Pump Up The 90's

Location Birmingham
Starting from £1,380.00
1 reviews
Location Birmingham
Starting from £1,380.00
Read 1 reviews

The Live 90s Band Bringing Back The Rave - Hands In The Air!

Here’s what some true 90s greats have to say about the band...

"Great cover version guys!" Coco Star - Toca's Miracle
"You guys are solid...!" Angie Brown - Bizarre Inc.
“You guys are amazing, thank you” Rozalla - Everybody’s Free



Watch Pump Up The 90's

Watch Pump Up The 90's

Pump Up The 90's

Number of Reviews and Counting... 1!

Pump Up The 90s! are a fully live 90s band providing up to 3 hours of epic 90s tunes! They have shared the bill with 90s legends Judge Jules, Artful Dodger, Danny Rampling, Five, Liberty X, S Club 7, K Klass, Ultrabeat and N Trance and have performed live on stage backing 90s house diva Angie brown and the ‘Queen of Rave’ Rozalla. These guys are the real deal and highly qualified to bring the decade back in roaring style.

Featuring stunning vocals from 90s rave-child Debbie-Ann (yes, she was at the first ever Dreamscape!) the band regularly perform to audiences in their thousands. Supported by a sound and lighting rig Manumission would be proud of Pump Up The 90s! will take you back to the days of Boom Shake the Room, and ensure the room is fully ‘shaken’.

The band offer two packages: Their live 90s Dance Show delivers the best euphoric dance tunes, house classics and rave anthems re-voiced into fresh new arrangements for the 21st century. Their Nostalgia Show delivers a unique blend of 90s dance, Britpop and chart tunes guaranteed to bring back those ‘old skool’ 90s vibes.

Here’s what some true 90s greats have to say about the band...

"Great cover version guys!" Coco Star - Toca's Miracle
"You guys are solid...!" Angie Brown - Bizarre Inc.
“You guys are amazing, thank you” Rozalla - Everybody’s Free

  • Lead Vocals
  • Lead Vocals, Guitar and Percussion 
  • Lead Vocals, Keyboards
  • Vocals, Drums and Percussion 
  • Bass Guitar, Keyboards 

Dance Anthems

  • Sandstorm (Darude) 
  • U Sure Do (Strike)
  • Where Love Lives (Alison Limerick)
  • Free (Ultra Nate)
  • Toca’s Miracle (Fragma)
  • You’re Not Alone (Olive)
  • Not Over Yet (Grace)


  • Rhythm Is A Dancer (Snap!)
  • Rhythm Of The night (Corona)
  • Baby Baby (Corona)
  • Freed From Desire (Gala)
  • Sunshine After The Rain (Berri)


  • Moving Too Fast (Artful Dodger)
  • Flowers (Sweet Female Attitude)
  • Gotta Get Thru this (Daniel Bedingfield)
  • House Classics
  • Insomnia (Faithless)
  • Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Baby D)
  • Dreamer (Livin’ Joy)
  • Show Me Love (Robin S)
  • Finally (CeCe Peniston)
  • Dont stop moving (Livin’ Joy)
  • I’m Gonna Get You Baby (Bizarre Inc.)

Rave & Happy House

  • Born Slippy (Underworld)
  • Firestarter (Prodigy)
  • Out of space (Prodigy)
  • You’ve Got The Love (Candi Staton)
  • U R The Best Thing (D-Ream)
  • Everybody’s Free (Rozalla)
  • Set You Free (N-Trance)

Big Beat and Nu House

  • Red Alert (Basement Jaxx)
  • Don’t Call Me Baby (Madison Avenue)
  • Lady (Modjo)


  • What’s The Story… (Oasis)
  • Parklife (Blur)
  • Disco 2000 (Pulp)
  • Girls And Boys (Blur)


  • All The Small Things (Blink 182)
  • Ready To Go (Republica)
  • Are You Gonna Go My Way (Lenny Kravitz)
  • Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus)


  • I Am The Resurrection (The Stone Roses)
  • Friday I’m In Love (The Cure)
  • Step On (Happy Mondays)
  • The Only One (The Charlatans)
  • Unbelievable (EMF)

Smash Hits

  • Relight My Fire (Take That)
  • Reach (S Club 7)
  • Spinning Around (Kylie)
  • Ray of Light (Madonna)
  • Everybody (Backstreet Boys)
  • Killer (Adamski Feat. Seal)
  • Missing (Everything But The Girl)


  • Gonna Make You Sweat (C+C Music Factory)
  • Ride On Time (Black Box)
  • This Is How We Do It (Montell Jordan)
  • Two Can Play That Game (Bobby Brown)
  • Pump Up The Jam (Technotronic)
  • Groove is in the heart (Deee Lite)
  • Hotsetepper (Ini Kamoze)
, Private Party, Leicestershire

The band created a great atmosphere - Brilliant range of songs which we and our guests loved. Debbie's voice was amazing and they all contributed to a fantastic evening.

Pump Up The 90s have been tour relentlessly regularly performing at large venues such as the NEC and NIA and festivals such as The Big Chill, Secret Garden Party, Godiva, Victorious and Glastonbury festivals). 

How much stage space do you require?
We require at least 150 square feet (say; 10ft depth, 15ft width) for us to set-up. For the best visual/audio results it is best we play down the ‘length’ of the room (so we would be at one end of the room, facing the other) with the dancefloor immediately in front of us.

What are your power requirements?
There should be a minimum of two 13 amp plugs near the staging area. If power is located elsewhere, the venue may need to provide extension leads to run power nearer our location. If the venue uses a generator this must be well grounded (to avoid electrocution!), voltage regulated (so no power spikes can damage our equipment) and a minimum 5kw (to safely run our equipment).

Timings – What works best?
Our typical ‘on-site’ times are between 5.30pm and 12.30am (including set-up and pack down time, accommodating a midnight finish). If you require us any earlier or later, no problem, but this will may incur a small charge. In order to maximise the dancing we suggest placing the band as late as possible and around other events you may have (buffet, fireworks etc).

The get-in, set-up and soundcheck takes approximately 90 minutes. In order to load-in we will require an area where we can park for at least 20 minutes (without risk of getting a ticket!) – please note we often bring three cars to a local event. We will also require an unobstructed passageway to the stage with the distance being no more than 30 metres from our cars. We can accommodate a small numbers of stairs, but where we are required to perform on a higher or lower floor we would request a lift.   

Can we use your equipment?
Once we are on site we are at your disposal. If you wish to use our PA equipment for any other purpose, no problem. However, use of our instruments/guitar amplifiers would not be allowed (as these are considered ‘breakables’). We also no longer allow DJs or bands to use our equipment as they can potentially drive the PA too loud and damage it. Please bear in mind we no longer use radio mics (as they have too often picked up the local taxi company during a gig!).

Band and DJ repertoire – Do you take requests? 
Whilst we have a large library of music for our DJ sets, it is by no means exhaustive. If there are any tracks that you definitely want played on the night we recommend that you provide these on either a memory stick or CD. Some clients in the past have provided their own playlist on a laptop or iPod, this is no problem at all – we can plug this directly into our PA. If you would like the band to play a song for you (say, for your first dance), no problem. We can often provide this service for free (providing the song suits the band and is easy to learn), or for a small charge. All we require is a little notice (two weeks minimum) to learn it.

Do you require a changing area?
When we arrive we will typically be in our ‘civvies’ (as lugging equipment can be a messy business!), we therefore require an area where we can get changed into our stage clothes. This should be big enough for five people, and ideally secure (so we can leave our belongings there whilst we play). Please note, venue toilets are not an option (these can be quite ‘messy’ by the end of the evening!).

Will you require food and drink?
As we are typically away from home between 10-12 hours when at an event the band will also require some form of hot evening meal and soft drinks whilst on site (at no extra cost to the band). The band do not have any allergies and there are no vegetarians etc. 

Do you have insurance?
The band hold £1,000,000 public liability insurance and all equipment is checked annually via the PAT process. Certificates are available upon request.

  • 120 minutes included with options to extend by a further 30 or 60 minutes.

Please Note: The fees indicated below are approximate and based on a central location for each county. They are intended to provide a rough guide only and exact quotes can only be given once the date and exact location of your event have been provided.


Aberdeen £1,980.00 Inverness £2,100.00 Perth £1,920.00 Sutherland £1,920.00 Ayrshire £1,980.00 Fife £1,980.00 Stirlingshire £1,980.00 West Lothian £1,980.00 Dumfries-shire £1,980.00 East Lothian £1,980.00 Lanarkshire £1,980.00 Midlothian £1,980.00 Glasgow £1,980.00 Edinburgh £1,980.00 Dundee £2,160.00

Foreign Locations

Europe £2,400.00 Rest of the world £2,400.00

North East

Durham £1,560.00 Northumberland £1,680.00 North Yorkshire £1,560.00 South Yorkshire £1,500.00 Tyne and Wear £1,620.00 West Yorkshire £1,500.00 Yorkshire £1,500.00 East Yorkshire £1,620.00 Leeds £1,500.00

North West

Cheshire £1,500.00 Cumbria £1,620.00 Manchester £1,500.00 Lancashire £1,500.00 Merseyside £1,500.00 Liverpool £1,500.00

East Midlands

Derbyshire £1,380.00 Leicestershire £1,380.00 Lincolnshire £1,500.00 Northamptonshire £1,440.00 Nottinghamshire £1,380.00 Rutland £1,440.00


Cambridgeshire £1,500.00 Norfolk £1,680.00 Suffolk £1,560.00 Norwich £1,680.00


Anglesey £1,860.00 Caernarvonshire £1,920.00 Denbigh £1,740.00 Flint £1,560.00 Cardigan £1,800.00 Brecon £17,448.00 Carmarthen £1,680.00 Glamorgan £1,680.00 Monmouth £1,500.00 Pembroke £1,800.00 Wrexham £1,500.00 Cardiff £1,560.00

West Midlands

Gloucestershire £1,500.00 Herefordshire £1,500.00 Shropshire £1,500.00 Staffordshire £1,440.00 Warwickshire £1,380.00 Worcestershire £1,440.00 Birmingham £1,380.00

South East

Bedfordshire £1,380.00 Berkshire £1,440.00 Buckinghamshire £1,440.00 East Sussex £1,620.00 Essex £1,560.00 Hampshire £1,620.00 Hertfordshire £1,440.00 Isle of Wight £1,920.00 Kent £1,740.00 Oxfordshire £1,380.00 Surrey £1,440.00 Sussex £1,620.00 West Sussex £1,620.00 London £1,500.00 Middlesex £1,440.00

South West

Cornwall £1,980.00 Devon £1,560.00 Dorset £1,560.00 Somerset £1,560.00 Wiltshire £1,500.00 Bath £1,500.00 Bristol £1,500.00
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