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Surprise Brazilian Dancers at San & Maria’s Winter Wedding

August 22 2019
brazilian dancers real wedding

We were so excited to help plan this massive surprise for San & Maria’s winter wedding at Sofitel London St James.

The happy couple planned a colourful surprise for their day with the fantastic and vibrant Brazilian Dancers!

We got in touch with San & Maria as soon as we could to hear more about their wonderful winter wedding day how the big surprise went down.

What wedding entertainment had you planned for your guests?

The guests had a long list of surprises throughout the whole day including games, DJ and Saxophonist… but I don’t think anyone could have imagined the biggest and best surprise being last of all, which were the Brazilian Dancers.

They initiated the set with the drummers, people were off their seats, people were standing up, people were cheering, they had their phones out to take all the videos and pictures, it was a spectacle and something you would not expect to see at a wedding. Let alone a winter wedding taking place so late in the year just before Christmas!

They really brought the carnival atmosphere to our wedding!

Surprise Brazilian Dancers at San & Maria’s Winter Wedding

Were the entertainers what you expected?

Even before we booked, we saw the reviews, watched the videos online and we couldn’t have imagined how important and good they were going to be, and the guys truly delivered!

We’ve watched videos taken by our friends and family, all the uploads onto social media, Instragram, Facebook… we’ve seen it 100’s of times and with all the likes and views, you know it speaks volumes on what the Brazilian Dancers can deliver. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!

Surprise Brazilian Dancers at San & Maria’s Winter Wedding

Did you have a specific style or theme for your big day?

Black tie/ formal was the theme for the wedding.

We loved the special parties and events we’ve been to and celebrated and this was fit for the occasion. There’s something timeless black tie also has in pictures with the men in tuxedos and woman in cocktail dresses.

Surprise Brazilian Dancers at San & Maria’s Winter Wedding

Why did you pick your venue?

There’s something magical about London and even more so around Christmas when the lights come on and light up the streets and city. The venue was an extension of this and its French feel and chic modern look was exactly what we wanted, without the fuss of having a wedding in the middle of nowhere.

We wanted our special day to be about the wedding itself and people not to worry about getting there and getting home.

Surprise Brazilian Dancers at San & Maria’s Winter Wedding

What did they bring to your day?

All the guests were standing up and were so excitable as soon as the dancers came on. The dancers then came through the door with their brilliant costumes and samba dancing and that just ROCKETED the atmosphere even more!

We had so many friends and family come up to us to say how brilliant the drummers and dancers were. The guys were so engaging and the dancers were bringing up a lot of our guests on stage to dance with them.

There were kids too and the team were so cheery, friendly and happy and that really brought the excitement to an all-time high. The fact that everyone was so happy with big smiles on their faces made us – the bride and groom – so ecstatic with joy.

We spoke with Niki who helped plan the incredible entertainment for San & Maria’s wedding!

Is it exciting for you to help plan entertainment for such a huge part of someone’s wedding day?

Absolutely, it feels great being able to help with such an important part of the day and it’s really cool to brainstorm different ideas and see it all come together.

We’ve had some weird and wonderful requests in the past and I love coming up with new ideas for different themes!

How does it feel to see incredible feedback for the entertainment that you’ve booked?


It makes my day! We have some extremely talented people on our roster and it genuinely makes me smile seeing such lovely feedback from our customers.

Knowing that our acts have done an incredible job always makes me feel really proud.

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to book surprise wedding entertainment?

Whether you need some inspiration or if you have something specific in mind, we are always happy to offer help and advice.
We have a fantastic team of experienced entertainment coordinators on hand and we have lots of amazing ideas to share!

Did you have a first dance song and what was it?

‘At Last’ by Etta James, although we chose the version covered by Beyoncé which is just as amazing!

Surprise Brazilian Dancers at San & Maria’s Winter Wedding

What did you think of the service provided by Warble?

Excellent, friendly, really entertaining and memorable. It was a great surprise.

Wedding DJ

Best piece of advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Remember, it’s your big day not anyone else’s. Do, have and say what makes you both happy. No regrets!

Surprise Brazilian Dancers at San & Maria’s Winter Wedding

Looking back is there anything you would change?

Maybe having a videographer… although we had a photographer and the pictures were amazing, having some film to bring the memories to life would have been incredible. Still, the day was truly amazing so we wouldn’t change anything.

Surprise Brazilian Dancers at San & Maria’s Winter Wedding

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