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Sound Limiters And How To Work With Them

One of the biggest worries that we’ve heard from brides and grooms booking a band for their wedding recently is that their venue has a sound limiter and they’re unsure how this will effect the band they want to book.

It’s true that a sound limiter may limit the style of band or live music you can book BUT this is not always the case AND even with the strictest of limiters there are still lots of great options available!

We’ve provided the following simple guide to make sense of what a sound limiter is and how it may effect your choice of band or live music.

What is a sound limiter?

A sound limiter is an electrical device that measures the level of noise in a room. If the volume reaches a certain level the sound limiter can temporarily cut the power supply to the stage. Limiters are put in place mostly to reduce noise pollution and to help the venue avoid noise complaints from nearby residents. The levels can vary depending on your venue so it is always a good idea to check with the venue before planning your entertainment and even better, before booking the venue if the entertainment is going to be the priority.

What to do if the venue has a sound limiter in place?

Finding out if the venue has a sound limiter is one of the most important questions to ask your wedding venue. Firstly, find out exactly what the limit is and if possible, what kind of limiter is in place. Some of the more intrusive limiters will cut off the power without warning and some work on a traffic light system to give an amber warning to the act before the limiter is triggered and some are just a hand held device that give a sound reading.
By finding out the limiter level, we can ensure that only suitable acts are suggested.

Which acts can work with sound limiters?

For particularly low levels, generally below 90db, we would recommend fully acoustic or roaming acts. These acts do not need to plug in to any power source and can use percussion such as a Cajon instead of drums. A silent disco can also be a great option here too.

Top Picks: Silent Disco, Three To Stroll, We Have You Covered, Mariachi

For mid level sound limiters around the 90db mark then many of our acts can offer electric drum kits, use brushes on the drums instead of sticks, or use high quality backing tracks for the drums to allow the volume to be adjusted within the limits specified. A DJ is also a great option for mid limits.



Top Picks: Encore, Fun House, The Tune Junkies, DJ Adrian

For anything 93db or higher many of our acts will be flexible and can ensure during the sound check that the sound will be kept within the limits set.

anthem wedding band


Top Picks: Anthem, The Kickstarts, The Heist, Bring The Noise!

It really is as simple as that. Now that you see how it works and how there are always options available, we hope that there is one less thing on your mind when planning your big day. If you do need any help or guidance then get in touch and one of our coordinators can offer their advice and suggest some entertainment options to keep both you and the venue happy.

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