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The Castle Minstrels

The Castle Minstrels
Location Midlothian
Starting from £720.00

The Castle Minstrels form the spirit and atmosphere of the medieval age to any space.

The group comprises of accomplished multi-instrumentalists with period medieval instruments including lutes, harps, vielles (fiddles), shawms, bagpipes and percussion, so they can provide gentle music for a wedding ceremony, or the sound of the loud medieval dance band.

A sumptuous feast for the ears and the eyes.


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Song List

An extensive list of medieval music from 13th, 14th and 15th C from France, Italy, Spain, and Scotland and England including:

  • Cantigas de Santa Maria from Spain
  • Instrumental dances from France and Italy
  • Toubadour and Trouvere
  • Italian Trecento including Landini and anonymous pieces from the Rossi Codex