Will The Magician & Mind Reader

Will The Magician & Mind Reader

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Location Nottinghamshire
Starting from £649
11 Reviews

Will is one of the most versatile, exciting contemporary UK magicians and mind readers available for your event.

  • Highlights
  • Fuses digital magic with mind reading to create a truly unique and compelling act
  • Can tell your star sign, bank PIN and unlock your phone just by looking at you
  • Previous clients include Coca Cola, Yamaha, Audi and Royal Mail

He was phenomenal! All the guests loved him and were still talking about it today. 

Laurel Bennett, South Yorkshire

He was brilliant! All 90 of us were amazed by his act - really pleased.

Lou Abbott-Williams, Derbyshire


Will specialises in close up magic and mind reading and has been likened to a cross between DYNAMO and Derren Brown and has also established himself as one of the UK's leading digital and iPad magicians. Be it changing a deck of playing cards to glass, unlocking your mobile phone, telling you the name of your first pet or pulling pens, cards and balls out of iPads or iPhones, his magic and mind reading needs to be seen to be believed. 

Will can tailor his contemporary, fun and sophisticated act to your requirements. He offers 3 options:

Close-Up Magic & Mind Reading:

Will is one of the leading full time magicians and mind-readers from the UK.  Be it telling you your bank PIN, unlocking your mobile phone, changing your borrowed £5 into £20, or telling you the name of your first kiss, Will's magic is contemporary, unique and most of all fun! Guaranteed to leave your guests laughing in amazement and make your event as memorable and as unique as you had dreamed of! Will has performed at a huge range of events over the last decade and has developed a unique approach to delight and amaze his audiences. From house parties to prestigious venues and even celebrity weddings, you can hire Will to entertain guests of all ages.

After-Dinner Mind Reading Show / Cabaret Act:

Will is also one of the most sought after after-dinner entertainers in the UK too. His 40 minute mind reading cabaret act is is really interactive, loads of fun and is more mind reading based (similar to Derren Brown) What a lot of companies do is 1 hour 20 close up magic and mind reading and then 40 mins cabaret act.

Digital / iPad Magic: 

Will is one of the UK's leading close up digital and iPad magicians that guarantee to leave your guests in amazement. His iPad and digital magic act is available to hire to make your event extra special all over the world. Guests are always impressed by the consistency of fantastic feedback about his professionalism and skill. He is one of the worlds leading digital magician's and mind reading fusing digital technology and technology of the mind. Will performs his digital magic using the latest technology, and his mix and mingle magic act creates real connections and wonder with guests at events, and special occasions combining natural humor and magical sleight of hand and digital magic. If you are considering hiring an iPad Close Up Magician - Will should be the first choice for your event. 

Will is in high demand to perform his roaming digital, technology and iPad magic act worldwide and he has become known for his pushing close up magic into the next century through fusing digital magic with mind-reading. He uses a range of devices and apps to perform show-stopping illusions and develops his own routines to ensure that his magic is unique to him and not seen before. He also keeps abreast of the latest technology to ensure that he can integrate any new developments into his act.

Performance Schedule

Walkabout Magic & Mind Reading

  • 2 hours
  • 3 hours

Cabaret Act

  • 40-45 minutes
Previous Clients

  • Coca Cola
  • Procter and Gamble
  • Royal Mail
  • NHS
  • Environment Agency
  • Ikano
  • Cooper Parry
  • Default Blue 

11 Reviews

Bride Favourite
Top reviews

Charmaine Day

Event: Corporate
Location: Leeds

Great act which left guests mesmerized , worked the crowd really well. Would highly recommend.

Jamie Smith

Event: Corporate
Location: Manchester

Great performance, myself and the rest of the team had an amazing time and still can't figure out how Will did it! Would definitely recommend.

Tamara Reidford

Event: Corporate
Location: Birmingham

Will was great! Everyone was amazed at his magic and mind reading. He really broke the ice and gave everyone something to talk about. Thank you! :)

Laurel Bennett

Event: Wedding
Location: South Yorkshire

He was phenomenal! All the guests loved him and were still talking about it today. The tricks and mind reading he did really was magic! I am so glad we booked him, he was fab!

Katrina Barningham

Event: Wedding
Location: Cheshire

Where do I start! Will was very popular amongst my guests during our drinks reception and he was a perfect addition when we got back from having our pictures taken. All of our guests were looking shocked and confused from all his tricks and the mix of magic and mind reading was amazing (he really fooled Tom!) Thank you so much. xx

Lou Abbott-Williams - Eurofins Agroscience Ltd.

Event: Corporate
Location: Derbyshire

He was brilliant! All 90 of us were amazed by his act - really pleased. :)

Tony Hession - The Corrugated Case Company

Event: Corporate
Location: Derbyshire

If I could score 6 I would! What a great addition to the dinner party. William was charming and very clever and we would highly recommend.

Lucy Heath

Event: Charity
Location: Lincolnshire

William the Magician & Mind Reader was absolutely amazing! Mind blowing! If you want to be amazed definitely book this act! Brilliant crowd pleaser and gets people involved.

Marilynn Lindsay

Event: Birthday Party
Location: Rutland

Excellent entertainment! William kept the children entertained too which was great! Would highly recommend.

Sabia Morrison

Event: Birthday Party
Location: Birmingham

Willaim was superb and left all my guests in awe of what he had done in front of them. He was absolutely superb and was a brilliant addition to my party.

Jenny Harrison

Event: Birthday Party
Location: Leicestershire

Highly recommended. If you are wondering whether to book or not, just do it! Great magic, very charming and great fun too. A perfect tonic for my 40th!


    We give you a bespoke price based on the exact location of your event. The pricing below is based on a central location for your area so you have an idea of what your price will be. The exact price will be given in the booking process after you’ve provided the location details.

    East Midlands
    • Nottinghamshire £649

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    Will The Magician & Mind Reader
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    Are you a full time magician?
    I'm a full time magician and mind reader and as such travel all over the country and internationally for my clients.

    Do you perform both magic and mind reading?
    Can mix magic and mind reading in equal measure which either close up are cabaret making my act very versatile.

    How long do you perform for?
    I'd usually recommend 2 hours for 50 guests and upwards to feasibly be able to get round everyone.

    And what about setting up?
    I arrive early to set up and if doing a cabaret act - only need 15 mins to set up.

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