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Complete guide to booking a magician

Magicians are a great entertainment option for just about any event. Why may you ask? They can tailor their performance to meet the needs of any event perfectly.

Whether you are looking for some close-up magic to walk about your wedding reception or maybe you are looking for a fully choreographed stage show for your corporate event. We have tons of magician’s available to perform all manner of magic!

What is a magician?

A magician simply put is a person who performs hand tricks and illusions to make their audience believe the impossible is possible.  There are a number of different types of magic they can offer and specialise in, the common few being:

Close-up magic – magic performed in an intimate setting with usually less than three meters in-between the act and their audience.

Mind readers / Psychological entertainers – this type of magic is performed by a magician who is appearing to have the ability to read their audience’s mind. Such magic is achieved through phycological techniques such as auto-suggestion.

Stage-show magic – This type of magic is normally performed in-front of a large audience and as the name suggests, on a stage. Stage show magic often includes large scale production elements such as dynamic lighting and an abundance of props.

What can they do for the event?

Hiring a magician for an event can be of great benefit for several reasons. The first being, they are great for filling the gaps during an event that often lag. An example of this being when the wedding party are off having photos and the rest of the guests are stood mulling around. Here is the time to bring in the magician!

Live magic brings people together. By watching a live performance right in front of your eyes it creates a conversation and a bond between guests over the shared experience. Furthermore, breaking the awkward silence which every event host fears!

Hiring a magician for an event is quite a unique act in itself. So much so, I bet you could count on one hand just how many times you have seen a live magic trick. Because of this act being so unique, you can guarantee guests will remember your event for a lifetime.

What to look out for when booking a magician?

When booking a magician for an event there are a few things to look out for. The first being membership of the ‘magic circle’. This is the world’s most prestigious magic club that only the best magicians are part of. Membership is a guarantee of quality and excellence.

Be sure to look out for quality videos and photos of their performance. A good performer will want to show off their talents through tons of footage from their previous events. Much like their promotional content, be sure to check out their client list and customer reviews. Great feedback is a must.

Booking through an agency ensures reliability and security if things don’t go to plan. We would always recommend booking through an agency for peace of mind.

That leads me nicely onto my next tip, cost. You get what you pay for as the saying goes. A good quality act (along with their agency) will know their worth. Please don’t think that because you have managed to find the cheapest act available that they will be the best. For an idea on what to expect to pay for a reliable quality magician be sure to check out the magician section on our site.

What can a magician do at the event? How long do they perform for?

Magicians are super versatile entertainers. Their performance can be tailored to any event perfectly. The only thing they need is an audience. 

Close up magic is great for a drink’s reception whereas, for table entertainment, the best time to hire a magician would be before or after the meal. Finally, for a full stage show, we recommend booking the act for an evening performance. 

Magicians will typically arrive at an event 30 minutes before they are due to start. The great thing about hiring a magician is that they don’t require a lot of space and their set-up time is quick and easy.

Our magicians can be booked for 1-4 hours depending on the event. However, most of them tend to be booked for 2 or 3-hour sets. This gives the act plenty of time to get around the party and make a lasting impression on guests.

Magician: Pete The Magician

How much space does a magician need?

Our magicians can perform at any event, no matter how big or small. The space they require is dependent on the sort of magic they are performing. For example, a close-up magician would need just enough space for 5-6 guests to stand around them whilst they perform. This is quite flexible.

However, for stage-show magic, the space required to set up a stage is dependent on the magician and the tricks they have been asked to perform. Our advice would be to check with your venue before booking just so the act is aware of the sort of space they are going to be working with.

Does the magician need anything arranging prior to their performance: Equipment? Refreshments?

Before booking a magician for an event, we kindly ask that customers can provide soft drinks, a parking space, and an adequate changing room for them to store their equipment as well as get changed in if they need to. 

The act will bring all their own equipment, so there is no need to worry about that. Magicians don’t ask for much, that’s why they are a super popular entertainment choice. Flexible, efficient, and undeniably entertaining.

How much does it cost to hire a magician?

To hire a magician for 2 hours in 2021, you would be looking to pay on average anything up from £450. The more experienced the act the higher their fee will be.

One thing to consider is the travel costs that will need to be added for the performer to commute to and from the venue. Therefore, if you’re wanting to keep the costs down, we recommend looking to hire an act local to the area.

Magician performing a magic trick in front of guests

How can I fit a magician around a wedding theme?

A magician can tailor their performance style perfectly to suit any wedding theme. Have a festive theme? They can wear an elf suit. A great Gatsby or masquerade ball theme? Black tie it is!

Not only is the acts attire flexible but so is their performance. Do you have a particular trick you would like to be performed on either the bride or groom? Speak to one of our entertainment co-ordinators today who can help arrange for this to happen!

What happens if the magician needs to cancel?

When you book an act through Warble Entertainment, you are guaranteed 100% security. From the second you make an enquiry; you’re allocated one of our dedicated entertainment co-ordinators who are on hand to help however and whenever you need them.

If the unlikely happens and the performer becomes ill, the co-ordinator will work efficiently to find a replacement. What’s even better is that if we aren’t able to find a suitable replacement as an alternative, we will happily transfer the deposit over to another one of our fantastic acts.

Magician performing a trick

How do I book a magician?

Warble Entertainment Agency is here to help you find the perfect performer for your event. With a full-time team dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, booking live entertainment has never been easier.

For an easy to follow guide on how to book the best live entertainment, including a magician, check out this section of our site – How to book with Warble Entertainment.

For more wedding entertainment ideas and help in booking the perfect acts for your event, visit Warble Entertainment.

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