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The Singing Policeman - Surprise Singers

The Singing Policeman - Surprise Singers
Location Cambridgeshire
Starting from £954.00

The Perfect Top Class Act for Christmas Parties, Private Parties, Corporate Events and Weddings!

2 police officers walk into your event, instantly causing a stir by their very presence. They inform you that a person the police in the area have been looking for has been spotted for the first time in 3 years at this venue today. Once the police officers realise the face they want is present in the room-the subject is summoned for a brief questioning outside by one of the officers, whilst the other officer is left in the room to calm the situation - and the only way she/he knows how to do that is by taking all your guests minds right off the situation - by launching into song, with their fantastic and top class voice!

*This Top Class act will definitely give your Event the "WOW" factor*

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Song List

Songs can include, amongst others:

  • You Raise Me up (West Life)
  • Love Changes Everything (Aspects of Love-Lloyd Webber)
  • La Donna Mobile (Rigoletto-Verdi)
  • Abba Medley
  • Grease Medley
  • Nessun Dorma (Taurendot- Puccini)