Staff, Fire Enhancing Powders, Lycopodium Cane, Firework 'BOOM' Poi & Fountain Firework Finale. 

    The Ultimate Fire Show Spectacular - 30 Minutes
    Damazo Inferno's seriously upgraded fire show spectacular. It features all 14 different fire & pryotechnical props and skills leading up to the largest firework fuelled finale possible. Its HUGE! Ideal for medium to large sized Weddings and Events. Featuring: Fire Eating, Fire Breathing, Fire Bubbles, Fire Juggling Clubs, Fire Contact Staff, Fire Poi, Fire Double Staff, Fire Triple Juggling Staff, Fire Contact Sword, Fire Rope Dart, Fire Dragon Staff, Fire Enhancing Powders, Lycopodium Cane, Firework 'BOOM' Poi, Firework 'BOOM' Stick & Fountain Firework Finale. 

    Ambient Performances - 1, 2 or 3hr -    Each hour = 2x20min Fire + 1x20min LED/Circus. 
    Damazo Inferno's ambient performances are available for 'Walk About' and 'Meet & Greet' at your event. These freestyle performances can be featured at high foot-traffic locations or by walking throughout the event to add visual interactive entertainment to your guests. With such a wide varitey of Fire, LED & Circus props, each performance will remain fresh and enticing throughout the entire event. These performances can be split up throughout the evening or featured consecutively. Event theme or show requirement? Damazo Inferno aims to bring your event the best entertainment possible with appropiate performance attire and special requests. Featuring: Fire Eating, Fire Breathing, Fire Juggling Clubs, Fire Contact Staff, Fire Poi, Fire Double Staff, Fire Triple Juggling Staff, Fire Contact Sword, Fire Rope Dart, Fire Dragon Staff, LED Juggling Clubs, LED Juggling Balls, LED Poi, LED Staff & Contact 'Crystal Ball' Juggling. 

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