The Rifles - Military Fanfare

The Rifles - Military Fanfare

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Location Kent
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The latest addition and a natural progression to Stunning Brass, whose owners have served and worked in military music for over 20 years.

  • Highlights
  • Available UK-wide and abroad
  • Flexible costumes to blend in with your theme
  • Multiple line-up options available, ranging from 1 to 20 performers


Consisting of ex-regular and current serving musicians from the military, The Rifles travel throughout the United Kingdom (and are also able to travel abroad) performing for a variety of events from County Shows, Arena Events, Promotional Events, Street Parades, Special Events (such as St. Georges Day) Pass Out Parades, Town Parades to the traditional Cabaret Marching Display (after-dinner marching display indoors or out).

If you’re looking for something slightly unusual to entertain your guests after dinner, why not try a Cabaret Marching display?

As a traditional military band, The Rifles can perform on a small dance floor wowing your clients / guests with a traditional marching band display. Along with the traditional display the band forms up for a finale that includes soloists, static music performances and can also provide “sing-alongs” for special events / days. The display then culminates with the traditional asking permission to march off (if applicable), then the march-off.

Whether performing on Traditional Fanfare Trumpets to give a military look, as medieval trumpeters (in costume and on natural trumpets) or in White Tie and Tails or in any other costume to blend in with your theme, we can add that triumphal sound to any event.



  • Eagle Squadron - K.J.Alford
  • Standard of St. George - K.J.Alford
  • Scipio- G.F.Handel
  • Pulsar - E.Osterling
  • Holyrood - K.J.Alford
  • Rule Britania – anon.
  • On The Quarter Deck - K.J.Alford
  • Our Director - F.E.Bigelow
  • The British Legion – T. Bidgood
  • Royal Standard – E.Birgham
  • Marching Songs of World War II – arr. Kitcherside
  • Britannic Salute


  • Sarabande - G.F.Handel
  • In a Persian Market - A.W.Ketelbey
  • Espana Waltz - Walteufel
  • The Blue and the Gray - C.Grundman
  • The Merry Widow - F.Lehar

Film & TV Theme

  • Beauty & the Beast - A.Meaken
  • Broadway Show Stoppers  -arr.W. Barker
  • A Chorus Line Spectacular – arr.W. Barker 
  • Lawrence of Arabia - M.Jarre
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before – arr. P.Jennings
  • Les Miserables - C.Schonberg
  • Brideshead Reviseted - G.Burgon
  • Over the Rainbow - A.Arlen
  • 633 Squadron - R.Goodwin
  • The Great Escape - E.Bernstein
  • Mary Poppins - R.Sherman & R.Sherman
  • Hey Look Me Over - C.Leigh & C.Coleman

Pop & Miscellaneous

  • Do you know the way to San Jose – P. Gordon
  • Michael – R.W.Smith
  • Malaguena - E.Lecouna
  • Guantanamera - B.Gasso
  • Gershwin – arr. W.Barker
  • Sunse t- A.C.Grees
  • God Save the Queen - Lt. Col. B.Brown


  • The Acrobat - Greenwood
  • Post Horn Galop - Keonig 
  • Lassus Trombone - H.Fillmore 

Jazz & Swing

  • So Nice to Come Home To – arr. Kitcherside
  • South Rampart Street Parade – A.Roche
  • A Tribute to Glen Miller – arr. H.Gass
  • St. Louis Blues March  - W.C.Handy
  • Georgia on my mind - H.Carmichael 
  • I Left My Heart in San Francisco - D.Cross & G.Cory

  • 20-piece marching band and drum major
  • 16-piece marching band and drum major
  • 1 to 7-piece fanfare trumpet team

3 Reviews

Top reviews

Jackie Samson

Event: University / School
Location: Kent

The Rifles were absolutely fantastic. We provided the children with the opportunity to listen to them play as well as explaining to them about the music they were playing. They took on board what we were looking for and certainly delivered. The children and staff loved it.

Peter Nunn

Event: Wedding
Location: Kent

The Rifles were flexible, incredibly approachable and able to present us with a bespoke package. They really added something special to our wedding day and made the sun shine! The performance was first class and enjoyed by all.

Amy Frost

Event: Military Event
Location: Nottinghamshire

The feedback from the council was that The Rifles were brilliant. We will be booking again for next year, regards, Kimberley Town Council


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